Kuku FM vs Audible: Which Is The Better Audiobook Platform?

Kuku FM vs Audible

Are you someone who appreciates audiobooks and is in search of the ideal platform to meet your listening preferences? If you’re considering and actively looking for a thoughtful comparison of Kuku FM vs Audible, your search concludes here.

Kuku FM vs Audible


Join us as we conduct an in-depth analysis, examining the business, features, disparities, and cost structures of these two prominent audiobook platforms. 

This article aims to provide you with the insights needed to make an informed decision. 

Let’s delve into the details!

(A) Kuku FM

Kuku FM business model

Kuku FM is an Indian audio content platform that offers a vast range of audio content. It includes audiobooks, stories, podcasts, and self-help content. Do you know it is a mobile-first platform that offers a personalized experience to its users in regional languages? Also, it allows you to discover, stream, and download audio content on your mobile devices.

At the time of its launch, the Indian audience was not much aware of the audio content. But now, it has over 26 lakh subscribers. Kuku FM earns a massive chunk of revenue through its subscribers.

Note: To know more about the working strategies and money making strategies of Kuku FM, go through the article on Kuku FM Business Model.”

(B) Audible

Audible App

Audible stands as an American online platform specializing in audiobooks and podcasts. It facilitates users to both purchase and stream a variety of spoken word content. Users have the option to buy content individually or opt for a subscription model, which grants them monthly “credits” redeemable for content.

Subscribers also gain access to a curated on-demand library. As the largest audiobook producer and retailer in the United States, Audible operates under the ownership of Amazon.com, Inc., serving as a wholly-owned subsidiary with its headquarters located in Newark, New Jersey.

(C) Kuku FM vs Audible: A Brief Overview

Now, let’s have a look at the profiles of Kuku FM vs Audible in the following table-

ParticularsKuku FMAudible
Type of CompanyAudio series platform Audiobook & Podcast Service (Subsidiary of Amazon)
Founded in 20181995
FoundersLal Chand Bisu (CEO),
Vinod Meena,
Vikas Goyal
Don Katz
HeadquartersMumbai (Maharashtra, India)Newark (New Jersey, USA)
Operating SpaceB2C (Business-to-Customer)B2C (Business-to-Customer)
Userbase2.3 million subscribers95 million (Indian users)
Market Valuation (FY22)Rs.811.80 croreundisclosed
CompetitorsPocket FM,
Kuku FM,
Google Play Books,
Pocket FM,
Audiobooks Inc.Chirp
Kuku FM vs Audible: A Brief Overview

In the further sections, we will compare Kuku FM vs Audible from the business perspectives like its market valuation, revenue earned, expenditures, and overall profit-loss.

(D) Business Comparison: Kuku FM vs Audible

Several insights emerge from the business comparison between Kuku FM and Audible for the fiscal year 2022-

Financial Aspects (FY22)Kuku FMAudible
Market ValuationRs.811.80 croreUndisclosed
RevenueRs.4.41 crore$200 million
ExpensesRs.57.03 croreUndisclosed
Net Profit/LossLoss of Rs.52.22 croreAmount undisclosed but offers profits to Amazon
(Parent Company)
Business Comparison of Kuku FM vs Audible

In examining the financial aspects of Kuku FM and Audible for the fiscal year 2022, notable insights come to the forefront. Firstly, in terms of market valuation, Kuku FM is assessed at Rs. 811.80 crore, while Audible’s market valuation remains undisclosed. This divergence in disclosed valuations might reflect differences in financial transparency or strategic considerations.

Moving to revenue, Kuku FM reports a revenue of Rs. 4.41 crore, whereas Audible discloses a significantly higher revenue of $200 million. The substantial gap in revenue underscores the contrasting scales and market penetrations of these two audiobook platforms.

In terms of expenses, Kuku FM incurred Rs. 57.03 crore, whereas Audible’s expenses remain undisclosed. The undisclosed nature of Audible’s expenses raises questions about the level of financial disclosure or industry practices within the audiobook sector.

Finally, the net profit or loss reveals a stark contrast. Kuku FM reports a loss of Rs. 52.22 crore, indicating financial challenges or investments in growth strategies. On the other hand, Audible’s net profit or loss amount remains undisclosed, but it is noteworthy that it contributes profits to its parent company, Amazon. This suggests a strategic alignment and potential synergies within the larger corporate structure. 

Overall, this financial analysis provides valuable insights into the relative positions and financial health of Kuku FM and Audible in the audiobook market during the fiscal year 2022.

