Mamaearth vs Wow: Which Skin Care Brand Is Doing Better?

Mamaearth vs Wow

While exploring the cosmetics, skincare, and beauty segments, folks are usually stuck in the battle of Mamaearth vs Wow.


Both are reputable brands offering exclusive products with proper certifications and transparency. Most of you may wonder which skincare brand is doing better in Mamaearth vs Wow!

Mamaearth vs Wow

To lighten your confusion, here we are presenting a comparative analysis of Mamaearth vs Wow to offer you a comprehensive overview of these skincare giants.

Apart from comparing their features, we will also look into the business comparison. And trust me this is going to be the crucial part in the judgment of Mamaearth vs Wow- Which skincare brand is doing better?

This exploration is designed for those seeking an informed decision on skincare choices, bridging the gap between consumer curiosity and the need for well-researched insights into Mamaearth and Wow’s respective positions in the market.

Stay tuned!

(A) Mamearth vs Wow: A Brief Overview

Before diving deeper into the comparative analysis, let’s have a brief overview of Mamaearth vs Wow. Here we will compare the profiles of both companies-

ParticularsMamaearthWow Skin Science
Industrial SegmentCosmetics & Skin-care IndustryBeauty & Health Products
FoundersGhazal Alagh,
Varun Alagh (CEO)
Manish Chowdhary,
Karan Chowdhary
Founding Year20162014
HeadquartersGurugram (Haryana, India)Bengaluru (Karnataka, India)
Tagline“Goodness Inside”“Get used to Wow”
Type of BradD2C (Direct-to-Consumer)D2C (Direct-to-Consumer)
Wow Skin Science,
Juicy Chemistry,
Pureplay Skin Sciences,
The Ayurveda Co.
Mamaearth vs Wow: Profile Comparison

Here, you must have seen numerous similarities and differences. We will cover them thoroughly in the upcoming sections. But before that, you need to understand the aims and offerings of both companies. So keep reading!

(B) What is Mamaearth?


Established in 2016, Mamaearth, an Indian brand founded by Varun and Ghazal Alagh, has left a mark in the world of skincare and wellness. They focus on crafting safe, toxin-free baby care, skincare, and hair care products from their headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana, India.

Originally starting with a mission to create gentle products for babies, Mamaearth has expanded its offerings to cater to a broader audience. Their commitment to using natural ingredients and avoiding harmful chemicals resonates with consumers looking for healthier options.

Let’s look at some key points about Mamaearth-

  • Product Range: Mamaearth specializes in a variety of products, covering baby care essentials, skincare solutions, and hair care treatments, including shampoos and serums.
  • Transparency: One standout feature is their transparency about ingredients. They provide detailed information about each component, fostering trust with customers.
  • Safety Certifications: Mamaearth ensures the safety of its products through rigorous testing, including clinical dermatology testing in Europe. This ensures their offerings meet high safety standards suitable for all skin types.
  • Backed by Prominent Investors: Mamaearth has gained support from notable investors like Shilpa Shetty, Kunal Bahl, Rohit Bansal, Sequoia Capital, Stellaris Venture Partners, and Fireside Ventures, contributing to their growth and success.
  • Goodness Inside: Their tagline, “Goodness Inside,” reflects a commitment to providing effective products that are kind to both consumers and the environment.

Thus, Mamaearth’s journey, evolving from baby care to holistic skincare, is marked by dedication to natural ingredients, safety, and transparency. Their success stems from blending science with nature, creating products that resonate with health-conscious consumers.

Note: We have thoroughly explained Mamaearth’s business model. You can check it out for more information.

(C) What is Wow Skin Science?

Wow Skin Science

Founded in 2014, Wow Skin Science is a beauty brand rooted in nature, making waves in the skincare and hair care scene from its base in Bangalore, India. The brand is all about creating safe and effective products for everyone.

Wow Skin Science stands out for its commitment to natural and vegan formulations. Their products ditch harmful chemicals like sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil, and artificial colors. Inspired by high-quality ingredients from the Himalayas, the brand caters to health-conscious consumers looking for cleaner alternatives.

Transparency and safety are non-negotiable for Wow Skin Science. They subject their products to dermatological testing, ensuring they are safe and effective. Providing detailed ingredient information fosters transparency, building trust with customers. By steering clear of harmful additives, the brand prioritizes the well-being of its users.

