Is Cleartax Profitable? How Does ClearTax Work & Make Money?

Is ClearTax profitable

ClearTax has become a top player in India’s financial technology scene. But it didn’t happen overnight! Over a decade ago, doing taxes was a real pain for regular folks and professionals alike. ClearTax made things easier by providing smooth services like tax prep, online filing, accounting, and investment advice for both people and businesses. Now, … Read more

Flipkart Has A Different Strategy To Compete In Quick Commerce

Flipkart's Unique Strategy in quick commerce

The Indian quick commerce industry is all set to welcome a new member i.e. Flipkart! And this news leads to tons of queries in the minds of folks viz.— Flipkart is already doing great in the e-commerce sector… then what’s the need to jump into quick commerce? Will this e-commerce giant spend huge bucks to … Read more

Amazon Launches Bazaar To Take On Meesho’s Target Audience

Amazon Bazaar

When it comes to non-branded fashion products at affordable prices, Meesho pops up in the mind. But the scenario is going to change as Amazon launches Bazaar! With Bazaar, Amazon is all set to challenge well-established and affordable e-commerce brands like Meesho and Flipkart’s Shopsy.  So, without any delay, let’s understand the current landscape where … Read more

Dmart Case Study: The Story Of India’s Leading Retail Chain?

Dmart Case Study

If you’ve ever strolled through the bustling neighborhoods of NCR or Bombay, it’s hard to miss the towering presence of D-Mart. Renowned for its wallet-friendly prices and diverse product range, this supermarket chain has become a staple in the lives of many.  Join us as we go through the Dmart Case Study to understand the … Read more

How Blinkit Plans To Compete With Urban Company: Full Scoop

Blinkit competing with the Urban Company

Blinkit- India’s last-minute app! On reading the title you must have understood that Blinkit has taken its tagline too seriously. Yesterday we covered the buzzing news about how Blinkit is all set to compete with e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon. You can read it here- Blinkit vs Flipkart. Now, Blinkit is planning to do … Read more

What Is Driving Blinkit’s Growth & Can It Compete With Flipkart?

Blinkit's growth

Blinkit’s growth is becoming a focal point in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. Under Zomato’s ownership, Blinkit has experienced a remarkable upswing, emerging as a key player in the quick-commerce sector.  The question looms: Can Blinkit stand toe-to-toe with the e-commerce giant Flipkart? I mean whether it can compete with other e-commerce giants like Flipkart or … Read more

Unpacking The Ultimate Zomato Push Notifications Strategy

Zomato Push Notifications

In this write-up, we will unpack the Zomato push notifications strategy. Before that, I would like to ask you to read these- “Hey! Caffeine is great but don’t skip your meals- go have lunch!” “Listen… Don’t work on an empty stomach!” What’s your first thought on reading the above sentences? Sounds like a caring person … Read more