Spotify Launches New AI DJ For Smart Music Recommendations

Spotify Launches new AI DJ

AI is spreading like wildfire and Spotify has joined the race with its new AI DJ!

Spotify Launches new AI DJ

“Spotify” a global music platform is all set to debut “AI DJ.” It uses Open AI’s Chat GPT to power this feature where music lovers can enjoy personalized music. It will have some added commentary about the track & artist in a super realistic voice.

One of the massive revolutions of this century is the use of artificial intelligence in every field of human life. Now it includes music too!

What’s unique about the new AI DJ?

Personalizing your taste in music is the core of Spotify. They are already doing it with their Shuffle, Discover Weekly & Spotify Wrapped. But with the new AI DJ, they are taking personalization to the next level. It will sort out the latest music, the genre you like, and your old favorites. Thereafter, it is going to review what composition you would like and then deliver a stream of songs. Based on your feedback, it will constantly refresh the music lineups. The more you will listen to the AI DJ and provide feedback, the better recommendation you will get.

However, for now, this brand new feature is rolling out in English for Spotify Premium users in the U.S. and Canada. It will roll out these features for regular users soon!

Airlines are becoming Market Darlings post Covid chaos as business rejig!

Airlines Are Becoming Market Darlings

The airlines that managed to survive the pandemic crisis are blossoming with the profit forecasts. COVID severely halted their operations which made these businesses cripple. But now, like other sectors, the Airline business too is coming on track. In fact, not just on track, they’re booming!!!

Indians are leaving no opportunity to travel and take a breath of fresh air. In January 2023, the passenger traffic has skyrocketed with a whopping 95.72% year-on-year growth! That’s double the number of passengers compared to last year when we were all stuck inside during the Omicron wave.

The Competition

IndiGo is still ruling the skies as the largest airline in India, but it’s not all about them! Air India has been soaring high too with a 9.2% market share of domestic air traffic.

IndiGo is planning to buy hundreds of aircraft from Airbus! That’s right, they are in the midst of negotiations for this massive purchase. And guess what? This comes right after Air India’s huge order for 470 planes from both Airbus and Boeing. It’s a race to the top in the airline industry and IndiGo is definitely not backing down.

“FreshToHome” is now “Proficorn”- With New 860 Crore Funding

FreshToHome Proficorn Round Funding

FreshToHome, an online fresh fish and meat store based startup has raised INR 860 crore in its latest round of funding. Currently operating in over 160 cities in India and UAE. It is seeking to expand its reach to gulf nations too including Saudi Arabia.

What is Proficorn?

A new term has been coined “Proficorn” and assigned to this online meat grocer. You can call a company Proficorn if it has four characteristics namely- Profitable, Private, Promoter-funded, and lastly having a reasonable valuation. It is somewhat different from the unicorn growth model where you raise a huge capital and burn it quickly for rapid growth.

Massive Funding

The leading investor is none other than Amazon in this round. It saw the participation of Amazon via its Amazon Sambhav Venture along with other investors named Iron Pillar, Investcorp, Investment Corporation of Dubai, Ascent Capital, E20 Investment, Mount Judi Ventures, and Dallah Albaraka.

Shan Kadavil, the CEO and co-founder of FreshToHome considers this funding round quite remarkable given the bearish macroeconomics of the market. He says it’s all thanks to their amazing focus on customer experience, with top-notch product quality and low acquisition costs.

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