Oxyzo Funding, Valuation & Shareholders Breakdown – 2024

Oxyzo funding and valuation

Back in March 2022, the Oxyzo Company was a shining star in the news headlines. Why? For being one of the top 10 profitable startups in the country. It began its journey as a startup to provide financial solutions to small and medium enterprises, mainly serving the manufacturing sector. Oxyzo is a financial arm of OfBusiness which is a B2B commerce marketplace. It was founded by Asish Mohapatra in 2016. Another notable point is Oxyzo funding! It was funded by five leading venture capitalists. 

So let’s cover the funding, valuation, and shareholders breakdown of Oxyzo below.

Oxyzo funding and valuation

Shareholders Breakdown

As per the latest information available, Oxyzo is valued at $963 million (Rs.7,896 crore). Also, it raised $ 200 million from its single funding round. The first (also latest) funding of Oxyzo was held on March 23, 2022, from the series A round. 

Let’s look at the shareholding pattern of Oxyzo-

Shareholder’s NamePercentage of Shares Owned
OFB Group including promoters74.15%
Alpha Wave Global7.40%
Tiger Global4.50%
Norwest Capital3.80%
Creation Investments2.00%
Matrix Partners1.90%
Other (including ESOP)6.25%
Oxyzo’s Shareholders Breakdown

The largest shareholder of Oxyzo is OFB Group. Other shareholders include famous venture capital companies like Alpha Wave, Tiger Global, Norwest Capital, etc.

Funding so far & Valuation

So far, Oxyzo has raised a whopping amount of $200 million through only one funding round. Five investors are involved in the funding rounds of Oxyzo. And out of them, three are the lead investors. Oxyzo held its latest funding round on 23rd March 2022. It raised a huge sum of money through the Series A round. The following table will provide you with information about the other potential investors of Oxyzo.

Let’s look at the latest funding round of Oxyzo

Venture CapitalistFunding AmountDate
Alpha Wave GlobalRs.1,640 crores ($200 million) March 23, 2022
Norwest Venture Partners
Tiger Global Management
Creation Investments Capital Management, LLC
Matrix Partners India
Oxyzo Funding in Series A Round

As of now, the firm hasn’t disclosed the funds given by the individual entities (VS). It has only mentioned the amount of funds it raised from Series A funding round.

As per the latest report, the valuation of Oxyzo is $963 million (Rs.7,896 crore)

Is Oxyzo Profitable?

Now, the obvious question that you may ask is about the company’s profitability. “Is Oxyzo profitable in spite of raising enormous funds and with a valuation of $963 million?”  You will get the answer after looking at the following data

Oxyzo Financials (FY 23)Amount (in crores)
Market ValuationRs.1,640 crores ($963 million)
Revenue EarnedRs.570 crore
ExpensesRs.309 crore
Profit/LossProfit of Rs.197.3 crore
Oxyzo’s Financials

So, Yes! Oxyzo was profitable in FY23. Do you know it is one of the top 10 profitable startups in India? It continued to make profits since FY21.

Revenue Earned

Oxyzo earned revenue from the following sources-

Revenue SourcesFY23
Interest IncomeRs.537 crore
Fees and CommissionRs.24 crore
Other Operating IncomeRs.9 crore
Revenue Sources of Oxyzo


Now look at the following expenses of Oxyzo-

Finance Cost (Interest)Rs.183.3 crore
Employee BenefitsRs.78 crore
Impairment on Financial InstrumentsRs.27.7 crore
Other ExpensesRs.20.04 crore
Expenses of Oxyzo

Final Thoughts

Oxyzo funding as well as the financials are quite impressive. It represents the efficiency of its business model as it continued to make profits for the last three years. Profitability is an essential factor to earn the trust of VCs, investors, and customers.

Although it started as a financing platform soon after it expanded by a diversified products suite with a larger customer base including SMEs and mid-corporates to thrive in the modern economy. 

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