iPhone vs OnePlus: Who Is Leading The Premium Phone Market?

iPhone vs OnePlus

The drastic shift in consumer buying patterns in the smartphone industry has led to the battle of iPhone vs OnePlus. Reason? The rise in the disposable income in Indians. If you look 7-8 years back, smartphone brands like Xiaomi and Vivo were ruling the market. But now the scenario has changed. As per some recent … Read more

What Is The Rooftop Solar Scheme & Government Plans With It?

Pradhmantri Suryodaya Yojana

Our honorable Prime Minister announced the launch of the Rooftop solar scheme on the auspicious occasion of the Ram Temple opening ceremony. And this led to the curiosity among the folks about the rooftop solar scheme. How will it work? What are the plans of govt.? And the list of queries goes on… If you … Read more

Dominos Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Pizza Masterclass

Conventional Dominos Marketing Strategy

Whassup readers! How have you been? We got so many requests to explain Dominos Marketing Strategy… So here we are to explain the same! Take a deep breath and think of having a delicious Pizza… What’s the first name that comes to your mind on hearing the term “Pizza”? Domminos! Right? It became synonymous with … Read more

What Is The Great Nicobar Naval Base & What Does India Plan With It?

Navy base in Great Nicobar Islands

The Great Nicobar Naval Base is one of the most significant projects our country plans on Nicobar Island. As you know it is a part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, so this naval base is gonna be a crucial foundation for Indian Navy! In the language of geopolitics, the stronger your defense system is… … Read more

EV vs Petrol: Which Cars Are Better For People & Economy?

EV vs Petrol

With so much buzz around zero carbon emissions, the folks are debating on EV vs Petrol. Meaning whether to buy an EV car or a Petrol car. Undoubtedly, electric vehicles or electric cars are no less than superheroes actively participating in lowering pollution. But are they worth it for ordinary folks? On top of that, … Read more