Can Namma Yatri really compete with the giants Uber & Ola?

Namma Yatri

Namma Yatri has become a new ray of hope for drivers and a source of headache for Uber & Ola! Do you know, why? Just go through this write-up and you’ll know it all! (A) Synopsis: Emerging Battle of Namma Yatri vs Uber & Ola In January 2024, Namma Yatri (Bengaluru-based ride-hailing platform) finally spread … Read more

Can Bangalore’s Water Crisis Be Fixed? Complete Coverage

Bangalore's Water Crisis

Bangalore’s water crisis has become the talk of the town. Reason? Today, Bangalore is going through a water crisis, and tomorrow another city/town/village will suffer. That’s why the entire India is looking into how to fix Bangalore’s water crisis… What’s the prime reason for Bangalore’s water crisis? You may ask. Due to depleting levels of … Read more

The IRCTC Partnership With Zomato & Swiggy For Food In Train

IRCTC partnerships with Swiggy and Zomato

Recently, IRCTC partnered with Zomato and Swiggy for food in train. These food platforms have already acquired a good space in all our phones and daily lives. Now they are ready to offer their services while we are travelling in train! IRCTC has partnered with Swiggy, one of online food delivery platform, for delivering pre-ordered … Read more

What’s Wrong With HDFC Bank? Is The Stock Fall Justified?

Slow growth of HDFC Bank

Do you know why HDFC Bank was considered a gem in the Indian financial market? For being the champ of NIM (Net Interest Margin) for over 20 years. And how much was the NIM? Nearly 4%! If you noticed clearly, I used a past tense for calling HDFC Bank a champ. Reason? Because the story … Read more

Will Ola Electric IPO Be A Success? Complete Breakdown

Ola Electric IPO

Ola Electric IPO has become the most anticipated climax of the Indian EV market. After all, Ola Electric, the big player in electric vehicles in India, is getting ready for its super exciting Initial Public Offering (IPO)! It’s like the VIP party everyone’s talking about.   Guess what? Ola is already rocking a 40% market … Read more

What’s Wrong With Polycab? Decoding The IT Raid & Buzz Around

Polycab Raid by Ministry of Finance

Recently, Polycab India, a big company that makes wires and cables, made headlines because the tax people searched about 50 places connected to the company all over the country.   After these searches, the company’s shares dropped by 3% to Rs.5450 on the stock market called BSE. But, Polycab says they didn’t do any tax … Read more

Maldives vs Lakshadweep: Which One Is Seeing More Tourism?

Maldives vs Lakshadweep

In the last 48 hours, you must have heard a heated debate on Maldives vs Lakshadweep. Reason? You will see in the synopsis in the next section. This debate has left people wondering- who sees a greater number of tourists? Maldives or Lakhsadweep? So, here we will be shedding light on the comparison analysis of … Read more

What Went Wrong With The Adobe Figma Acquisition?

Adobe Figma acquisition

The plan for Adobe Figma acquisition for a whopping $20 billion hit a big stop sign. They wanted to team up to make design tools better, but the UK and EU regulators weren’t fans.   Reason? They worried it could mess with fair competition. So, Adobe called off the deal.  Now, we’re left wondering what … Read more

What’s Special About Vande Bharat Train? Complete Breakdown

Vande Bharat Train

If you have been residing in India for the last five years, I’m sure you have heard the term “Vande Bharat.” Afterall, Vande Bharat Train isn’t just a rail transport but a testament to a pride in India’s railway legacy. Launched with a dream to transform how we travel, this high-speed marvel seamlessly blends innovation … Read more