Jio Marketing Strategy: How Jio Disrupted The Telecom Space

Jio Marketing Strategy

“Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan” the slogan that is still one of the most catchy and engaging ones in the market, which has kept all of us hooked to its name. Well let me tell you that all these tactics are a great part of the Jio Marketing Strategy, that has served as the best companion for the company to become one of the most popular in the market. 

Jio Marketing Strategy

Jio, since its launch in the market has disrupted the telecom space and executed various strategies and plans to get a hold of the telecom market and emerge as the biggest telecom company in India. 

Reliance Jio, which is a part of one of the biggest conglomerates i.e. Reliance Industries,  has served the consumers with amazing offers and deals with its launch in the market in 2016. 

Jio emerged as the largest broadband operator in the country when it crossed around 50 million subscribers mark in less than three months of its launch in the telecom market. 

Jio with time has become one of the giants in the telecom space, and its marketing strategies serve as the base for its growth and expansion! 

Jio Company Overview 

Reliance Jio which is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, was opened to the public in 2016. 

Name of the company Reliance Jio 
Founded Launched on September 5, 2016
Founders Mukesh Ambani 
Base of the company Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
CEO Akash Ambani 
Parent company Reliance Industries Ltd. 
Global expansion Jio International Roaming Service
is available in more than 150+ countries. 
Market share 39.69%
Service provided Mobile broadband,
Internet connectivity,
Jio Fiber,
Jio App,
Business solutions, 
Jio cinema app,
Jio branded devices, etc. 
Company Profile Of Reliance Jio

Jio, since its launch in the market, has been serving well to the consumers with its amazing yet affordable services. Before Jio entered the telecom market, half of the Indian population was exposed to internet usage.

Jio made the telecom services affordable to all at a very cheap price or even termed as for free. This made Jio the most prominent and famous player in the telecom space, and was ahead of its competitors. This service is available upto 3 months after the purchase of the Jio service. 

Jio international roaming service is available in more than 150+ countries. Along with that the company has a market share of 39.69% in India, leading the telecom race, following it are Airtel, VI, and other telecom companies. 

Jio Major Events 

Year Event 
2013Infotel Broadband Services Ltd, was renamed
as Reliance Infocomm Ltd. (RIL) in January 2013. 
2015 Jio soft-launched on 27 December 2015 (on the eve of
83rd birthday of Reliance Industries founder Dhirubhai Ambani),
with a beta launch for partners and employees. 
2016 Became public on September 5, 2016.
2019 Third largest mobile operator in India,
and ninth largest mobile operator in the world. 
2022 Jio launched 5G services to Delhi, Mumbai,
Chennai, and Kolkata. 
2023 (March)Jio services were available 365 cities across India 
2023 (August)Jio announced that it has compelled its nationwide
availability of 5G services nationwide, ahead of its schedule. 
Jio’s Major Events

Jio Marketing Strategy

Jio has made use of multiple marketing strategies like affordable and cheap price range, data plans, heavy discounts, free message and call availability, marketing mix, engaging campaigns, sponsorships, etc.

This all has made it disrupt the telecom space and emerge as the leading player in the telecom industry. 

Jio marketing strategy

(A) Jio Marketing Mix 

Like every other company, Jio also makes use of the 4P’s of marketing mix, which is Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. 

(A.1) Product 

Reliance launched its telecom product Jio in 2016, which provides affordable, cheap, or even free telecom services to all.

Along with the availability of the internet at very cheap prices, Jio has also served its consumers with other products like, call and message services, jio branded products, jio fiber, jio cinema app, and more like that. 

Jio product range

(A.2) Place 

Jio has made its service available almost in every part of the country, and as per 2023, Jio has provided its 5G network services all over the nation. Also Jio international roaming service is available in more than 150+ countries. 

(A.3) Price 

Jio initially has made its services free for the first three months since the purchase of jio network by a consumer. 

Reliance Jio’s affordable and cutting edge prices is among the main reasons for its success. While after that it has different price range plans. 

(A.4) Promotion 

Jio creates engaging yet entertaining advertisements, be it for advertising their new plan, sponsoring any event, during IPL, and so on. All this has very well captivated the attention of all and has contributed well to its fame and growth. 

Jio promotions

(B) Business Strategy of Jio

The business strategy of Jio plays a crucial part in Jio marketing strategy and is based on following principles:

Name Description 
Build Strong NetworkJio after its launch has invested heavily in building its strong network in the market, by providing a strong 4G network. Jio has the largest 4G network in India, and with that offers high speed connectivity, which is higher in comparison to other operators in the market.
Focus on Digital SpaceJio not only provides telecom services in the market, but also offers e-commerce activities, jio cinema app, business solutions, jio fiber space, etc. This helps in attracting more customers to its name and making its reach wider.
Different Strategy Jio entered the market with a different market strategy which has disrupted the telecom space. Jio offered the call, message, internet services, connecting services, at very cheap prices or even free at the start, however it has a different price set after the use of the Jio network for three to six months.
Business Strategy of Jio

(C) Jio: One Stop Platform 

Not only are its telecom services popular, but also Jio has become a one stop platform for all the services.

