6 Lessons To Learn From Reliance's Dhirubhai Ambani 

1. "Conviction"

"Don't give up, as courage is my conviction". He always encouraged that no one should give up on their dreams, rather work hard towards it.

2. "Think Big, Think Fast"

Dhirubhai Ambani believed that a person should always think big, think fast, and think ahead, as ideas are nobody's monopoly. 

3. "Build Your Dreams"

He believed that if someone doesn't build their dreams, then someone else will hire them to build their dreams. 

4. "Bigger Dreams, Higher Ambitious"

He believed that, "Our dreams have to be bigger, ambitious higher, commitment should be deeper, and our efforts should be greater. 

5. "Fault"

"If you're born poor that's not your fault, but if you die poor that's your fault." He believed that a person should work hard to make their life better. 

6. "Determination & Perfection"

He always said that, if you work with determination and perfection, success will definitely follow your path.