How Sting Energy Drink Is Winning The Market Despite Competition?

Sting Energy Drink

Ever wondered why Sting Energy drink is so popular, even with lots of other choices around? Well, it’s because Sting is really smart about their pricing and advertising strategies! Not only do they have cool new drinks, but also they pay attention to what you like. Despite many other energy drinks out there, Sting knows … Read more

The Smog Problem Of Delhi & The Actions Taken By Government

Smog Problem of Delhi

Consider Delhi, where the air quality has earned ominous labels like “Poison in the air” and “Breathing Poison.” Reason? It’s a city that consistently ranks among the most polluted globally, grappling with a mixture of industrial and vehicular emissions intensified by seasonal agricultural fires. You can determine the disastrous effect of the smog problem of … Read more

What Is Custom GPT? Everything You Need Know About It

What is Custom GPT?

Did you catch what happened last week? OpenAI’s boss, Sam Altman, kind of teased Elon Musk while talking up GPT Builder’s cool features. Altman’s points make sense, especially because they’ve made ChatGPT way better with some recent updates. Now, it’s like a total game-changer, showing us how powerful customized AI can be. And that is … Read more

Will Dunzo Shut Down? An Explainer On The Shaky Dunzo Story

Dunzo Shut Down: Shaky Dunzo Story

If you’re curious about the future of Dunzo, the hyperlocal delivery service, you might be interested to know that it’s currently going through a rough patch. The news is bustling with the headline- Will Dunzo shut down? Dunzo is facing some significant challenges due to which the company has put a halt to its plans … Read more

Rameshwaram Cafe Success Story – Complete Case Study

Rameshwaram Cafe

Rameshwaram Café is quite synonymous with famous brand outlets like KFCs and McDonalds in Bangalore. Really? Yes, ask a person living in Bangalore for the last few years and you will know the fame of Rameshwaram Café. Do you know what the most fascinating fact is? Rameshwaram Café is hardly three years old! Launched in … Read more

Amazon vs Flipkart – Who Is Leading The Indian E-Commerce 2023?

Amazon vs Flipkart- Who is leading the Indian E-Commerce?

Recall the delight of window shopping where you can buy almost everything from the comfort zone of your home! All of us are aware of the significance of Amazon vs Flipkart in shaping the Indian e-commerce arena. Flipkart, an Indian homegrown e-commerce platform, and Amazon, a global e-commerce giant, have been engaged in a fierce … Read more

How Do Browsers Make Money? Top 5 Ranked By Revenue

Browsers make money

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, web browsers play a crucial role in our daily lives. But have you ever wondered how these browsers manage to remain free and accessible to millions of users worldwide? How do these browsers make money? In this exploration, we’ll not only uncover the diverse ways browsers make money but also … Read more

What Is Tourism Tax? Who Pays it & How Does It Work?

Tourism Tax: All you need to know about it.

Recall the ticket price when you visit Taj Mahal or any other monuments in India. Have you ever wondered why you pay Rs.50 for the monumental visit whereas the foreigners pay over Rs.1,300? Foreign tourists are the major source of revenue for the Union Ministry of Tourism. Mainly the revenue comes from the tourism tax! … Read more

What Is The Bank Of Baroda Fraud? Exposing The Misconduct

Bank of Baroda Fraud (Cover Image)

Bank of Baroda fraud is a critically infamous headline that has tarnished the image of the Indian banking sector. The agents not only linked their own mobile numbers to the customers’ accounts to register into the “Bob World” app. But also stole a whopping Rs.22 lakh from the poor 362 customers. How in the heck … Read more

Can Spotify Monetize Indian Market? Uncovering The Struggle

Spotify monetize Indian market

If you ask which music streaming app evolved at an exponential rate in India, undoubtedly, the answer will be “Spotify.” Within four years (2019-23), its market share increased to 26% in the music streaming segment of India. It may sound good but sadly Indian users hardly contribute to Spotify’s revenue. This raises a question- Can … Read more