Jio over the time has introduced its Jio+ app, which combines all the services provided by the company at one place, making it convenient and feasible for the users. 

Jio platform

Through this platform, users can pay their bills, store documents, can store money in the Jio digital wallet, can book flights, can access Jio entertainment platform, and more of it.

All this has made it easy for the users to access all these types of services at one place and has offered them more convenience. 

(D) Market Share of Jio 

This forms a major part of Jio marketing strategy as it tells how much hold does Jio has on the market. 

Company Name Market Share 
Jio 39.69%
Bharti Airtel 32.95%
Vodafone Idea (VI)19.25%
BSNL 7.94%
MTNL 0.24%
Market Shares of Telecom Companies

From the above table, it is pretty clear that Jio has maintained its top position in the list and has acquired maximum market share among its competitors.

The market share of a company tells about how much hold it has on the market and how well it is preferred by the consumers. 

(E) With Time Strategy 

Jio knows how to stay ahead of its competitors as well as in the market. Jio with time has launched various events and plans that have catered trending topics and has helped them to create a lasting impression among the audience. 

Jio has launched its own digital wallet, which has contributed them to become more digitally empowered and to create a more progressive as well as impressive brand image among the market. 

Jio marketing factors

The digital tools of Jio helps people get access to the latest technology of the network and become more technology empowered.  All this adds as a plus point to the expansion of Jio in the market. 

Timely implementing strategy is a vital part of Jio marketing strategy as it effectively promotes the brand values and provides its consumers with the new innovation and technology. 

(F) Social Media Strategy of Jio 

Jio also makes a good use of social media platforms by creating their own channels and handles which provides the original content by Jio. The social media channels and handles of Jio helps them to maintain a strong media presence in the digital world. 

The content by Jio is distributed and promoted through all its channels on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Jio also partnered with popular influencers in India to promote its brand. 

Jio social media presence

For example, on their YouTube channel, Jio features a variety of content which includes user testimonials, educational videos on topics like how to activate your SIM card, how to recharge Jio account, how to use the My Jio app, and how to recharge your account, etc. It also features promotional videos about its various services.

(G) Collaborations & Sponsorships 

It’s a pretty normal and evident fact that collaborations with various artists or celebrities helps a brand to increase its brand value more and enjoy a wider reach among the market. 

Same strategy is implemented by Jio. Jio has collaborated with various celebrities and influencers to make their brand more famous and with that they reach every base of customer out there.

Jio collaborations

For example, it has collaborated with celebrities like Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, MS Dhoni, Shahrukh Khan, cricket personalities, and more for  various ad campaigns and services. 

(H) Jio Marketing Campaigns 

1. Jio Cricket Play Along 

Cricket, which is one of the most loved sports in India, right! Jio has strategized this well, and presented a blend of cricket and technology. In September, 2020, Jio launched this campaign titled “cricket play along” during India-Australia series. 

Jio cricket play along campaign

In this campaign, the only thing the user needed to do was predict the next ball’s results. If it goes right, then the user will be awarded with some points.

The game was played by thousands of people and was an instant hit and a winning stroke in the marketing strategies of Jio. 

2. Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan 

The campaign launched in 2020, featured various celebrities and sports personalities. The campaign marks the launch of new Jio Fiber in India.

The campaign unfolds various ads with relatable scenarios that mark the good use of Jio Fiber, like learning from home, work from home, entertainment purpose, good video calling experience, and a lot more. 

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan campaign

The ads featured various cricket personalities like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Mohammed Siraj, and others, along with film celebrities like Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh. Apart from that, a lot of influencers also featured in the ad campaigns. 

3. Jio Cheers Cricket

Another notable campaign by Jio. The “Jio Cheers Cricket” campaign was launched to increase the excitement and hype of the India-Pakistan Match.

The campaign featured in various platforms like television advertisement, radio ads, on various Jio platforms, print media like newspaper, billboards, etc. 

Jio Cheers India campaign

This helps in getting more audience reach and more engagement, also the hashtag #JioforIndia soon started trending on Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Jio Marketing Strategy: Summing Up 

As we reached the final stage of this discussion, we unfolded various aspects of the Jio marketing strategy that has made this name a well recognized one in the telecom industry as well as among the consumers. 

Note: Do check marketing strategies of other well established and prominent players like

By combining its innovative technology, affordable price range, and customer-centric approach, Jio has not only disrupted the telecom space but also has set a new mark in the market and in the industry. 

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