9 Super Creative Nike Ads Ever

9 Super Creative Nike Ads Ever

Seen It All (2022)

The best recent ad by Nike, features Spike Lee in his character Mars Blackmon from the movie in 1986. Through this campaign Nike expresses gratitude and opportunities for future generations on its 50th anniversary.

You Can't Stop Sports (2020)

The ad was released with the message to make a strong unity appeal during pandemic. Also was created as a short film to pay respect to NBAs return.

Color Your Air Max (2017)

One of the most engaging ads by Nike. It lets users customize their own designs on the shoes. The ad was released in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Nike.

Unlimited You (2016)

The ad was launched by Nike with the message to encourage yourself, to unlimit yourself, be fearless, break the barriers in front of you, if you want to achieve what you want.

The Bench (2012)

The ad was launched with the principle that the brand is available 24/7. The ad features an average park bench with a catch. Has removed the seat from the park-side perch and left the Nike check mark and the word "Run" behind.

Find Your Greatness (2012)

A relatable ad resonating with many. Released during the London Olympics 2012. The ad showed a series of videos showing ordinary people striving to find their sporting greatness.

Nike Freestyle (2001) 

An ad with perfect popping sound beats. Crafted to the tune of Planet Rock by hip-hop legend, Afrika Bambaataa, recreated with the beat of basketballs. 

Just Do It. Anytime (1988)

Launched on the principle of logo hack. Features an advert featuring 80 year-old marathon runner Walt Stack chatting about his daily 17-mile run. 

Failure (1997)

A simple, short and direct to the point commercial. The ad starred legendary actor Michael Jordan. Tagline of the ad was “We all fail over and over again. And that is why we succeed.”