Diving into their product range, Wow Skin Science offers an extensive lineup, covering hair care with shampoos, conditioners, oils, and serums; skin care including face washes, serums, and moisturizers; and bath & body essentials like shower gels and body lotions.

The brand’s growth is nothing short of impressive. Launched as a health and wellness brand, Wow Skin Science crossed the Rs 500 crore turnover mark by March 2021. In April 2021, it earned a valuation of Rs 900 crore from ChrysCapital, showcasing a remarkable journey in a competitive market.

What powers Wow Skin Science’s success is its high-performance, plant-powered solutions backed by scientific research. Their commitment to being paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free aligns seamlessly with the growing demand for cleaner beauty products.

In a nutshell, Wow Skin Science’s triumph lies in blending nature-inspired ingredients, safety-conscious formulations, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. It’s not just a beauty brand; it’s a commitment to a cleaner, greener approach to personal care.

(D) Features Comparison: Mamaearth vs Wow 

In this section, we will compare the various features and aspects of Mamaearth vs Wow. It will help you to analyze, which brand is more suitable for you. 

Go through the table given below-

Aspects/FeaturesMamaearthWow Skin Science
Brand IntroductionFounded in 2016, Mamaearth focuses on natural, plant-based products. They started with baby care and expanded their range.Wow Skin Science, established in 2014, offers a wide range of natural beauty and health products. 
TransparencyMamaearth is transparent about ingredients, providing detailed information on their website.Wow tends to state only key ingredients, which can be unsettling for some consumers.
Safety CertificationsMamaearth products are dermatologically tested, FDA-approved, and Made Safe Certified.  Wow products undergo dermatological testing for safety. 
Hair OilMamaearth Onion Hair Oil is considered to be effective for hair growth and strength.Wow Onion Black Seed Hair Oil is top-rated, with positive reviews for promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall.
Vitamin C SerumMamaearth offers a Vitamin C Serum.  Wow blends vitamin C-rich fruits into some of their products.  
Face WashBoth brands have face wash options.Wow emphasizes science, while Mamaearth focuses on natural ingredients. 
ShampooMamaearth Onion Shampoo is famous for hair care. Wow offers various shampoos.  
IngredientsMamaearth sources ingredients globally and adheres to GMP, ISO, and non-GMO standards.  Wow formulates products with skin-friendly, natural ingredients. 
Chemical-FreeBoth brands avoid harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates.  Wow products don’t include sulfates, silicones, or banned ingredients.
Eco-ConsciousnessMamaearth is eco-aware and offers discounts with effective advertisements.           Wow, launched later, focuses on scientific formulations.
Price and DiscountsPrices are similar, but Mamaearth provides more discounts and combination sets. Both brands offer competitive pricing. 
Customer ReviewsMamaearth products have slightly higher ratings based on customer reviews.  Wow has positive reviews but competes closely with Mamaearth. 
Features Comparison: Mamaearth vs Wow

However, you must not forget that the choice in Mamaearth vs Wow depends on your preferences too. And that plays a significant role in product selection. 

(E) Mamaearth vs Wow: Business Comparison

What’s the need for a businesswise comparison of Mamaearth vs Wow? You may wonder. Well, a business-wise comparison between Mamaearth and Wow is crucial for informed decision-making in the skincare industry. 

This study helps people, like customers, investors, and those involved in the industry, understand what each brand is good at, where they need to improve, and what makes them different from others. By looking closely at things like what products they make, how well they’re known in the market, and how they’re doing financially, people can make smart decisions that match what they want and need.

(E.1) Comparing the Business of Mamaearth vs Wow during FY23

The fiscal year 2023 (FY23) paints a distinct picture when comparing the business aspects of Mamaearth and Wow Skin Science. 

Business Aspects (FY23)MamaearthWow Skin Science
Market ValuationRs.24,000 croreRs.2,324 crore
RevenueRs.1,493 croreRs.258 crore
ExpensesRs.1,502 croreRs.486 crore
Profit/LossProfit of Rs.4 croreLoss of Rs.213 crore
Business Comparison FY23: Mamaearth vs Wow

In terms of market valuation, Mamaearth emerges as a formidable force with a substantial Rs.24,000 crores, dwarfing Wow Skin Science’s valuation of Rs.2,324 crores. This stark contrast signifies Mamaearth’s robust market presence and likely higher investor confidence, evidenced by its significantly higher valuation. 

