The Complete Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List

Complete Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List

Virat Kohli, the cricket sensation and the former captain of the Indian cricket team is not only being celebrated for his on-field performance but is also famous for his extraordinary brand endorsements lists. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the complete Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador list, and  see why he has become a top choice for multiple brands. 

Complete Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List

Virat Kohli, which is also being referred to by the alias – King-Kohli or Run Machine, has taken the world of brand endorsement by storm, and with time has become a top choice of being a brand ambassador not only at the domestic level, but internationally too. 

Another interesting fact about this all rounder cricketer is that he is the only Indian athlete that ranked in the list of Top 100 highest paid athletes in 2020. He was ranked 66th in the list. 

Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List 

His brand endorsement ranges from fitness, technology, lifestyle, fashion, etc. he has a vast portfolio of brands associated with him. 

Sr.No.  Brands Name Onboarding Year 
1. Boost 2012 
2. Wrogn 2014 
3. MRF Tyre 2015
4. Audi India 2015
5.Manyavar 2016
6.Valvoline 2016
7. American Tourister 2016 – 2017 
8.Muve Acoustics 2017 
9.Puma 2017 
10. Philips India 2018 
11.Vivo 2018 
12.Uber 2018 
13.Too Yumm 2018 
14.Volini 2018 
15.Blue Star 2019 
16.Mobile Premier League (MPL)2019 
17.Himalaya 2019 
18.Wellman 2019
19.Digit Insurance 2020 
20.Great Learning 2020 
21.Noise 2022 
22. Toothsi 2022 
23.Avas Living 2022 
24.Ocean Beverages 2022 
25.HSBC 2023 
26.Myntra 2023 
27.Duroflex 2023 
28.Luxor 2023 
29.Star Sports 2023 
30. Batwrap 2023 
31.Livspace 2023 
32.Essilor 2023 
33.Asian Paints 2024 
Complete Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador List

1. Boost Energy Drink 

In 2012, Boost Energy Drink struck a deal with Virat Kohli for the endorsements of its products. Virat Kohli seemed a perfect match for the brand, as he is known for his fitness and dedication towards his health, apart from just playing cricket. 

The amount of the deal remains undisclosed. The brand’s message and vision of delivery sustained focus and energy, aligned perfectly with the Kohli’s fitness myntra. 

Virat Kohli and Boost Ad

This partnership has helped both their profile and to gain immense popularity. It featured various advertisements, social media campaigns, etc. with the cricketer. 

2. Wrogn 

In 2014, Universal Sportzbiz partnered with Virat Kohli to launch Wrogn, the youth fashion brand for all. He is not only the brand ambassador of this brand but is also co owner of the brand. Amount of the deal was not disclosed by either of the two parties.

Virat Kohli and Wrogn ad

The collection by Wrogn brings the exciting fashion, trendy designs, and the unique sense of Kohli’s fashion out in the market. The brand also showcased Kohli’s creative vision and approach towards fashion which is both comfortable and trendy. 

3. MRF Tyre 

MRF Tyre onboarded Virat Kohli in 2015 as the brand ambassador for three year duration of time. As per the contract, Kohli received Rs.8 crore every year for his collaboration with the brand. 

Seeing the popularity and the benefits, the brand renewed their deal in 2017 with an investment of Rs.100 crore and it will last for another eight years. As a part of this renewed contract, a substantial amount of Rs.12.5 crore will be given to Kohli per annum. This clearly reflects the brand trust in the cricket and the performance and excellence they are delivering together. 

4. Audi India 

The brand onboarded Virat Kohli in 2015 as their brand ambassador for a 5 crore endorsement deal. The brand even gifted the cricket a Q7 model in 2017.

Virat Kohli and Audi India ad

In 2021, their partnership extended. Audi’s vision to deliver quality performance with luxury perfectly aligned with Kohli’s persona and magnetic presence. This has also helped both the parties to strengthen their position in the market. 

