6 Biggest Cotton Producing States In India - 2024 

Gujarat  Gujarat contributes around 27% to the country's total output, and has annual production of about 89.44 lakh bales of cotton.

Maharashtra  The state contributes 23% of cotton production to the total output, and produces 75.75 lakh bales of cotton. 

Telangana  It produces 16% to the country's total cotton production output. The state produces 47.99 lakh bales of cotton. 

Rajasthan  Around 8% to the total cotton production of the country comes from Rajasthan. The state produces 28.10 lakh bales of cotton.

Karnataka  The state contributes over 6% to the total production output, and produces around 19.29 lakh bales of cotton. 

Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh contributes around 5% to the total cotton production in the country, and is widely grown in Guntur, Prakasam, Krishna, and Kurnool districts.