8 Most Popular Coffee Chains In India 

Cafe Coffee Day CCD has over 1,384 outlets in India, and most of its stores are in Maharashtra, with a count of 259 stores. 

Indian Coffee House  It has around 500 coffee houses in India, and along with coffee they also serve food items like dosa, toast, etc. 

Barista Cafe & Restaurant Barista has over 425 outlets in India, and is among the largest coffee chains in India.

Starbucks This one has more than 390 stores in India, and serves in more 84 countries. 

Costa Coffee  Costa has nearly 112 coffee houses/stores across different cities in India, and is aiming to add 50 stores every year.

Brewberrys Café It has over 45 coffee houses across 15 states in India. The first coffee café was opened in Vadodara, Gujarat. 

Café Mocha This one has around 20 coffee outlets across 18 cities in India and is working to expand the coffee culture. 

Georgia Cafe The brand is present in almost all state of the country, except 7 sisters state of North East, Jharkhand, & Chhattisgarh.  

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