5. Manyavar 

The brand in 2016, announced Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador, to enhance and glorify their clothing range in an elegant style. By becoming the face of the brand, he has conveyed the brand’s commitment of celebrating Indian traditional clothing on various occasions. 

Their various campaigns and advertisements with Kohli, have beautifully showcased the significance of togetherness and support. 

6. Valvoline 

Virat Kohli and Valvoline ad

Since 2016, Virat Kohli has been a prominent brand ambassador of the brand. As per this association, Kohli was seen promoting and advertising Valvoline’s products range, that goes from engine oils to lubricants. Amount of the deal was not disclosed. 

This long standing partnership has played a major role in brand recognition, visibility, and popularity in the market. 

7. American Tourister 

In 2016, this international brand chose Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador in the Indian market. The brand’s bag is known for its durability and efficiency with adventure. 

The brand’s commitment clearly aligns with the cricketer’s personality of being an energetic adventurous soul. The brand has launched various advertisements and campaigns with the cricketer like, Undeniable leave, I’m Ready campaign which showcased Kohli’s adventurous side and taking a break from work. The association has made both a prominent name in the travel industry and the market. 

8. Muve Acoustics 

Zeeva, an electronics company based in Hong Kong launched MuveAcoustics, a lifestyle audio brand in 2017. To target the Indian market, the brand collaborated with Virat Kohli, as they knew the cricketer is immensely popular in the country and holds a major amount of fan base. 

Virat Kohli and MuveAcoustics ad

The brand commitment of delivering high quality products that offers efficient performance perfectly got synced with cricketer energy and performance. The association has helped the brand to be in the competitive market among other major players. 

9. Puma 

Kohli has been the brand ambassador of Puma since 2017. For this the brand signed a eight year long contract with the cricketer for a whopping amount of Rs.110 crore. 

Later, the cricket also launched another brand named One8, in association with Puma in 2017 only. This long standing partnership has signified the brand’s belief in Virat’s Kohli commitment, talent, and utmost dedication in his work. Being the brand ambassador of Puma, Kohli wears and promotes its clothing line and other accessories with performance and style. 

10. Philips India 

Philips India onboarded Virat Kohli in 2017 to promote their male grooming products. The partnership displays the brand’s commitment in Kohli’s style and excellence. 

Virat Kohli and Philips India ad

For this the brand has launched several campaigns with the cricketer, like, TenOnTenYou campaign, which highlighted the importance of empowering oneself in order to embrace their true self. With Kohli’s association brand embracing the market with more confidence and delivering their best to their customers. 

11. Vivo 

This Chinese technology smartphone company made a strategic move in 2018 by onboarding famous and iconic cricketer, Virat Kohli. With this association the brand aimed to reach millions of millennials along with technology driven individuals.

One of the reasons for onboarding Kohli, is to target every possible base of the market, as the cricket has immense popularity and reach among the audience. This partnership has also helped the brand to improve their sales and position in the market. 

12. Uber 

In March 2018, Uber officially appointed Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador. Uber’s commitment of providing speed and efficiency perfectly synced with Kohli’s image of being an unstoppable force and run machine, which makes him the ideal fit for the brand ambassador. 

Virat Kohli and Uber ad

This strategic decision has provided the company with an upper mark in the market and made it a go to app for booking a taxi. This has also improved the numbers for the brand. 

13. Too Yumm 

The brand collaborated with Virat Kohli with the aim to promote their healthy and fitness snacks products. The association with the cricketer became an instant hit in the market, as Virat Kohli is himself a great fitness enthusiast, and him promoting some healthy snacks made the brand famous among the people and the market. 

By becoming the ambassad of the brand, Kohli encourages people to have some healthy snack choices in their life without risking on the taste. 

14. Volini 

Volini, the pain relief brand from decades manufactured by Sun Pharma, onboarded Virat Kohli in 2018 as their trusted brand ambassador. The brand in 2018 launched another product named Volini Maxx in an advertising campaign with Virat Kohli. 

