Zetwerk Funding, Valuation & Shareholders Breakdown – 2024

Zetwerk funding, valuation and shareholders breakdown 2023

The manufacturing industry is experiencing revolution, and Zetwerk takes the center stage in reshaping the traditional ways of the industry.

Zetwerk funding, valuation and shareholders breakdown 2023

Zetwerk Company Overview 

Zetwerk, the company that has become a driving force in reshaping the traditional old ways of industrial production and supply chain industry. Zetwerk operates as a technology driven manufacturing platform, a bridge between those looking for good manufacturing components and a global network of experienced and expert suppliers. 

The company offers a platform where high-quality production, competitive costs globally, and the variations in manufacturing goods, and other facilities.  

Company Name Zetwerk 
Founded 2018
Founders Vishal Chaudhary, Amrit Acharya,
Rahul Sharma, & Srinath Ramakkrushnan.
Headquarter Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Industry  Global Manufacturer 
Sector serves in Manufacturing services 
Operating spaceB2B space in retail, manufacturing market
segments & industrial goods.
Type of company Private 
Valuation (2023)$2,700 million 
Funding (2023)$120 million 
Revenue (2022)$1 billion 
Company website Zetwerk.com 
Company insights of Zetwerk

Zetwerk Funding Insights 

Emerging as one of the leading players in the manufacturing and supply chain industry, Zetwerk has been powered by a line of fundings. 

Zetwerk has attracted the substantial attention of investors who have invested in the company and not only accelerated the company’s growth but also helped them to reshape the manufacturing supply chain sphere. 

January 29, 2020Debt financing – invested by
InnoVen Capital 
$2.2 million 
July 2, 2020Series C – invested by
$21 million 
February 2, 2021Series D – invested by
Greenoaks & Lightspeed
Ventures Capital 
$120 million 
March 24, 2021Secondary Market – investors
$8.3 million 
June 22, 2021Debt financing – invested by
Mars Growth Capital 
$30 million 
August 20, 2021Series E – invested by D1
Capital partners 
$150 million
October 12, 2021Debt financing – invested by
$60 million 
December 28, 2021Series F – invested by
$210 million 
March 5, 2023Debt financing – invested by
Financial Services 
$13.23 million 
October 18, 2023Series F – invested by Avenir
Growth Capital 
$120 million 
Zetwerk Funding rounds

As the result of its funding rounds till date, Zetwerk has raised a whopping amount of $777.8 million dollars, and marked its latest funding round on October 18, 2023 in which 5 investors participated, headed by Avenir Growth Capital.

The most recent investors of Zetwerk were Footpath Ventures and Steadview Capital. Zetwerk marked its latest acquisition on November 30, 2022 and acquired Unimacts for a deal of $39 million. 

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Zetwerk Valuation Insights 

Zetwerk does have an impressive portfolio of its funding rounds that has been unlocking its way towards the path of success. As of latest in 2023, Zetwerk has raised a total of $2,700 million in its valuation, post its funding rounds.

Zetwerk funding

  • The platform has reportedly over 8,000 active suppliers and around 1,800 customers.
  • Operates in 15+ countries. 
  • Its global manufacturing operations include partnerships with more than 10,000 suppliers.
  • Zetwerk also offers visibility, facilities, and a platform to win over the orders from international clients, which results in a 20% increase in inbound orders and revenue. It helps suppliers to maximize their utilization capacity upto more than 40% mark, on the other hand the planning and project management boosts efficiency upto 80%.

Zetwerk Shareholders Insights 

Apart from impressive Zetwerk funding rounds and remarkable valuation, Zetwerk also has a diverse group of shareholders who invested their time and money in the company’s vision. 

Fund 77.22%
Founders 19.72%
(Employee Stock Ownership program)
Other People 0.53%
Angel 0.34%
Shareholder pattern of Zetwerk

Key facts-

  • Fund holds the majority of company shares with a net worth of Rs.15,200 crore.
  • While founders of the company hold 17.72% of shares with a net worth of Rs.3,880 crore.
  • Following it, ESOP holds 2.12% of shares with a net worth of Rs.417 crore, Angel holds 0.34% of shares with a net worth of Rs.69.1 crore.
  • With a net worth of Rs.115 crore, other people hold 0.53% of shares in the company.

Summing Up

Zetwerk funding rounds, valuation, and the pile of shareholders demonstrated the paths to success of the company with time. Zetwerk’s growth and innovation is driven by these factors.

Zetwerk company

Zetwerk’s commitment to innovation, technology, quality, and good supply chain management helps to position itself as the leading and major player in the manufacturing industry material sphere.

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