Asics vs Skechers: Which Shoe Brand Is Doing Better In India?

Asics vs Skechers

The Indian footwear market is currently experiencing the competition between Asics vs Skechers. Both the brands are very prominent in the footwear market and have always witnessed immense popularity.

Asics vs Skechers

To know which one among the two is doing better, in this article we’ll have a detailed comparison between the two shoe brands. 

Company Overview 

Both the brands have a good presence in India, and in other countries as well. The table below provides a company overview of both the companies. 

Company Name Asics Skechers 
Founded 1949 1992 
Founder Kihachiro OnitsukaRobert Greenberg 
Head office Kobe, Japan Manhattan Beach, California, United States.
CEO Motoi Oyama Robert Greenberg 
CEO India Rajat Khurana Rahul Vira 
Launched in India 2015 2012 
Revenue Revenue from sales grew 35.85 %
to Rs.340.85 crore.
Over 500 crore (FY23)
Market share N/A27% 
Net Worth (2024)$9.62 billion $10.24 billion 
Company Overview of Asics and Skechers

By having a higher net worth and market share Skechers is leading the race. However, according to the officials of both the companies, India is the fastest growing Asia-Pacific market as compared to other markets. 

Asics vs Skechers: Key Differences 

Both the brands operating in the same space and claiming to offer the best shoes, differ from each other on some aspects. 

Factors Asics Skechers 
Quality It Is known for its high quality and technology.They too offer shoes of effective and efficient quality. 
Durability and Comfort These are more durable and are effective to use for exercise and running purposes. Skechers ones often considered best for their comfort and cushioning, making it a go to choice for casual walks or running. 
Weight of the shoes These ones are considered a little bit heavy as compared to skechers ones. They are often of light weight as they are more suited for daily walks or running. 
Target audience The brand primarily targets individuals who are more passionate about sports and want an active lifestyle. The audience circle of skechers targets all age groups of men, women, and kids. 
Brand partnerships Has partnered with athletes like Bajrang Punia, celebrities like Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor, etc. Has partnered with Indian Olympic Association (IOA), as their official sports footwear partner for the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2023.  
Range of products The brand also offers other footwear products such as sandals, 
Along with clothing products as well like T-shirts, hoodies,  jackets, swimming required clothes, leggings, socks.
As well as the other accessories, including bags, backpacks, and aps. 
The brand offerings also includes, 
Skechers Work,
Skechers Sport,
Go Walk, 
Go Run,
Mark Nason creative collection,
Charity line Bobs, etc. 
Stability These shoes have a DuoMax support system for stability. Are stable with arch support and grip 
Heel counter support Some of its shoes provide external heel support to enhance fit and support. Offers rigid heel support. 
Best for Are best for exercise, heavy running, and stability. These are best for daily walks, casual running or wear. 
Key technologies used Makes use of technologies like DuoMax, Guidance Line, FlyteFoam, etc. Uses technologies like Hyper Pillar, Arch Fit Insole System, etc. 
Asics vs Skechers Key Differences

One of the most highlighted difference between the two is that, Asics are being considered best for heaving running, exercise, and for serious runners, while on the other hand, Skechers are being preferred for daily walk or casual running. 

Asics vs Skechers: Indian Market Comparison 

Factors Asics Skechers 
Revenue Rs.344.85 crore Between 100-500 crore 
Market share N/A27%
Net worth $9.62 billion$10.24 billion
Number of stores 100 stores, and is planning to open
its first mono-brand store in 2026. 
Has over 400 stores. 
Asics vs Skechers Market Comparison

Skechers has a higher revenue, net worth, and market share, and seems to have an upper hand over Asics. However, on the other hand, Asics has more stores than Skechers, and is also planning to open more mono stores by 2026. 

By having a market share of 27%, India becomes the second leading market for Skechers after Germany in which the brand has 29% of share. Apart from that the brand has around 19% market share in China and 29% market share, 16% in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), and 13% in the UK.

Talking about Asics, according to the CEO of Asics India, Rajat Khurana, India is the fastest southeast asia market for the brand and with that to expound its reach in India, they are planning to open around 100-200 mono stores in coming years. 

After looking at the comparison between the two brands, now we’ll discuss more about these brands and also why they are so popular.

Is Asics Owned by Nike? 

Unlike every other shoe brand, Asics doesn’t have a parent company, it is wholly owned by the Kihachiro Onitsuka family. 

Looking back to Asics history, the founder Onitsuka Co. company with GTO company and JELENK company to from Asics, which refers to “Anima Sana In Corpore San” in Latin which means having a sound mind and body, which matches  perfectly with the Japanese company’s overall ethos.

The founder was the only person who had full ownership of the company, however, when Nike was founded in 1964, they wanted to be the only distributor of Asics shoes in the U.S. Nike proposed the offer to the company to be their official sales distributor in the US.

The company agreed to the proposal and initially the relationship was healthy and good for a couple of years, but after some time, it quickly crumbled and at last both the brands sued one another in the court. As of now the company is owned by the Onitsuka Family only. 

Why is Asics so popular? 

With time Asics have become popular due to its great offerings of shoes as they are super comfortable and are most suitable for heavy running, exercises, wild adventures, and for the athletes. Along with that the brand also offers other wearable accessories too. 

Asics shoes

Asics uses innovative technology in making of its shoes like the GEL-cushioning technology which helps in providing the stability, durability, and of course the comfort. 

Also these are suitable for all kinds of runners, be it the beginners, intermediate runners, or the elite athletes. The quality of material, construction, and technology used, all contribute to the long life of the shoes. 

Why is Skechers so popular? 

One of the foremost reasons of why Skechers are so popular is that the brand is often being referred to as offering more comfortable and supportive products. The brand’s style of combining style with effortless comfort has caught everybody’s attention, including the influencers, which has contributed more to the brand’s popularity. 

Skechers shoes

Skechers use memory foam soles that provide the best cushioning for the foot, and with that are also really flexible. Due to its sole cushioning effect and flexibility, these shoes have become one of the top choices to select when looking for the shoe brand for casual, daily walks or run.

The brand’s USP stands on three elements, i.e. Comfort, Combining both style and lifestyle, and the Culture element. These are also considered as affordable ones with high quality. 


Which one among the two is leading depends on various factors, if we consider the revenue and market share, then Skechers is the leading name, or if we look at the other factors, like the store count, then Asics is the winner. 

The choice between the two depends on individual preferences. Those preferring performance and durability can select Asics. While those looking for comfort and affordability can choose Sketchers. 

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