6 Biggest Railway Stations In India -2024

1. Howrah Junction Railway Station

The top biggest  railway station in India is Howrah Junction station. It has 23 platforms, 23 railway tracks, and is situated in West Bengal. 

2. Sealdah Railway Station 

The second one is Sealdah railway station that has 21 railway platforms, 28 railway tracks and is situated in West Bengal.

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3. Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus 

This station has 18 railway platforms, 40 (can be multiple) railway tracks , and is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

4. Chennai Central Railway Station 

The station on the that has acquired fourth place is Chennai Central Railway Station. It has 17 railway platforms, 30 railway tracks, & is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 

5. New Delhi Railway Station 

The station has 16 railway platforms, 18 railway tracks,  and above 200 trains comes daily on the platforms. 

6. Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station 

This station has 12 railway platforms, 16 railway tracks, above 250 trains passes everyday, and is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.