Top 6 Smart Cities Of India - 2024

Top 6 Smart Cities Of India - 2024


One of the top smart cities in India located in Madhya Pradesh. Recently, Indore has bagged Best Water Management Award. The city is also known to have one of the best healthcare facilities 


Next one is Pune located in Maharashtra. The city has won award for Best Smart Urban Mobility City. The city is known for its special economic zones (SEZs) & educational institutes.


Third one is Bhubaneshwar, capital of Odisha. It is one of the top smart cities in India currently. The city is said to have a good social infrastructure and has several SEZs in the area. 


Ahmedabad located in Gujarat, one of the prominent smart city in the areas of  infrastructure & facilities. The city is also certified by UNESCO as a heritage city.  


Next one is Coimbatore located in Tamil Nadu. The city provides ones of the best solutions to sustainable energy & energy conservation. Has good waste management practices & infrastructure. 


Kochi located in Kerala, offers a perfect blend of heritage as well as modern lifestyle with sustainable living. The SEZs in Kerala are located in Kochi. Along with that it has good health centers, water supply, etc.