6 Robotics Startups In India Doing Rapid Innovation

Addverb Technologies The company has a net worth of Rs.898 crore as of 2021, and is helping more than 100 businesses to leverage technology to automate factories and warehouses. 

Genrobotics The company has a net worth of Rs.75.8 crore as of 2021, and is considered best for its innovative approach for providing solution for manual scavenging, through their flagship product - Bandicoot.

Niqo Robotics It has a net worth between Rs.1-100 crore and specializes in bringing AI powered robotics technology in agriculture. They offer their Niqo RoboSpray, a selective product that robots asses with camera and computer vision. 

Ati Motors It has an annual turnover under Rs.1 crore and specializes in developing electronic autonomous robots for cargo transport in warehouses and comes with a swappable battery that takes 2 hours to charge. 

Gridbots Technologies The company has a operating revenue between Rs.1-100 crore is an indigenous robot manufacturer company. Initially the company designed an underwater robot for tank cleaning, and later on expanded their operations.  

Svaya Robotics  The company has an authorized capital of Rs.10 lakh and specializes in developing industrial and collaborative robots, which are designed using high level technology.