Kohli’s commitment to fitness and using quality products for healing from injuries resonated with brands aim to deliver standard quality products for pain and relief. 

15. Blue Star 

To make its name more prominent and signifying its commitment to innovation and excellence, Blue Star signed Virat Kohli in 2019 as its brand ambassador. The amount of the deal remains undisclosed. 

Virat Kohli and Blue Star ad

For this they have launched ads and campaigns like, GarmiKChutt, featuring Virat Kohli. As the brand ambassador, Kohli delivers a spirit of passion and dedication to achieve excellence, which perfectly matches with the brand’s commitment. 

16. Mobile Premier League 

Mobile Premier League in 2019 made a successful deal of partnership with Virat Kohli, by onboarding him as the brand ambassador. The deal amounted to Rs.12 crore. 

Not only this, by seeing the success of the deal, the brand renewed their partnership in 2020. Later, in 2023 they launched a campaign with the cricketer, named Darr ko Hatao and Bada Khel Jao, which gathered a lot of attention to the brand. 

17. Himalaya

One of the oldest personal care brands in the market, has onboarded cricketers Virat Kohli and Rishabh Pant in 2019, as their brand ambassadors. 

The partnership clearly presents the mix of crickets personality and persona with the brands vision of delivering products that are made with natural ingredients for personal care in a holistic approach. 

18. Wellman  

This UK based brand that promotes men’s health and vitality roped in Virat Kohli in 2019, as their brand ambassador to promote their products in the Indian market. 

The vision of the brand of providing scientifically proven healthy supplements perfectly resonated with Kohli’s commitment to fitness and mental health. 

Not only, the partnership also helped the brand to attract a significant amount of customers and to have a good reach in the Indian market. This partnership also signifies the ultimate mix of power and balance. 

19. Digit Insurance

Virat Kohli, not only became a brand ambassador of Digit Insurance in 2020, but has also invested in it along with his wife and celebrity Anushka Sharma.

Virat Kohli and Digit Insurance ad

This alliance not only another brand endorsement of the cricketer but also reflects his belief in the company’s vision and goals. By having Virat Kohli on board, the brand has good visibility and a chance to connect with a wider base of audience by offering them effective insurance solutions. 

20. Great Learning 

By onboarding Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador, the brand has inspired and encourages individuals to begin a journey of continuous learning and upskill. 

The brand has also used Kohli’s unmatched persona and reach in the market. As the face of the brand, Kohli aspires and encourages growth of the target market of the brand. To make this partnership more strong, the brand launched the Power Ahead campaign with Virat Kohli. 

21. Noise 

In 2022, the brand associated with cricketer Virat Kohli and appointed him as their brand ambassador. This association aims to empower everyone and use their full potential. 

Virat Kohli and Noise ad

The partnership led the brand to serve every niche of the market with their cutting edge innovative products. Apart from this, the brand also gained a lot of recognition in the market by associating with the cricketer. However, the amount of the deal remains undisclosed. 

22. Toothsi 

The oral care hygiene brand onboarded the famous and favorite celebrity couple of all, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma as their brand ambassadors in 2022. Amount of the deal remains undisclosed.

The association with the power couple helped the brand to have a great influence and hold in the oral hygiene market. The brand also aimed to educate each and every individual out there about oral hygiene and care, and the brand ambassadors conveys the message that confidence comes with a healthy smile. 

23. Avas Living 

Avas Living, a residential community based in Alibaug, onboarded Virat Kohliu as their brand ambassador in 2022. The partnership is clearly a strategic move by the brand to have a better presence and visibility in the market.

It was a perfect combination of Kohli’s determination for wellness and holistic living with the brand’s focus on sustainability living with luxury, technology driven life, and more of it.  However, the amount of the deal wasn’t disclosed. 

24. Ocean Beverages 

In 2022, Ball Corporation announced the collaboration Ocean Energy Drink by onboarding Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador. The collaboration has successfully launched Ocean Beverages in the market. 

