Key Reasons Behind Exide Industries Stock Rally & What’s Next?

Exide Industries Stock

Curious about why Exide Industries stock is soaring and what comes next? Let’s break down the reasons behind its rally and see what the future holds for investors! (A) Story So Far Exide Industries’ shares are on fire, marking their seventh consecutive surge on Monday. Can you believe it? They shot up by a whopping … Read more

ET Money vs Groww: Which Is Better All Round Finance Broker?

ET Money vs Groww

Finance brokers have earned a huge reputation for giving desired returns to their clients and customers. Two such all-around finance brokers that are in heated debate are ET Money vs Groww. So, in this article, we will compare both of them in terms of their profiles, charges, features, and business perspectives. Stay tuned! (A) ET … Read more

Bajaj Housing Finance IPO: Key Notes For Retail Investors

Bajaj Housing Finance IPO

Retail investors have been eyeing Bajaj Housing Finance IPO ever since the RBI made it mandatory to list in public soon! Guess what? The firm is planning to raise over a billion dollars through the IPO. And yes, they’ll mindfully handle the minimum dilution and expected valuation range. Now, the question is- Is this IPO … Read more

How Saregama Carvaan Launch Helped Skyrocket Its Stock

Saregama Carvaan Launch

Legends say- “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change & adapt with time.” Do you know why? Because if you don’t upgrade yourself, then you will be easily replaced by the new gens. Let me give you some real-life examples- Saregama India could have been on this list too… Thanks to the Saregama … Read more

7 Best Books For Stock Market That One Should Read

Best Books For Stock Market

Investing in the stock market is more than just buying and selling of securities, it’s about understanding the underlying principles that drive this whole process. For understanding in detail about the whole concept of stock market and its investing, there are some best books for stock market out there that are beneficial for both the … Read more

What Is The Ideal Trading Psychology? Best Practices

Ideal Trading Psychology

Have you ever wondered why some traders do well in the stock market while others struggle? Well, it’s not just about knowing the numbers or following trends. It’s also about having the right mindset i.e. trading psychology- a key ingredient for successful trading. You must have often heard the experts cautioning to avoid emotion-driven trading … Read more

Smallcase vs Mutual Fund: What Are The Key Differences?

Smallcase vs Mutual Funds

Ever wondered about the differences in smallcases vs mutual fund? If yes, then you’re in the right place!   In this comparison, we’ll dive into the key distinctions between these two popular investment options. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, understanding these differences can help you make informed decisions about where to … Read more

Tata Sons IPO: What Does Tata Sons Do & Its Plan With IPO

Tata Sons IPO

This is March 2024, and everyone’s buzzing about the Tata Sons IPO. Why? Well, Tata Sons is like the headmaster of Indian conglomerates, super old and super respected. Now, get this- some investment folks like Spark (an investment advisory firm) are speculating that Tata Sons IPO could be worth a mind-blowing $96 billion!   But … Read more