7 Biggest IT Companies In India - 2023

Tata Consultancy Service

Is one of the largest  IT companies in India, Also has a vast global presence. Operates in over 46 countries in different industries like finance, etc. Has a market cap of Rs.13.06 lakh crore.


Is a multinational IT service company, with presence all over the globe. Offers services like consulting, software development, etc. Has a market cap of Rs.12 lakh crore. 

HCL Technologies 

IT service and consulting company with a global presence. Operates in over 44 countries. Offers services in various domains with a diverse client base. Has a market cap of Rs.3.43 lakh crore. 

Wipro Limited

One of the prominent IT service companies, Has a global presence too, operates in over 50 countries.  Poses a diverse client base, offers services in various industries. Has a market cap of Rs.2.16 lakh crore.

LTI Mindtree Ltd

A well established company both at national and international level. The company is said to have a unique combination of scale & agility. Has a market cap of Rs.1.59 lakh crore.

Tech Mahindra Ltd

Part of the Mahindra Group. Specializes in providing services in tele-communications and IT sector, such as technology solutions 5G, Metaverse, etc. Has a market cap of Rs.1.26 lakh crore.

MphasiS Ltd

Uses next generation technology to help enterprises to transform their businesses globally. Provides seamless service in delivery, business process, etc.