Oppo vs Samsung: Which Is Better & Selling More Phones?

Oppo vs Samsung

In smartphone tech industry, two formidable contenders that are competing for your pocket space, are Oppo vs Samsung.

Oppo vs Samsung

Oppo vs Samsung: Company Profiles 

Aspects Oppo Samsung 
Founded 2004 1938
Founders Tony Chen Lee Byung-Chul 
Headquarters Dongguan, China Suwan-si, South Korea  
Parent CompanyBBK ElectronicsSamsung Group 
Type of Company Privately heldPrivate company 
Global Presence In more than 60 countries Present in over 74 countries. 
Revenue (2023)Undisclosed $52 billion 
Market Capitalization (2023)Undisclosed $371.46 B
Global Market Share (2023)8.8%16.3%
Indian Market Share 11.71%13.69%
Company Overview of Oppo & Samsung

Both the companies have a vast global presence since their launch in the electronics market. In terms of global presence, Samsung is leading the game as it is present in over 74 countries, while Oppo has its presence in more than 60 countries.

Oppo vs Samsung: Smartphones Shipments (Selling More Phones)

Year Oppo Smartphones Shipments in %Samsung Smartphones Shipments in %
2023 8.8%16.3%
2022 8.4%19.4%
2021 8.3%19%
2020 9%19.1%
Smartphones Shipment of Oppo & Samsung

Samsung stands at 16.3% of smartphone shipments and has been selling more phones in the global market, while Oppo stands at a percentage of 8.8%, and is behind Samsung in the race, and being one of the front row leaders in the smartphone industry. 

Samsung in comparison to its latest shipments units percentage in 2023 which was 16.3%, was less as recorded in 2022, which was 19.4%. Samsung experienced a slightly less shipment scale in 2023 as compared to 2022. 

Samsung & Oppo smartphones

While, Oppo which witnessed an increase in its shipments units in 2023, which was 8.8%, as seen in 2022, which was 8.4%. Therefore, from the above table it can be concluded that Samsung has more shipments units and is selling more phones. 

Oppo vs Samsung: Indian Market Quarterly Smartphone Share 

Year Oppo Market Share Samsung Market Share 
Q1 2024 11.71%13.69%
Q4 2023 11.8%13.8%
Q3 2023 12%14.1%
Q4 2022 11.8%17.1%
Oppo & Samsung Smartphone Quarterly Indian Market Share

Samsung here again comes at the forefront of dealing in the Indian market by having a market share of 13.69%, whereas the China based company Oppo has a market share of 11.71%. It clearly determines that Oppo has a slightly less market hold in India as compared to Samsung. 

Oppo vs Samsung: Revenue Comparison 

The South Korea based company Samsung has recorded its latest revenue 2023 of $52 billion (which is around 67.4 trillion South Korean Won), while the semiconductor business operated by Samsung accounts for around $7 billion, and its digital products accounted for around $34 billion of the total number of $52 billion. 

Looking at the numbers of Oppo, they are yet to reveal. However, the company is reportedly to suffer a revenue drop of around $5 billion in March 2023. 

Oppo Indian Market Share 

The market share value presented in the table below is quarterly based value. 

Year (Quarter)Oppo 
Q1 2024 11.71%
Q4 2023 11.8%
Q3 202312.03%
Q4 202211.8%
Q3 2022 11.5%
Oppo Indian Market Quarterly Share

Oppo is one of leading smartphone brands in India and has a market share value of 11.71% for the latest 2024. A slight decline as compared to its value in 2023,  which was 11.8%. If we look at the numbers for the market share value for 2022, Oppo has shown a growth in the Q1 of 2024. 

Samsung Indian Market Share 

Year (Quarterly) Samsung 
Q1 2024 13.69%
Q4 2023 13.8%
Q3 202314.1%
Q4 202217.1%
Q3 2022 16.6%
Samsung Indian Market Quarterly Share

Samsung experienced a slight decline in its market share value for the first quarter of 2023 which is 13.69%, as compared to its share percentage in 2023, which was 13.80%. Samsung is among the top five leading smartphone brands in India, with Xiaomi ranking at the first position. 

Samsung has more market share percentage than Oppo, and is among the top five selling smartphone brands in India. 

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Oppo vs Samsung 

Factors Oppo Samsung 
Software use Oppo uses ColorOS It typically uses Android Operating Based software Open UI. 
Global expansion Serves in more than 60 countries. Has its presence in over 74 countries. 
Price range Different smartphones have different prices, but are available at lower prices as compared to Samsung smartphones. Considered to be of slightly higher range as compared to Oppo phones, but can range differently according to smartphone model. 
Camera quality Oppo is known for its advanced camera specifications & AI enhanced pictures.  Also provides smartphones with good quality camera specifications, & some  multitasking features. 
Updates Also offers timely software updates. Often is known to provide regular software updates. 
Design Offers sleek and innovative designs and is known to offer innovative features like curved screens & pop-up cameras. Has stylish and new designs and is best known to provide high-quality display technology. 
Performance Has varying performance based on different models, but is often said to provide mid-range to high-end performance in all devices. Here, also different smartphones have different performance level, but is considered to high-end performance in flagships model. 
Oppo vs Samsung

Samsung and Oppo both the companies offer sleek, stylish and innovative designs, providing timely software updates so that the customer won’t face any lag while using the phone.

Price range offered by both the companies vary according to the smartphone model, the new launch phone will surely have a higher price range than the previous smartphone model by the company. But the phones offered by Oppo are said to have less range than Samsung’s phones. 

Talking about the global expansion, Samsung has been serving its services and smartphones in more than 74 countries, after its establishment in the smartphone market industry.

While Oppo is present in more than 60 countries, post its launch in the market. Both companies offer varied performance for its devices, and use different android software’s for its devices. 

Summing Up: Oppo vs Samsung 

The duel between the top giants of the smartphone industry has unfolded a tale of factors.

Oppo vs Samsung

Nevertheless, Oppo offers lower price and better camera quality as compared to Samsung devices. While making a choice between the two, customers must compare the models of both the companies and pick the one that matches their requirements and preferences.

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