Bajaj Finserv vs Bajaj Finance: Differences & Which One’s Better?

Bajaj Finserv vs Bajaj Finance

Bajaj Finserv vs Bajaj Finance is the talk of the town in the matter of money! While both serve as NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies), they’re a bit different. Bajaj Finance mainly lends money, while Bajaj Finserv does more, like insurance and wealth management. If you’re wondering which one is better for you, then you have … Read more

Investment vs Speculation: What Are The Major Differences?

Investment vs Speculation

Ever thought about the fascinating world of finance and how it makes your money grow? Well, there lies two distinct players in the financial world – investment & speculation, each standing tall making a promise of wealth creation. Let’s know more about these coexisting realms Investment vs Speculation, and know the major differences between them. … Read more

Potential Impact Of The Epic Tata Steel Merger On India

Tata Steel Merger

Hey there! Remember Tata Steel’s catchy tagline from back in the ’90s – “We also make steel“? Well, guess what? They had been up to something big, i.e., the Tata Steel merger. Yes! Tata had merged seven metal businesses to create a seriously robust and diverse entity called “One-Tata Steel.” It wasn’t just a business … Read more

Breaking Down PVR Stock Performance Post PVR Inox Merger

PVR Inox Merger

In the aftermath of the much-anticipated PVR Inox merger, the collective gaze of investors and industry analysts is fixed on the unexpected turn of events following the release of the first-quarter results. The once-promising union in the Indian cinema industry has encountered a notable setback, reflected in a dip in PVR Inox shares in FY24. … Read more

Angel One Acquires DStreet Finance To Expand Among Youngsters- 2023

AngelOne acquires Dstreet Finance

Do you know Angel One acquires DStreet finance to expand among youngsters? Yes, Recently, Angel One has announced its acquisition of DStreet Finance, a Bengaluru-based fintech startup. This strategic move is a testament to Angel One’s commitment to expanding its suite of consumer financial services and enhancing its offerings to cater to the needs of … Read more

Angel One vs Groww – Which One Is The Better Investment App?

Angel one vs groww

With time, investment apps have emerged as the essential tools for both the seasoned and the new investors in the financial world. At present, two such prominent names in the investments world are Angel One vs Groww, both offering the unique and up-to-date features for its customers. The question that emerges here is which one … Read more