The Ullu IPO: From Getting Quickly Profitable To Filing IPO

Ullu IPO

Ullu IPO has created a humongous buzz around the market mavens with its plans to raise around Rs.135-150 crore! Let me tell you that this is no joke when it comes to SME IPO. If Ullu IPO becomes successful, it will become the largest SME IPO in terms of financial size. That’s what makes Ullu … Read more

What’s Wrong With HDFC Bank? Is The Stock Fall Justified?

Slow growth of HDFC Bank

Do you know why HDFC Bank was considered a gem in the Indian financial market? For being the champ of NIM (Net Interest Margin) for over 20 years. And how much was the NIM? Nearly 4%! If you noticed clearly, I used a past tense for calling HDFC Bank a champ. Reason? Because the story … Read more

Understanding NPS Benefits: How NPS Helps With Retirement

NPS Benefits you must know

NPS benefits never lose their shine when it comes to retirement. Imagine you’re dreaming about a chill and happy life after you retire. Well, the trick to making those dreams come true is smart planning and picking the right way to invest for your retirement.  That’s where the National Pension System (NPS) comes in – … Read more

What Makes Parag Parikh Funds So Successful? The Secret Behind

Parag Parikh Funds

Ever wondered why Parag Parikh Funds are so successful? Parag Parikh succeeded in his portfolio management scheme and is now looking to repeat his performance with a new mutual fund!   Think of it as a financial adventure where Parag Parikh Funds shine bright. What’s their secret? Well, it’s a mix of smart thinking, looking … Read more

Axis Bank vs HDFC Bank: Which Is The Better Bank?

Axis Bank vs HDFC Bank

This January began with the debate of Axis Bank vs HDFC Bank! Why so?  Because, recently, the private sector banks including Axis Bank and HDFC Bank hiked their fixed deposit (FD) interest rates. Now just that , they have also introduced special schemes for providing high rates of interest.   This left the folks wondering- … Read more

INDMoney vs Zerodha: Which Is Better & What’s The Difference?

INDMoney vs Zerodha

In today’s world, the journey from rags to riches is only possible when you choose the right brokerage app! Afterall, the brokerage apps are the most efficient vehicles for your trading and investment journey. Do you agree? In the current scenario market mavens are hooked in the battle of INDMoney vs Zerodha. Reason? They are … Read more

What Are Anchor Investors & What’s Their Role In An IPO?

Anchor Investors

In the world of stock market debuts i.e., IPOs, anchor investors are like behind-the-scenes influencers shaping the game before it even starts. Think of them as savvy buyers – usually big institutions – snagging a bunch of shares at a fixed price, kind of like snagging a good deal before the big sale day.   … Read more

IPO vs FPO – Types & 6 Key Differences You Should Know!


IPO vs FPO is the most hovering concept in the minds of investors! After all, who doesn’t want to be a direct part of the big money-making companies… Public listing is the ultimate goal of most of the companies that you see around. Reason? Raising money from the equity market! Although companies also receive money … Read more