What Is Paper Trading In Zerodha & How To Do It?

Paper Trading in Zerodha

Curious about dipping your toes into stock trading without risking your hard-earned cash? Enter paper trading, your virtual ticket to the exciting world of investing. In Zerodha, India’s leading online brokerage platform, paper trading allows you to practice buying and selling stocks using virtual money, a risk-free playground to hone your trading skills.  Whether you’re … Read more

Taxbuddy vs Cleartax: What’s Different & Which One Is Better?

Taxbuddy vs Cleartax

When dealing with the complex world of taxes, finding a reliable assistant can make a significant difference. Both Taxbuddy and Cleartax offer solutions which help in easing the tax filing process, however these two differ from each other on several factors.  In this article we’ll discuss the differences between Taxbuddy vs Cleartax and which one … Read more

9 Most Rewarding Metal Cards In India For Big Spenders

Most Rewarding Metal Cards In India

Metal cards in India are often considered as the status of luxury and exclusivity as these cards offer premium and prestigious benefits to its card holders.  In India, where luxury and high-end services are increasingly making rounds, these cards are gaining popularity with time.  These cards offer more than just financial transactions, they provide an … Read more

Is Niyo Global Card Safe? Benefits & Detailed Review

Is Niyo global card Safe

Traveling abroad and the hassle of changing currencies always go hand in hand. And the heavy markup fee on Forex cards adds salt to the wound… Thanks to Niyo Global Card which offers zero forex markup charges without any TCS (tax collected at source). This leads to an obvious question- Is Niyo Global Card safe? … Read more