6 Biggest Rice Companies In India

1. KRBL Ltd. 

The largest rice company of India, that has a market cap of INR 87.65 billion. The company excels in manufacturing and marketing of good and best quality of rice and rice products. 

2. GRM Overseas Ltd.

The second on the list is GRM Overseas Export Ltd. with a market cap of INR 1,135.8 crores. The company exports rice in other countries too. 

3. Shri Lal Mahal Group Ltd. 

Next is Shri Lal Mahal group Ltd, which has a market cap of INR 5,600 Lakhs. The company not only provide quality rice in India only, but exports its products overseas too. 

4. Mohit Trading Company Ltd.

The next on the list of biggest rice company is Mohit Trading Company Ltd. It has its net sales around INR 38.79 crores and has market cap of over INR 29 crores. 

5. Anaya Exports 

The next that is on the fifth spot in the list of biggest rice companies is Anaya Exports. The company provides different variety of rice in the market and all products are packed under professionals supervision. 

6. M.H. Overseas Ltd. 

M.H. Overseas which operates under M.H. Foods Pvt. Ltd. is another big rice company in India. They incorporate sophisticated processing facilities and extremely determined inspection processes.