Why Did CarTrade Shut Down The Acquired OLX Autos Business?

OLX Autos Shut Down

Last year Car Trade had beaten Spinny and Cars24 to acquire OLX India’s automotive business i.e. Sobek Auto India Pvt Ltd for Rs.537 crore. This acquisition was done with high hopes for a bright future in C2B (consumer-to-business) operations. Two months later, the public received a huge shock with Olx Autos shut down! Wasn’t the … Read more

Can Tata Motors Surpass Maruti Suzuki With the Help Of EVs?

Tata Motors vs Maruti Suzuki

Experts say that soon, we won’t have to rely on fossil fuels for vehicles because EVs will rule the automobile market! Currently, Tata Motors is the leading EV company with a whopping market share of 72%. Surprisingly, this fact doesn’t make Tata Motors the king of four-wheelers. Why? You may ask. Maruti Suzuki wears the … Read more

What Is Surrogate Marketing? Uncovering The Hype Around It

Surrogate Marketing

Curious about the buzz surrounding Surrogate Marketing? Ever happened that you see ads for a product, but they’re actually promoting something else entirely. That’s surrogate marketing in action! It’s like a clever disguise for products that can’t be directly advertised. But why the secrecy? What’s the hype all about?  Go through our article to uncover … Read more

Can India’s Surya Ghar Yojna Really Make It The Solar Power?

Surya Ghar Yojna

Do you remember the Rooftop solar scheme (Suryoday Yojna) announced by our honorable PM during the inauguration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya? Soon after that, our Finance Minister announced the Surya Ghar Yojna! The former scheme encourages Indians to install solar panels on their rooftops while the latter offers 300 units of free electricity … Read more

7 Most Effective & Best Books On Negotiation One Must Read

Best books on Negotiation

Negotiation isn’t just about haggling over prices; it’s a vital skill in both business and everyday life. From landing that dream job to getting the best deal on a car, negotiation plays a crucial role. But mastering this art isn’t easy. That’s where the right books come in. They’re like treasure maps guiding you through … Read more

India vs China For Tesla: Which One Can Be More Beneficial?

India vs China for Tesla

Last week Elon Musk canceled the meeting with our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet Chinese Premier Li Quan. Folks couldn’t stop wondering why. The reason cited by him was- “very heavy obligations for Tesla.” Here comes a million-dollar question- India vs China- Which is more beneficial for Tesla? Let’s break down the whole … Read more