7 Best Business Magazines In India For Entreprenurs

Best business magazines in India

The entrepreneurial landscape of India is both dynamic and ever evolving, and the country has a rich array of business magazines that specially caters to entrepreneurs needs. There are some best business magazines in India that help entrepreneurs to find things according to their interests.  

Best business magazines in India

The entrepreneurial space requires a keen awareness of the industry trends, new innovative strategies, and market dynamics that helps moving the business forward. 

Business magazines make information regarding business, new innovations, future business aspects, etc., all available at one place. These are the best business magazines in India-

Sr.No.Magazines NameLaunched Year 
1.Business India February, 1978
2.Business Today India 1992  
3.Entrepreneur India July 2015 
4.Fortune India 2010  
5.Forbes IndiaJune 5, 2009 
6.The Economist 2008
7.Outlook Business Magazine 2006  
Best Business Magazines In India

1. Business India

India’s first and foremost business magazine, which was launched in February 1978 by brothers Ashok Hotchand Advani and Hiroo Advani, and Rajkumar Advani in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

It is a fortnightly business news magazine, which means that the publication happens or appears once every two weeks. It has an average number of readership of 1.7 million. 

Business India magazine

Ashok Advani and brothers had a clear vision and idea behind establishing this business magazine, that was to act and provide a platform where business and entrepreneurship could flourish and thereby enable the Indian economy to rapidly join the line of more advanced world economies.

The primary goal is to create awareness and educate the public on critical issues and choices in business, industry, the economy and society, and to provide a leadership of ideas.

It has sections like 

  • Debate discussions 
  • Corporate reports 
  • Personal Finance 
  • Industry trends and reports 
  • Management and innovation strategies 
  • Industrialists advice and ideas, Etc. 

2. Business Today India 

The magazine was founded in 1992 under the name of Living Media India Private Ltd, based in New Delhi. It is one of the largest circulated business magazines that is published fortnightly in India.  

The magazine was considered as the first ever magazine that has done serious reporting on management theories, a benchmark set by them. 

Business Today India magazine

Along with that, they have also brought the whole new genre and face of business journalism a bit more closely. One of the leading and famous business magazines in India that has a readership of over 1 million. 

Initially the magazine was published in English, however later on the magazine is now available in other Indian languages as well as other international languages. 

It has sections like 

  • Business Today Next
  • Business Today Digital
  • Business Today Power 50
  • Business Today Editorial Section, etc. 

3. Entrepreneur India 

Launched in July 2015, this magazine provides suitable and specific information about investment projects that helps in making business decisions a better one and makes the process hassle free. The magazine is published by Entrepreneur India Pvt. Ltd. 

Entrepreneur India magazine

The magazine was initially a joint venture between Entrepreneur Media, USA’s business magazine for entrepreneurs, and Franchise India, an Indian company providing integrated franchise solutions since 1999 in various Asian countries. The magazine was launched in India in July 2015. 

The magazine is published monthly on the first day of each month, it is also available offline, online, and in other formats like PDFs, etc. to make it easily accessible for all. 

Along with that it provides news sections that can help out entrepreneurs with relevant resources as well as helpful tools and services.

One of the exciting features of the magazine is that it features interviews with top entrepreneurs and some failure stories of great startups that provide entrepreneurs with great insights. 

4. Fortune India 

One of the most reputable magazines in the business space. Fortune is an American global business magazine, headquartered in New York City.

It is published under the name of Fortune Media Group Holdings, a global business media company. In India, the magazine was launched as Fortune India in 2010. 

Fortune India magazine

The magazine is known for its incomparable access to the world’s most influential leaders & decision makers.

The magazine stands out with trusted insight, deep reporting & proactive story telling and caters to business executives and aspiring enthusiasts with latest and up-to-date business, finance, lifestyle, industry trends information and more.

It has an average readership of 3,49,000 Lakhs. It has unique and separate sections like ‘People Behind the Success’ , etc. 

Some of the best known Fortune Magazine brands in the market are Fortune 500, Fortune Most Powerful Women in Business, Fortune 40 Under 40 are perhaps the best known names in Business Journalism & ultimate symbol of corporate success.

5. Forbes India 

The magazine that was launched on June 5, 2009. Forbes India is a Network 18 venture in partnership with Forbes Media LLC. The magazine is published fortnightly. 

This Indian version of the world-renowned and prominent magazine Forbes, this magazine is designed for entrepreneurs, investors, business enthusiasts,  and all those who are looking for an insightful and deeper understanding of the Indian market and its business dynamics. 

Forbes India magazine

This magazine has a readership of 5 million+. It has sections like In focus that provides a closer look at Indian business, featuring the expert opinions and analysis of business leaders and economists, another one is Rising stars, which features the emerging entrepreneurs and businesses who are making significant statements in the industries.

Apart from that it also features the Digital stars of the year those who have made a strong digital presence in the digital world and in business, and also provides a section like Market watch, which features a deep and closer look at the market trends and upcoming market dynamics that may affect business and investments. 

6. The Economist 

Another business oriented magazine in India. It was founded in 2008. The magazine was originally launched in London in September 1843, to provide a wide coverage of topics related to general news that has international and political topics and is related to the world’s economy. 

The Economist magazine

Since its inception in India, the magazine has been determined to deliver the best quality information related to the Indian economy, politics, business industry, finance news, new & innovative marketing trends etc. for all the business enthusiasts and the entrepreneurs. 

The magazine is majorly  read by individuals who are deeply rooted in business and economics and people with the same interests. The magazine in general has a readership of 5.1 million +.  

The magazine is available at both platforms, online and offline. It has some sections like The Economist Espresso, The Economist Explains, and also publishes upcoming year sections that show predictions about the economic trends and market in the coming year.

7. Outlook Business Magazine

Outlook Business Magazine was launched in 2006 under the name of Outlook Publishing (India) Pvt. Ltd. It has a readership of 1.78 million.

The magazine excels in delivering an insightful, compelling, thought provoking information, which helps in having a fresh perspective, coupled with a holistic approach. The magazine is published monthly. 

outlook business magazine

The magazine provides exclusive reports and coverage of sections like finance, interviews with industry experts, taxation advice, business analysis, economy analysis, and also makes sure that its holistic approach examines the market trends, economical & political trends. 

The magazine provides various sections and reports regarding latest developments in the business industry and the new innovations related to it.  

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Summing Up: Best Business Magazines In India 

These business magazines stand as a powerful source for entrepreneurs, by providing a tale of business information, inspiring stories, and the guidance from top business leaders.

These magazines go beyond the traditional old way of reporting the business industry news, and provide a full view of dynamic and ever-evolving business trends and new innovations.

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Garvit Rao
Garvit Rao
25 days ago

Business news and movies are great to know about the sights of business space, but these magazines acts as a one stop solution for all business info!

Ujjwal Saini
Ujjwal Saini
25 days ago

The Economist magazine is my go to choice for all economic related news and info!