Top 5 Startup Investments Of Deepika Padukone 

BluSmart Deepika Padukone invested in BluSmart in 2019 and contributed around $3 million in their funding round. BluSmart offers app based ride hailing mobility services. 

Epigamia  Deepika Padukone participated in the Series C funding round of Drums Foods International Pvt. Ltd. This funding round formed the strategic partnership to promote this flavor based yogurt brand.  

Bellatrix Aerospace  In 2019, the company announced that during their pre series A funding round they have raised Rs.21 crores. Deepika Padukone was one of the major investors in that funding round of the company. 

Furlenco After establishing her own investment company, KA Enterprises LLP in 2017, she made her initial investment in Furlenco. The investment was made within just 18 months of setting up her own investment entity.

Supertails Deepika Padukone in 2021 invested in Supertails, which is a pet care platform based in Bengaluru. She was among the major investors in the pre series funding round of $2.6 million.