(E) Kuku FM vs Audible: Features Comparison

Now, coming to the most anticipated part of this write-up! Which is more beneficial for users? You may wonder. See, Kuku FM and Audible are both audio content platforms, each with its own unique features and content.

When comparing the two, it’s important to consider factors such as content variety, user base, popularity, languages available, and pricing. 

We have presented all of these features comparative analysis in the table below-

FeaturesKuku FMAudible
Platform TypeFreemium (with Ads) + Premium basedSubscription based
Subscription PlansMonthly Plan: Rs.99
Monthly + Family Plan: Rs.199
Yearly Plan: Rs.899
Plus Membership: $7.95 per month,
Premium Plus Membership: $14.95 per month,
Premium Plus Membership with 2 credits: $22.95 per month,
Premium Plus Annual Membership 12 Credits: $149.50 per year,
Premium Plus Annual Membership 24 credits: $229.50 per year.
Content DiversityRegional languages, diverse content International bestsellers, wide range of genres
Interactive FeaturesChoose your own adventure, quizzes, pollsTraditional listening experience
User Generated ContentAllows content creation and sharingExclusive original content     
Offline Listening ConvenienceAvailable (best for users with limited internet access)Not available but Whispersync for seamless switching between devices
Library SizeWide selection of audiobooksOver 150,000 titles
Content AccessMembership-based, no credits or points Credits-based system or membership fee
Membership TrialTrial not specified30-day free trial, then ₹199/month 
Integration with AmazonNot applicableSeamless integration with Kindle devices
Platform AccessibilityMore accessible for regional language users Advantageous if already part of Amazon ecosystem
Pricing ModelsFree and premium subscriptionsCredit-based system or all-encompassing membership fee
Cost ComparisonCost-effectiveness depends on usage Varies based on subscription plans and usage
Features Comparison of Kuku FM vs Audible

This comprehensive comparison provides a detailed overview of the distinctive features and aspects of Kuku FM vs Audible, facilitating an informed choice based on your preferences and requirements.

(F) Detailed Comparison of Features: Kuku FM vs Audible

Let’s dive into the detailed comparative analysis of Kuku FM vs Audible-

(F.1) Kuku FM Features

  • Diverse Collection of Regional Content: Kuku FM distinguishes itself with a comprehensive assortment of audiobooks in various regional languages. This approach caters to the diverse linguistic landscape, granting users access to stories in languages close to their hearts.
  • Interactive Audio Stories: A notable feature of Kuku FM is its interactive audio storytelling. Listeners actively engage with stories through choose-your-own-adventure narratives, quizzes, and polls. This interactive element adds a layer of immersion, enhancing the audiobook experience.
  • User Generated Content Opportunities: Kuku FM fosters a sense of community by allowing aspiring authors and storytellers to create and share their content on the platform. This unique feature opens doors for fresh and undiscovered talent, contributing to a vibrant content ecosystem.
  • Offline Listening Convenience: Catering to users on the move, Kuku FM offers offline listening options. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with limited internet access or individuals looking to conserve data while enjoying their favourite stories.

(F.2) Audible Features

  • Vast Library of International Bestsellers: Audible, an Amazon company, stands out as the ultimate destination for audiobook enthusiasts, boasting an extensive collection of international bestsellers and classics. Users can explore a diverse range of genres and titles, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Immersive Original Content: Audible elevates creativity with its original audio series and shows. These exclusive productions offer a unique listening experience, providing content not found elsewhere in the audiobook realm.
  • Integration with Amazon Ecosystem: As part of Amazon, Audible seamlessly integrates with Kindle devices. This integration allows users to effortlessly switch between reading and listening without losing their place in the story, thanks to the Whispersync feature.

(G) Wrapping Up Kuku FM vs Audible: Which is the better audiobook platform?

Kuku FM vs Audible Comparison

Deciding between Kuku FM and Audible comes down to what you like. If you listen a lot, Audible subscription might save you money in the long run. Kuku FM has a free version that’s attractive, but Audible could be better for those who really enjoy listening.

Think about what you want from your audiobook buddy. Whether you prefer local stories or global bestsellers, interactive tales, or just regular listening, both platforms have something for everyone. It depends on what you like and what fits your budget.

In the Kuku FM vs Audible showdown, there’s no clear winner because it’s all about what you prefer. Kuku FM is great for local diversity and interactive stories, while Audible has lots of international bestsellers and works well with Amazon. It’s not about which is better overall; it’s about which one suits your taste. 

Whether you want to explore local stories with Kuku FM or dive into global literature with Audible… The choice is yours!

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