Wipro vs Infosys: Which Is The Better Indian Tech Company?

Wipro vs Infosys

The tech sector of India which has been witnessing constant growth and contributing to the global tech ecosystem. Amidst the many names in this sector, the two names that stand as the significant contenders to each other are Wipro vs Infosys.

Wipro vs Infosys

Wipro vs Infosys, this comparison has become a topic of considerable interest, as both the companies had and are playing a crucial role in shaping the Indian tech industry. 

Comparing these two giants involve several factors like financial performance of the company, share price performance, revenue, cash flow management, etc. 


Wipro has become one of the biggest Indian multinational corporations that works to provide services like business services, consultant services, information technology services, tech infrastructure services, and more like that. Wipro, the acronym is used for Western India Palm Refined Oils Limited.

Wipro company

Wipro, the company which initially began as the vegetable oil manufacturer in 1945, and as of today it emerges as one of the leading global leaders in the Tech & IT sectors.

Currently, Wipro has a market cap of INR 2.39 trillion.  Along with that it has its presence in over 66 countries, working with more than 250,000 employees and generating good revenue through its various business streams. 


Another leading tech Indian company is Infosys, established in 1981 by Mr. Narayan Murthy. As per 2023, the company has its presence in more than 56 countries and in over 274 locations. It has a market capitalization of INR 6.21 trillion and has been at the second place in the largest IT companies in India.

Infosys company

To know more about Infosys company profile, check this article once. 

Market Capitalization of Wipro vs Infosys

As of the latest, Wipro has a market capitalization of INR 2.39 trillion. Whereas, Infosys, the second largest IT & Tech company in India has a  market cap of INR 6.21 trillion, a 3X fold higher number than its competitor. Wipro recorded a lower number than Infosys in terms of market capitalization. 

Revenue of Wipro vs Infosys 

Both the companies have recorded a pretty good number as their market capitalization, however, they also have generated a good amount of revenue over the years. 

Year Wipro Infosys 
FY23Rs.70,107.6 crores Rs.146,767 crores
FY22Rs.64,280.5 crores Rs121,641 crores 
FY21Rs.52,682.3 crores Rs.100,472 crores 
FY20Rs.52,883.6 crores Rs.90,791 crores 
FY19Rs.50,692.4 crores Rs.82,675 crores 
Revenue Earnings of Wipro & Infosys

According to the sources, in terms of revenue generation Wipro is leading in the game, as for the latest FY23, Wipro recorded a revenue of Rs.70,107 crores, while Infosys recorded Rs.146,767 crores.

Both the companies have recorded fine numbers for their revenues, but Infosys ranks higher in terms of diversity and inclusion, work life balance, and career opportunities.  

Factors Wipro (FY23)Infosys (FY23)
Equity share (high)Rs.609 Rs.1,910 
Equity share (low)Rs.355 Rs.1,356 
Earnings per share Rs.20.7 Rs.58.3
Gross profit Rs.163,482 million Rs.344,830 million
Gross profit margin 18.1%23.5%
Net profit margin 12.6%16.4%
Differentiation factors between Wipro & Infosys

From the above table we can observe that Infosys for the latest FY23 has a higher number of gross profit margin, both high and low equity share prices, and the earnings per share. 

Infosys has recorded a higher percentage of its gross profit i.e. 23.5% than Wipro which has a percentage of 18.1%. Apart from that Infosys has its net profit margin of 16.4% than Wipro’s which has 12.6%. 

Wipro vs Infosys: Share Price Performance 

Time Span Wipro Infosys 
5-Year CAGR 13.52%17.61%
3-Year CAGR 5.09% 5.24%
1 Year 15.87%-1.36%
1 Month 12.94% 2.55%
Share Price Performance of Wipro & Infosys

Overall, the shares of Infosys have performed well over the time, however Wipro is not left behind in this race, Wipro also has recorded well for its share price performance over the time. While the promoters in Wipro hold the stakes at 72.9%, on the other hand, promoters in Infosys hold stake at 14.9%. 

Operating Margin %2023 2022 2021
Wipro 15.59%15.86%19.72%
Infosys 21.1%23%26.5%
Percentage of Operating Margins of Wipro & Infosys

Both the companies, i.e. Wipro vs Infosys have recorded a slightly lower number for their operating margin percentage as compared to their last year’s percentage. 

Active Client Base – Infosys has an active client base of 1,883 for the year 2023, it is higher as compared to its last year 2022 active client base of 1,778. While Wipro holds an active client base of 1,444 for the year 2023-2024. 

Infosys with a brand value of $13 million, stands at the second position in the list of top IT & Tech companies in India, while brand value of Wipro remains undisclosed. 

Which One Is Ruling the Tech Industry

Wipro vs Infosys

As per the market capitalization stats, Infosys is performing better and is ahead of Wipro, it has a market cap of INR 6.21 trillion, while Wipro stands with its market cap of INR 2.39 trillion. 

In terms of revenue Wipro is leading in the game, but considering other factors like its share price performance, active client base, profitability, brand value, etc. Infosys is leading the market. 

However, the strategies and operations of both the companies may change or develop over time that can contribute to their leadership in the sector!

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