8 Best Incubators in India- 2023

No. of Investments: 206 No. of Exits: 10 Established in: 2010 City: Mumbai Industry: Agnostic

Venture Catalysts


No. of Investments: 95 No. of Exits: 5 Established in: 2014 City: Bengaluru Industry: Enterprise, B2B Commerce, Consumer Tech, Agri, Healthcare, Climate, Fintech


Title 3


No. of Investments: 75 Established in: 2020 City: Mumbai Industry: Agnostic

Title 3

10,000 Start-Ups

No. of Investments: 66 Established in: 2013 City: Noida Industry: Technology

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JITO Angel Network

No. of Investments: 51 Established in: 2017 City: Mumbai Industry: Mobility, Media, FinTech, Healthcare, Fashion, AI, Travel, EdTech, IoT, AgTech, Social Commerce, Renewable Water, Technology

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IIM Kolkata Innovation Park

No. of Investments: 47 City: Kolkata Industry: Agriculture, Automobile, Beauty, Data Analytics, Design, Education, Fashion, FinTech, Health

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No. of Investments: 43 No. of Exits: 1 Established in: 2007 City: Ahmedabad Industry: Cleantech

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WE Hub

No. of Investments: 42 Established in: 2018 City: Hyderabad Industry: Agnostic