7 Most Promising AI Based Startups In India

Haptik AI The company was founded in 2013, and is a conversational AI company which specializes in developing and operating AI powered for the industry.

Arya AI  It was founded in 2013, and is a comprehensive AI platform which is designed to help humans solve their complex problems at a faster rate. Also offers a range of tools and services.

OpenAI The startup was founded in 2015, and their main focus is on developing artificial general intelligence (AGI), which allows an AI agent to understand any task that a human is capable of doing.

ElasticRun Founded in 2016, uses AI and ML solutions in transforming the way goods and services used to get delivered in India. Use AI tools to optimize operations and logistics.

CoRover The company was founded in 2016, and is the world's first and highest ROI-delivering human-centric conversational and generative AI platform. 

Machinehack AI Founded in 2021, helps developers in enhancing their coding skills and in acquiring professional growth at expertise levels in the fields. 

Karya AI The startup was founded in 2021, and focuses on creating employment opportunities for rural India. The app is expanding into various Indian languages to help workers with the convenience of finding work.