The Complete Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List

Complete Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List

Virat Kohli, the cricket sensation and the former captain of the Indian cricket team is not only being celebrated for his on-field performance but is also famous for his extraordinary brand endorsements lists.  In this article, we’ll discuss the complete Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador list, and  see why he has become a top choice for … Read more

IPL vs EPL: Which Sports League Is A Bigger Business Success


The Indian Premier League (IPL) and the English Premier League (EPL), are among the two of the most prominent sports leagues in the world, each having a massive global following, and generating good amount of revenue every year.  In this article, we’ll compare both these famous leagues, and will explore which one is a bigger … Read more

Qualcomm vs Mediatek: Which Is The Better Mobile Processor Brand?

Qualcomm vs MediaTek

Look at any smartphone specifications and you’ll see the uttermost significance of processors. Afterall, the seamless functioning of your smartphone depends on the type of processor used. In the market, two powerful processors in a heated battle is none other than Qualcomm vs Mediatek. So, in this write-up we will dive into a detailed comparison … Read more

UpWork vs Fiverr: Which Freelancer Company Is Doing Better?

UpWork vs Fiverr

Freelancing jobs has become one of the most talked about jobs these days, as it provides the facility to work from anywhere and at any time. In the freelancing space, the two names that are most talked about and also give great competition to each other are UpWork vs Fiverr.  Both these platforms have revolutionized … Read more

What Is Surrogate Marketing? Uncovering The Hype Around It

Surrogate Marketing

Curious about the buzz surrounding Surrogate Marketing? Ever happened that you see ads for a product, but they’re actually promoting something else entirely. That’s surrogate marketing in action! It’s like a clever disguise for products that can’t be directly advertised. But why the secrecy? What’s the hype all about?  Go through our article to uncover … Read more

Who Sells The Most Mangoes In World? Uncovering The Mango Business

Mango Business around the world

Did you know that the mango business is booming worldwide? Mangoes, often called the “king of fruits,” are loved by millions. But guess what? Not everyone knows which country sells the most mangoes. From bustling markets in India to grocery stores in the USA, the journey of this juicy fruit is fascinating. Curious to learn … Read more

Asics vs Skechers: Which Shoe Brand Is Doing Better In India?

Asics vs Skechers

The Indian footwear market is currently experiencing the competition between Asics vs Skechers. Both the brands are very prominent in the footwear market and have always witnessed immense popularity. To know which one among the two is doing better, in this article we’ll have a detailed comparison between the two shoe brands.  Company Overview  Both … Read more

7 Most Effective & Best Books On Negotiation One Must Read

Best books on Negotiation

Negotiation isn’t just about haggling over prices; it’s a vital skill in both business and everyday life. From landing that dream job to getting the best deal on a car, negotiation plays a crucial role. But mastering this art isn’t easy. That’s where the right books come in. They’re like treasure maps guiding you through … Read more

India vs China For Tesla: Which One Can Be More Beneficial?

India vs China for Tesla

Last week Elon Musk canceled the meeting with our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet Chinese Premier Li Quan. Folks couldn’t stop wondering why. The reason cited by him was- “very heavy obligations for Tesla.” Here comes a million-dollar question- India vs China- Which is more beneficial for Tesla? Let’s break down the whole … Read more