Goat Farming Business Plan: How To Start & Make Profit

Goat Farming Business Plan

Recently, the goat industry boomed in India with 20.45% of the share in the 20th Livestock Census, securing the 2nd position after cattle. Reason? Low set-up cost and profitable business! That’s why, folks are looking for a Goat farming business plan. So, stick to this article because here we will be presenting the same! (A) … Read more

Is Country Delight Profitable? Financials & Business Model

Is Country Delight profitable

Country Delight, an Indian company famous for its fresh and unadulterated milk has been making waves in the milk & grocery delivery market. Reason? For its financials and business model. People out there are wondering- Is Country Delight profitable?  Unfortunately, despite operating for over a decade, Country Delight hasn’t shown any profitable growth so far. … Read more

Zypp Electric Business Model: How Does It Make Money?

Zypp Electric Business Model

“Petrol ko maaro goli, Zypp electric se bharo savings ki jholi…” is the tagline that made this EV-as-a-service platform famous! To the uninitiated, let me tell you that Zypp Electric offers vehicle renting and delivery services through its e-scooters. So yeah, you can say that Zypp Electric works on the recurring business model. But that’s … Read more

How The Minimalist Became A $69 Million Skincare Startup Within 4 Years

Success of the Minimalist

None of us can deny the remarkable success of the Minimalist, from its inception to becoming a $69 million skincare brand within just 4 years. Here are its recent updates- The Minimalist is backed by Peak XV, popularly called Sequoia India. Despite that, it managed to raise funds through equity, bank financing, and other notable … Read more

6 Startups That Are Leading The Men’s Grooming Industry in India

Men's makeup industry

Ask any middle-aged man about the cosmetic or skincare products he used in his youthful days- you’ll get the same answer- soap, and water! Contrarily, ask today’s youth or a teenage boy about his skincare and you’ll get a long list of grooming products. That’s what we call the evolution of the Men’s makeup industry! … Read more

Why Did CarTrade Shut Down The Acquired OLX Autos Business?

OLX Autos Shut Down

Last year Car Trade had beaten Spinny and Cars24 to acquire OLX India’s automotive business i.e. Sobek Auto India Pvt Ltd for Rs.537 crore. This acquisition was done with high hopes for a bright future in C2B (consumer-to-business) operations. Two months later, the public received a huge shock with Olx Autos shut down! Wasn’t the … Read more