7 Biggest Indian Companies In Fortune 500

Reliance Industries 

The company ranked at 88th position in the list, a 16 place jumped from 104th observed as compared to previous list. Latest revenue stood at INR 9.7 trillion. 

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)

The second on the list is Indian Oil Corporation, that has been ranked at 94th position.  A clear jump of 48 mark is observed. Latest revenue stood at INR. 2,21,145 crores.

LIC (Life Corporation of India)

LIC has slipped down to nine places and has been ranked at 107th position in the list. Recently secured a profit of INR 2.28 lakh crores.

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

Next in the list is ONGC, which secured 158th rank in the list. The latest revenue of the company was INR 403.72 crores.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. 

Bharat Petroleum ranked at 253rd position in the list. Latest revenue of the company was recorded to be INR 1.17 lakh crore.  

State Bank of India (SBI)

Next in the list is State Bank of India (SBI) that has been  ranked at 235th position  under fortune 500. Its latest revenue stand at INR 4.73 lakh crores.

Rajesh Exports

The seventh Indian company in the fortune 500 list is Rajesh Exports that has been ranked at 353rd position.  The latest income of the company stood at INR 38079.43 crores.