The Ullu IPO: From Getting Quickly Profitable To Filing IPO

Ullu IPO

Ullu IPO has created a humongous buzz around the market mavens with its plans to raise around Rs.135-150 crore! Let me tell you that this is no joke when it comes to SME IPO. If Ullu IPO becomes successful, it will become the largest SME IPO in terms of financial size. That’s what makes Ullu … Read more

Zudio vs Pantaloons: Which Is Doing Affordable Fashion Better?

Zudio vs Pantaloons

Get ready for a fashion destination showdown– Zudio vs Pantaloons, both aiming to be kings of affordable fashion. These brands are like fashion titans, each with its own superpowers. Whether you like keeping it simple with Zudio or diving into the vibrant world of Pantaloons, it’s more than just clothes – it’s your style story. … Read more

Flipkart Case Study: The Rise Of Indian E-commerce Giant

Flipkart Case Study

When it comes to success stories, the Flipkart Case Study has been the most anticipated one! Reason? A company from its humble beginnings rose to fame so immensely that now it has become synonymous with online shopping. Just like Google is synonymous with search engines and Paytm is synonymous with online payment in India! Let … Read more

How Edtech Is Impacting The Kota Coaching Business

Kota Coaching Business

The evolution of internet facilities gave rise to edtech companies that are heavily impacting Kota Coaching Business. How? For that you need to think from the perspective of students, mainly teenagers. Imagine a scenario where you are given two options for coaching. First, enroll in an offline coaching center far from your home, take a … Read more

8 Most Powerful Women Leaders In India & Their Impact

Powerful women leaders in India

Over the decades, the nation has witnessed a transformative as well as a great wave of leadership driven by influential women leaders in India, who have redefined societal norms.  These women leaders have emerged the beacon of success in a nation rich with history and complexity of leadership. These women leaders have not only shown … Read more

The 6 Most Crucial Elements Of Entrepreneurship

Elements of Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial journey is no less than sailing a hardship! The ups and downs that come along with the way of being an entrepreneur encompasses the entrepreneurial journey. There are some crucial elements of entrepreneurship that are important to know for having a successful entrepreneurial journey! Entrepreneurship is a multifaceted venture that requires innovative ideas, … Read more

7 Best Business Magazines In India For Entreprenurs

Best business magazines in India

The entrepreneurial landscape of India is both dynamic and ever evolving, and the country has a rich array of business magazines that specially caters to entrepreneurs needs. There are some best business magazines in India that help entrepreneurs to find things according to their interests.   The entrepreneurial space requires a keen awareness of the industry … Read more

What Is Funding Winter & How Is It Affecting Indian Startups?

Funding Winter in India

Funding winter has become a new threat to our startup industry. How? Recall some recent tragic news stories about the startup industry. Some of the prominent themes were- layoffs, delayed capital infusion decisions of investors, lowering the expenditure in marketing and promotion, devaluation of startups, and the list goes on… Have you ever wondered the … Read more

Will Ola Electric IPO Be A Success? Complete Breakdown

Ola Electric IPO

Ola Electric IPO has become the most anticipated climax of the Indian EV market. After all, Ola Electric, the big player in electric vehicles in India, is getting ready for its super exciting Initial Public Offering (IPO)! It’s like the VIP party everyone’s talking about.   Guess what? Ola is already rocking a 40% market … Read more