6 Best Astrology Sites In India


AstroTalk is one of the best online astrology website. It offers free live astrology sessions, daily horoscopes, free kundali service, and more of it & has a revenue of Rs.283 crores.


One of the best feature of astroyogi is that it provides daily horoscopes, that becomes one of attracting feature for the users. It has a revenue of Rs.44.52 crores.


One of the prominent believe of this site is using astrology to define personality characteristics & provide accurate information about future. It has an annual revenue of Rs16.31 crores. 


One of the major astrology sites which aims to provide personalized astrology information based on Vedic principles. Its annual revenue accounts for Rs.12.02 crores.


Next in the list is Astrosage, another leading astrology site. It provides tools for analyzing birth chart, daily horoscopes, and more of it. It has an annual revenue of $858k. 


A reputed & renowned astrology site, that makes use of the Vedic services. Offers a pool of options that contains daily horoscopes, matchmaking reports, detailed birth charts. and more to it.