Ocean Beverages provides sustainable hydrating solutions. With Kohli’s determination to his fitness and health completely resonated with the brand’s aim to offer products made with natural ingredients and sustainable practices. 

The brand with their recycled aluminum cans sustainable initiative delivers both refreshment and a sense of responsibility towards the environment. 

25. HSBC 

Virat Kohli is indeed a symbol of striving forward and leaving an indelible mark at the global level. 

In 2023, this global and financial service organization collaborated with Virat Kohli, as their organization values aligned with Kohli’s excellence, determination, and of delivering strong performance. 

Virat Kohli and HSBC ad

For this the brand has launched campaigns and advertisements with Kohli like My Accounts Start Today. According to the organization, this partnership will help them in significant growth in their journey. 

26. Myntra 

Another partnership marked in the same year. This leading online and lifestyle brand appointed Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador in 2023. Before that, in 2019, Myntra announced the celebrity couple Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma as their brand ambassadors. 

With Virat Kohli, the brand launched campaigns like Every Day, where Kohli’s fashion sense and personality encouraged and inspired others to push their boundaries. 

27. Duroflex 

In May 2023, Duroflex roped in Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador, and with that launched the Great Sleep, Great Health campaign. 

Duroflex is one of leading names in the sleep solution brands. This partnership signifies the importance of maintaining a healthy sleep in order to have a long and healthy life. As the brand ambassador of Duroflex, Kohli will deliver and convey the message of having a good and complete sleep to ensure a healthy well being of life. 

28. Luxor 

Luxor onboarded Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador in 2023. The amount of the deal was not disclosed. Luxor is a prominent name in the writing industry. This partnership aims to strengthen and increase the brand visibility, appeal among the young generation in the market. 

Virat Kohli and Luxor ad

Kohli’s amazing personality and inspiring image, aligns with the brand’s aim to offer best writing solutions which will help individuals to write their thoughts effectively and efficiently. 

29. Star Sports 

Star Sports in 2023 onboarded Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador for the IPL campaign, Shor On, Game On. Not only this, the TATA IPL also made a promotional video featuring Virat Kohli with the tagline of Har Ghar Banega Stadium. 

The aim behind this collaboration was simple, to have a passion and build more excitement of cricket within fans nationwide. 

30. Batwrap 

The sports equipment company hailing from Australia roped in Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador in 2023. Batwrap’s aim to change and deliver personalized bats made with cutting edge technology and lightweight materials.

This partnership has resulted in the Virat Kohli Electric Blue collection, which allows the aspiring cricketers to empower their inner champion with the combination of power and performance. 

31. Livspace 

One of the leading names in the home design sector in India onboarded Virat Kohl  in 2023 as their brand ambassador. The brand launched a campaign named, Livspace your Space, which also features his wife and actress Anushka Sharma. 

Virat Kohli and Livspace ad

The ad campaigns are made in a funny manner that easily delivers and conveys the brand’s message of how Livspace will redefine your interior space with beautiful solutions. 

32. Essilor 

To tap into the Indian market, this French eyewear company roped in Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador in 2023. The brand is known for its excellent lenses like Crizal and Varilux. 

Through this partnership the brand gained more popularity and reach in the market. And has also helped them to spread awareness about eye health. By becoming the face of the brand, Kohli spread this message via various campaigns and ads. 

33. Asian Paints 

The recent partnership that entered into list of Kohli’s brand endorsements. Asian Paints onboarded Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador in 2024 and launched Neo Bharat Latex Paint collection with him.

Virat Kohli and Asian Paints ad

The partnership signifies the commitment to excellence and performance by both the brand as well as the cricketer. Kohli’s determination and commitment made him an ideal choice for becoming the face of the brand.

Summing Up

These brand associations reflect Kohli’s versatility, performance, and appeal across various industries and sectors, that ranges from sports, to technology, to health, lifestyle, fashion, etc. Each partnership is carefully selected by Kohli that matches and aligns with his values and commitment. 

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