6 Most Well Positioned Solar Stocks in India - 2024

Adani Green Energy Limited Adani Green Energy has a market cap of Rs.2,92,642 crores. They specialize in developing, maintaining, and operating large scale of solar and wind farms. 

Tata Power Company Limited Tata Power has a market cap of Rs.1,21,375 crores. They have a diverse power generation setup, including, solar, thermal, wind, and hydro plants.

SUZLON Energy Limited Suzlon Energy has a market cap of Rs.49,441 crores. One of the leading provider of solar panels, renewable energy solutions, etc. 

KPI Green Energy Limited KPI Green energy has a market cap of Rs.9,49 crores, and the market price of its share are 1,489.

Borosil Renewables Limited Borosil has a market cap of Rs.6,462 crores. Their diverse product range includes full tempered and anti-glare solar glasses. 

Urja Global Limited Urja Global has a market cap of Rs.1,111 crores. One of India's leading renewable energy developers and operators. 

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