6 Biggest Food Franchises In India - 2024

Domino's Pizza Domino's acquired the first place in the list. It has 1,758 outlets across 371 cities in India. 

KFC India Next in the list is KFC India, which has 852 outlets in India and is present in over 147 countries. 

Subway Another name in the list is Subway, which has 576 outlets in across 70 cities in India. 

WoW! Momos Next is WoW! Momos, which has over 425 outlets in across 19 cities in India. 

Burger King  Burger King has 391 outlets in different Indian cities and is planning to extend it to 450 in coming years. 

Tibb's Frankie  Another name in the list is Tibb's Frankie, which has over 300 outlets across 15 cities in India.