Truecaller Boosts Its Enterprise Game: Acquires Bengaluru’s TrustCheckr

Truecaller acquires TrustCheckr

In a strategic move that underscores its commitment to enhancing user experience and security, Truecaller has announced its acquisition of Bengaluru-based startup TrustCheckr. This acquisition is not just a proof of Truecaller’s growth ambitions but also a clear indication of its focus on strengthening its enterprise offerings.

Truecaller acquires TrustCheckr

What is TrustCheckr?

Founded by Adhip Ramesh and Shivraj Harsha in 2017, TrustCheckr isn’t just another startup in the vast sea of tech ventures. It stands out with its unique proposition: a fraud preemption platform tailored for banks and NBFCs. In an era where digital transactions are skyrocketing, TrustCheckr’s relevance cannot be overstated. Just last month, UPI recorded a staggering 5.4 billion transactions, underscoring the rapid digitization of financial processes in India.

TrustCheckr’s primary mission is to help financial institutions detect fraudulent digital identities during the onboarding process. Given the surge in digital transactions, with UPI alone processing transactions worth an astounding INR 9.6 trillion recently, the need for robust fraud detection mechanisms is more pressing than ever. And that’s precisely where TrustCheckr comes into the picture.

What does this acquisition mean for Truecaller?

Truecaller’s acquisition of TrustCheckr is akin to two pieces of a puzzle coming together. On one hand, you have Truecaller, a platform that has become synonymous with caller identification and spam blocking. On the other, there’s TrustCheckr, a venture that’s laser-focused on preempting fraud, especially in the banking and NBFC sectors.

By bringing TrustCheckr under its umbrella, Truecaller is not just expanding its portfolio but also fortifying its enterprise solutions. For businesses, this merger promises enhanced security, especially at a time when cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

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The Path Ahead

While the acquisition is newsworthy, it’s the potential implications that are truly exciting. With TrustCheckr’s capabilities integrated into its platform, Truecaller can offer its enterprise clients a more holistic solution, one that covers everything from caller identification to fraud detection.

Moreover, TrustCheckr’s recent fundraising success, where it raised INR 6 Cr in a Pre-Series A funding round from notable names like IIFL Securities and Rangsons (NR Group), is a testament to its potential and the value it brings to the table.

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