Dehaat Funding, Valuation & Shareholders Breakdown – 2024

DeHaat's Funding, Valuation & Shareholders breakdown 2023

In the space of rural India, where vast fields merge with endless horizons, lies DeHaat, an agritech (agriculture technology). To know more about it in depth, about DeHaat funding, valuation & shareholders.

DeHaat Funding, Valuation & Shareholders breakdown

Some key points of Dehaat 

  • DeHaat is headquartered in Patna, Bihar, India and has a corporate office in Gurugram, Haryana, India. 
  • DeHaat serves in the B2B (Business-to-Business) market sector in the food and agriculture tech market. 
  • DeHaat started gaining recognition around the 2010s but was founded in 2012.
  • DeHaat platform connects farmers directly to buyers, eliminating middlemen and ensuring fair prices for agricultural products. 
  • DeHaat offers a wide range of services, including crop advisors, weather forecasts, access to credit, and the supply of farm inputs. 
  • With an extensive network spanning thousands of villages. DeHaat plays a crucial role in transforming agriculture and empowering rural communities in India.
  • DeHaat expected revenue to grow by 80% in FY23 by Rs. 2.300 crores. 
  • As of 2022, the post money valuation and funding can make DeHaat surpass the $1 billion mark. That can make the company the first agritech startup in the country. 

Note: We have already covered “DeHaat’s business model.” Check it out for more info.

DeHaat’s Funding

DeHaat first funding round took place in 2014, and they reportedly secured $60 million. DeHaat, a startup that has not only secured substantial funding but has also become a beacon of hope for rural communities. 

May 3, 2018Seed round$74.8 K IIM Calcutta Innovation Park
March 18, 2019Seed roundRs.30 crores Omnivore 
May 15, 2019Debt financingRs.1 croreTrifecta Capital Advisors
April 6, 2020Series ARs.1.20 croresPeak XV Partners
January 12, 2021Series BRs.3.00 crores
January 19, 2021Series CRs.3.00 croresProsus Ventures
October 26, 2021Series DRs.11.50 croresLightrock, Sofina
October 21, 2022Series ERs.6.00 croresSofina, Temasek Holdings
Some funding insights of DeHaat

As of October 21,2022, DeHaat raised a whopping amount of total $254.3 million in over 8 rounds. Prominent names like Temasek Holdings and Prosus Ventures are the most recent investors. The company is dedicated to expanding its footprint and reaching even more farmers across the world.

DeHaat Valuation

DeHaat has raised a valuation of $700 million in $60 million funding as of 2022. Meanwhile the company is planning to increase its revenue generation by 80% in 2023 to Rs. 2,300 crores. While the valuation of DeHaat has skyrocketed with each funding round. It’s essential to recognize that DeHaat’s values its principles and vision far beyond the numbers.

DeHaat valuation

Some key features of Dehaat’s valuation

User Base and Growth – DeHaat operates in the agritech sector, which has significant growth potential, especially in countries like India where agriculture is a critical industry. A large addressable market can positively affect valuation.

Technology and Innovation – Dehaat’s social impact on rural communities, particularly in improving the lives of farmers, can be a compelling factor for investors and positively affect valuation. 

Market Potential – DeHaat operates in the agritech sector, which has significant growth potential, especially in countries like India where agriculture is a critical industry. A large addressable market can positively affect valuation.

Market Share – DeHaat’s position within the agritech market and its ability to capture market share from competitors can influence valuation. A dominant market position can justify a higher valuation.

DeHaat’s Shareholders

According to the latest report on September 23, 2022, with a net worth of Rs. 1,230 crores, founders hold 22.07% shares in the company. While funds hold the majority of shares in the company with 72.16%, following it the Angels hold 0.20% of shares, Enterprise hold 2.59%,  Employees stock ownership program (ESOP) holds 2.88% of shares and others hold 0.10% of shares in the company.

DeHaat shareholders

Some of the prominent shareholders are

Sequoia India – Sequoia India’s involvement has been instrumental in DeHaat’s growth. As a leading venture capital firm, Sequoia India’s backing signifies not just financial support but also validation of DeHaat’s potential to transform agriculture.

Angels Investment – Angel investment are typically high-net worth individuals who provide early-stage funding to startups in exchange of equity and convertible debts. In DeHaat’s, angel investors have recognized the potential and have invested in it. As the company has great potential to make a positive impact on rural agriculture in India.

Enterprise investment – DeHaat’s ability to secure funding from enterprise-level venture capitalists indicates its credibility and potential for growth. It includes scaling operations, market validation and its impact on growth.


DeHaat’s journey is a great example of power of innovation and technology in transforming the lives of rural farmers. With each funding round, the company has not only increased its valuation but also expanded its reach and services to countless villages.

Benefits of using DeHaat

As DeHaat continues to disrupt traditional agricultural practices and market, it leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of rural India, promising a brighter future for all. 

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