Apple Marketing Strategy: What’s Different & Why It Works?

Apple Marketing Strategy

Apple, with time has built a strong as well as an iconic brand image in the market and has achieved a huge success through its innovative product offerings. 

Apple Marketing Strategy

In this article, we’ll discuss how Apple Marketing Strategy has helped the brand to differentiate itself in the market and how it became a huge name in the consumer electronics and computer industry.

Apple Company Profile 

Apple Inc., which was formerly known as Apple Computers Inc. was founded by two college dropouts, Stephen Jobs and Steve Woznaik. 

Company name Apple Inc. 
Formerly known as Apple Computers Inc. 
Founded April 1st, 1976
Founders Steve Jobs and Stephen Woznaik 
Head Office of the company Cupertino, California, United States
Global presence Operates in over 26 countries.
Number of stores 529 stores (approx)
Product range iPhone, 
Revenue (2024)$69.7 billion (from sales of its iphones)
Apple Company Profile

The company has turned in around $69.7 billion as its revenue from the sales of its iPhones in the first quarter of 2024 fiscal year, while in the fourth quarter of 2023, the company generated $43.8 billion as its revenue. 

Apple Marketing Strategy 

Apple, the name that has been at the forefront in the sectors of electronics and computer industry, with time has implemented various marketing strategies which has made it a renowned name at the global level. 

Its marketing strategies include the marketing mix, product presentation, focus on value, mystery around products, offering a great customer experience, product placement, etc. which helps in differentiating from other brands in the market. 

1. Marketing Mix: What’s Different? 

The marketing strategy which is used by almost every brand out there in the market. Same is the case with Apple. It also follows a marketing mix, which comprises the 4Ps, i.e. Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion. But it takes a different approach in its marketing mix in the following ways-

(1.1) Product Diversification

Apart from being a manufacturer and seller of iPhones, the company has other product categories too like MacBook, iPod, Apple watch, wearables, accessories, home products, software platforms like iPadOS, macOS, etc. 

This product diversification has contributed to brand overall success and its commitment to innovation and user friendly experience. 

Apple product categories

(1.2) Pricing Strategy 

For its pricing of the products, Apple works on two simple strategies, which are Premium pricing strategy and Freemium pricing strategy.  

  • Premium pricing strategy: Despite having a high end competition in the market, Apple has maintained its premium pricing for its products. In this strategy, the prices are set higher for the products than its competitors. The customers are ready to pay for the brand’s unique and premium quality products, despite its high prices. 
  • Freemium pricing strategy: This strategy provides customers the free access to the basic services and products of the company, with paying extra for using the advanced features. 

(1.3) Placement Strategy 

Apple has an omnichannel presence in the market. It uses a mix of both online and offline network distribution for its products. The company has a user friendly website which offers a seamless shopping experience, and apart from that there are multiple apple stores present in the market. 

Also Apple has partnered with some telecom companies for the placement and marketing of its products and with some online e-commerce platforms too, like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. 

(1.4) Promotion Strategy 

The company incorporates promotional techniques like advertising, sales, collaborations, sponsorships, etc. The sales promotion of the brand is run by either the authorized sellers or are run in their stores and its products are also advertised on some prominent websites too. 

Apple promotion strategy

2. Mystery and Hype for the products: Why does it works?

One of the most important strategies that differentiates Apple from other brands is creating the mystery around the specifications of its products.

As other brands or companies reveal all the details regarding their new product to create excitement and anticipation among the market, Apple here takes a unique stand. It does not reveal much about the product specifications, which makes their customers more excited about their new offerings and that’s how it works differently.

3. Product Presentation 

Apple believes in simple yet effective presentation of its products. They present their products in a simple manner with simple language and specification which is well understood by its target audience.

Apple in its product presentation uses interactive and appealing visuals with simple color schemes, which caters the audience’s attention. They do not confuse their customers with offering so much detailing with the product and options for it. 

Apple product presentation

4. Focus on Value 

Apple works on a Unique Value Proposition, i.e. UVP, under which it prices its products based on their value and unique features. The company markets the unique value of their products rather than the prices. 

5. Enhanced Customer Experience 

Apple is being regarded to offer exceptional customer experience. Its customer experience includes factors like comparing the products, trying out new products, setting up of devices, in-store purchase, after sales support, etc. 

6. Social Media Strategy 

The company does not entirely depend on social media platforms for its marketing, instead, it makes a strategic use of these platforms to engage and interact with its audience directly, updating them about their new offerings, providing them with interactive customer support, etc. 

7. In-Store Experience

Apple with a store count of nearly 529, signifies a strong offline presence. Their stores are carefully designed which makes it both visually appealing and creates a welcoming atmosphere. They use warm lighting and monochromatic color schemes which all constitutes to a good customer experience. 

Apple store

8. Product Placement On Screens 

Apple relies heavily on product placement. It places its products in multiple movies, shows, and series which helps the company to have a more impactful brand image, a better presence in the market, and also contributes to the brand’s promotion. 

9. Loyal User Base

Undoubtedly, the company has a loyal user base all around the world, which waits for its new launch and are ready to buy the products at high prices too.

The loyal customer base is a result of its sheer determination for over a decade. The company effectively deals with the self perception value of their customers, signifying that the brand truly understands their needs. 

10. Marketing Campaigns and Initiatives 

(10.1) Think Different Campaign

The campaign is regarded as one of the most iconic campaigns by Apple. The campaign was launched in 1997 and was a huge success. The campaign was launched with the objective to highlight the company’s innovative approach to technology. 

Apple "Think Different" campaign

(10.2) The Carbon Neutral Initiative 

Apple announced that they are committing to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030, for the making of its products and for its supply chain management. 

Earlier, in 2023, they have launched their first carbon neutral product named Apple Watch Series 9, taking a step towards their “Apple 2030” goal. 

(10.3) Get a Mac Campaign

The campaign was launched in 2006, and ran till 3 years, i.e. from 200 to 2009. The campaign was launched with the objective of persuading average computer users to make a switch from their PC to Mac. 

Apple is counted among the best marketers of all time as it places its product offerings and services carefully in the market with well planned and executed marketing strategies. The company is indeed growing with time and is a prominent name in the market. 

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Rajat Bhalla
Rajat Bhalla
3 months ago

iPhone privacy is unbeatable!

Natasha Grover
Natasha Grover
3 months ago

True, Apple customer services are pretty amazing.

Varun Malik
Varun Malik
3 months ago

Never knew that Apple uses Mystery strategy to market it’s products! Thanks for the insights.

Ashish Gulati
Ashish Gulati
3 months ago

The MacBook is an amazing thing by Apple, have been using it past one year and yes it’s services are also great.

Sahil Saxena
Sahil Saxena
3 months ago

Never thought that the Apple collects a good number of revenue from the sales of its iPhones only!