Moving to revenue, Mamaearth again takes the lead, reporting a considerable Rs.1,493 crore, while Wow Skin Science trails behind at Rs.258 crore. This points towards Mamaearth’s effective resonance with consumers, resulting in higher sales and revenue figures. 

Delving into expenses, Mamaearth incurs Rs.1,502 crore, slightly surpassing its revenue. In contrast, Wow Skin Science’s expenses amount to Rs.486 crore. While Mamaearth’s expenses are higher, it’s crucial to contextualize this within the broader framework of financial health and growth strategies. 

Lastly, in the realm of profit and loss, Mamaearth concludes FY23 with a modest profit of Rs.4 crore. On the flip side, Wow Skin Science faces a substantial loss, tallying up to Rs.213 crore. 

Mamaearth’s profitability signals effective cost management or a favorable revenue-to-expense ratio, contributing to its positive bottom line. In summary, Mamaearth’s financial prowess in FY23 is undeniable, marked by a towering market valuation, impressive revenue, and a commendable profit, contrasting Wow Skin Science’s notable loss. 

This analysis sheds light on Mamaearth’s dominant market position and suggests potential areas for Wow Skin Science to enhance revenue generation and expense control.

(E.2) Comparing the Business of Mamaearth vs Wow during FY22

The FY22 comparison of Mamaearth and Wow Skin Science unveils key insights into their business performance. 

Business Aspects (FY22)MamaearthWow Skin Science
Market ValuationRs.9,840 croreRs.1,587 crore
RevenueRs.943 croreRs.340 crore
ExpensesRs.942 croreRs.480 crore
Profit/LossRs.14 croreRs.136 crore
Business Comparison FY22: Mamaearth vs Wow

Mamaearth boasts a solid market valuation of Rs. 9,840 crore, significantly surpassing Wow Skin Science’s Rs.1,587 crore. 

This signals Mamaearth’s strong market standing and potential investor confidence, as reflected in its higher valuation. In terms of revenue, Mamaearth again outpaces Wow, reporting Rs.943 crore compared to Wow Skin Science’s Rs.340 crore. This suggests Mamaearth’s products enjoy greater traction in the market, translating into higher sales figures. 

Examining expenses, Mamaearth’s Rs.942 crore aligns closely with its revenue, indicating a balanced financial approach. 

Meanwhile, Wow Skin Science’s expenses amount to Rs.480 crore, showcasing a more conservative spending pattern. In the realm of profit and loss, Mamaearth concludes FY22 with a modest profit of Rs.14 crore. 

On the other hand, Wow Skin Science faces a notable loss, amounting to Rs.136 crore. Mamaearth’s profitability indicates effective cost management or a favorable revenue-to-expense ratio, contributing to its positive bottom line. 

In summary, Mamaearth’s performance in FY22 showcases robust market valuation, higher revenue, and a commendable profit, positioning it favorably against Wow Skin Science, which faces a substantial loss in the same fiscal year.

(F) How the Mamaearth vs Wow comparison will help the readers?

Mamaearth vs Wow

The comparison of Mamaearth vs Wow will aid consumers in selecting skincare products aligned with their values, whether it be a preference for natural ingredients, cruelty-free formulations, or specific product offerings. Investors will also benefit from insights into the financial health and growth potential of each brand, aiding in investment decisions. 

Also, we have explained the business-wise comparison of Mamaearth vs Wow thoroughly. It will serve as a valuable resource for stakeholders navigating the competitive skincare market, fostering transparency and facilitating well-informed choices.

(G) Sum Up: Mamaearth vs Wow

In conclusion, Mamaearth emerges as the frontrunner in the skincare competition against Wow. With a commanding market valuation, higher revenue, and a modest profit, Mamaearth showcases financial resilience and consumer appeal. 

The brand’s commitment to transparency, natural ingredients, and safety is reflected in its robust business performance. While Wow Skin Science holds its ground with noteworthy market valuation, Mamaearth’s consistent positive indicators suggest its dominance in the skincare industry. 

This comparative analysis highlights Mamaearth’s overall stronger position, making it a preferred choice for those seeking effective and trusted skincare solutions!

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Radhika Mishra
Radhika Mishra
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Have started using mamaearth facewash for dry skin, and I’m observing some fine results with time.

Ekansh Jha
Ekansh Jha
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Both the brands are giving a tough competition to each other!