CaratLane Funding, Valuation & Shareholders Breakdown 2024

CaratLane funding, valuation and shareholders breakdown 2023

In the realm of fine jewelry, CaratLane shines like a radiant gem. But what makes this jewelry retailer truly exceptional isn’t just the sparkle of their exquisite pieces – it’s the captivating story of how they’ve secured their place in the captivating and ever-glowing market. Join us on a journey as we unravel the enchanting tale of CaratLane’s funding, valuation, and the constellation of shareholders. That has helped them to rise to celestial heights.

CaratLane funding, valuation and shareholders breakdown 2023

CaratLane Company Profile

CaratLane is a renowned Indian jewelry retailer that has carved a niche for itself in the competitive jewelry industry. Founded in 2008. The company specializes in offering a wide range of fine jewelry, including rings, earnings, necklaces, pendants, and more.

CaratLane company profile

  • Founded in 2008, by Mithyn Sacheti and Srinivasa Gopalan.
  • Headquartered in Chennai, India. 
  • Serves in B2C (Business-to-Consumer) space in the retail market segment. 
  • Serves in the e-commerce industry.
  • Parent company is Titan Company Limited.
  • In 2016, Titan Company Limited, subsidiary of Tata Group through its jewelry brand Tanishq acquired a majority stake in CaratLane.
  • Referred to as Omni-channel presence, as CaratLane established a network of physical stores known as “solitaire stores” and “Mia” stores across India. 
  • Available in both forms, offline stores as well as has a user friendly app that can be downloaded on any smart device. 
  • CaratLane began gaining significant recognition and prominence in the Indian jewelry market in the years following its establishment.
  • By the mid 2010s, CaratLane had firmly established itself as a prominent player in the Indian jewelry market.
  • Has business in over 45+ cities with over 123 retail stores.
  • Planning to reach the global market too, in countries like the USA, Singapore, Dubai, UK, Canada & Australia.
  • In 2016, CaratLane entered the unicorn club, post its acquisition with Tata Group. 
  • CaratLane reported a revenue of Rs.2,177 crore as of March, 2023.

CaratLane and Tata Group Acquisition 

In 2016, Titan Company Ltd, a subsidiary of Tata Group, known for its popular brand Tanishq, entered into a strategic partnership with CaratLane. This partnership allowed Titan to acquire a majority of stake in CaratLane, a move aimed at bolstering its presence in the fast-growing jewelry market.

In 2016, Tata Group first bought a stake in CaratLane of around 62%, around a valuation of Rs.563 crore.

CaratLane and Tata Group acquisition

As of the latest of 2023, Tata Group is ready to acquire the remaining 27.18% stakes of CaratLane at a valuation around Rs.17,000 crore.

The acquisition of CaratLane was a strategic move to combine the strengths of both companies.

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CaratLane Funding

One of hallmarks in CaratLane’s successful journey is its funding rounds. From its foundation, the company has attracted significant investments over the years to fuel its expansion and innovation. One of the significant milestones in CaratLane’s funding history was its strategic partnership with Titan Company Ltd., a subsidiary of Tata Group. 

June 22, 2011Series A$6 millionTiger Global Management
January 1, 2012Series B $6 millionTiger Global Management 
May 13, 2013Series C$15 million(undisclosed)
January 22, 2015Series D$31 millionTiger Global Management
August 23, 2023Secondary Market $46 billionTitan Company
A look at the funding rounds of CaratLane

CaratLane reportedly raised a whopping amount of total $617.8 million in funding over 5 rounds. CaratLane marked its latest funding round on August 23, 2023, from a secondary market round. The recent investors of CaratLane are Titan Company and Tiger Global Management.

CaratLane Valuation 

Let’s delve into CaratLane’s valuation. From being a startup to a reputable jewelry brand with a significant market presence has not only captured the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts but also the attention of investors and industry experts. CaratLane raised a valuation of Rs.17,000 crore as per 2023. 

As per latest in 2023, Titan Group has agreed to buy the rest of 27.18% of stakes of CaratLane, for a whopping amount around Rs.4,621 crore. The turnover or the revenue generated for the company in the year 2022-23 was around Rs.2,177 crore. This transaction helped the company to make its sale 7.8 times in 2023 sales.

CaratLane Valuation

Factors that Contributed to CaratLane’s Valuation 

Financial Performance – CaratLane’s revenue growth, profitability, and financial stability play a significant role in determining its valuation. Strong financial metrics, such as increasing sales and consistent profitability, lead to a higher valuation.

Market Leadership – CaratLane’s position as a prominent player in the Indian jewelry market, both online and offline, have positively influenced its valuation. 

Brand Recognition – A strong and reputable brand, as CaratLane has built over the years, adds value to a company. A well-known brand can command premium valuations due to customer trust and loyalty.

Strategic Partnerships – CaratLane’s strategic partnership with Titan Company, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, have enhanced its valuation. Such partnerships bring financial support, synergies, and access to new opportunities.  

Market Trends – Market trends such as the increasing preference for online jewelry shopping and the overall growth of the jewelry industry, can influence how investors perceive CaratLane’s growth potential and, consequently, its valuation. 

Growth Potential – Investors often assess a company’s growth potential when determining its valuation. CaratLane’s ability to expand its customer base, product offerings, and market reach would have been a factor in its valuation, especially in a growing market like India

CaratLane Shareholders

CaratLane, like many other companies, has a roster of shareholders who have invested in the company over the years. Shareholders typically include individuals, institutional investors, and entities that hold shares in the company. 

A look at the CaratLane’s shareholders

Founders 12.01%
Enterprise 8.44%
Other People 12.11%
ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)5.32%

Founders with a net worth of Rs.85.4 crore, holds 12.01% of shares of the company, while most of the shares are held by Funds of around 62.13%. 

Behind every successful venture, there are dedicated shareholders. CaratLane’s journey was no different. With each funding round, the roster of shareholders expanded. They weren’t just investors, they were partners in CaratLane’s vision. 

Summing Up

CaratLane’s funding journey, valuation surge, and committed shareholders are the facets of a remarkable success story. They prove that with the right vision and unwavering determination, any startup can transform into a glittering gem in the business world. These factors have propelled CaratLane’s journey to continue its success, reinforcing its position as a leading jewelry retailer in the jewelry industry.

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