Jyoti CNC Stock Up By 177% In 6 Months: What’s Driving This Rally?

Jyoti CNC Stock

You know, if you had invested in Jyoti CNC Automation Limited (NSE: JYOTICNC) 6 months ago, you’d be smiling right now. Yes! The Jyoti CNC stock has skyrocketed by an astonishing 177% in just a few months. So, what’s fueling this remarkable rally?  Let’s thoroughly look into the factors that have driven this surge, making … Read more

5 Interesting Facts About The Upcoming Hyundai IPO

Hyundai IPO

After the gloomy moments of the election, the Indian stock market is on fire again with the highly anticipated Hyundai IPO. Valued at $30 billion, Hyundai is planning to raise $2.5 to $3 billion through this IPO. It is planning to sell 17.5% shares! Set to potentially become the second-largest IPO after LIC, this offering … Read more

Elecon Engineering Grows By 125% In 1 Year: What’s Driving This Stock?

Elecon Engineering Stock Price Rise

Have you ever wondered how a company can grow by a staggering 125% in just one year? Well, that’s exactly what happened with the stocks of Elecon Engineering. This impressive growth has turned heads and made many curious about what’s driving this stock to new heights. From record-breaking financials to strategic international expansions, several factors … Read more

5 Smallcap Stocks Which Gave 2X Returns In Last 3 Months

5 Smallcap Stocks that gave 2X returns

Ever wondered how some smallcap stocks can double your money in just three months? You know, the stock market is full of surprises, and sometimes, the biggest returns come from the smallest companies.  Guess what? We’ve found five smallcap stocks that have done exactly that—given 2X returns in just 90 days! These hidden gems have … Read more

Oriana Power Stock Up By 780% In 1 Year: What’s Driving This Rally?

Oriana Power Stock

You know, when a stock rises by an incredible 780% in just one year, it makes you wonder what’s driving this amazing growth… In this article, we will break down the key reasons behind the Oriana power stock rally and will discuss whether you should invest, sell, or hold this stock. Here we go! (A) … Read more

Indiri Whisky Stock Piccadily Agro Grows 10X in 1 Year: Reasons Behind

Indiri Whisky Stock Rally

Have you ever wondered how a small-cap whisky brand could surge tenfold in just a year? Enter Indiri Whisky from Piccadily Agro Industries, a remarkable success story in the world of spirits. From its humble beginnings, Indiri has captivated the market with its exceptional quality and rapid growth. What drove this exponential rise in Indiri … Read more

What’s Driving The Titagarh Rail Rally? Stock Up By 224% In 1 Year

Titagarh Rail Rally

Curious about how Titagarh Rail Systems’ stock shot up by a staggering 224% in just one year? This fortune of Indian rolling stock manufacturer is not magic—it’s a result of a combination of factors! What are those? You may wonder. Just go through this write-up and you’ll find out the reasons behind the Titagarh Rail … Read more

What’s Driving The Jupiter Wagons Rally? Railway Stock Up 400% In 1 Year

Jupiter Wagon Stock Rally

If you’ve been paying attention to the stock market recently, you’ve probably heard about Jupiter Wagons. This railway stock has skyrocketed by an astonishing 400% in just one year! So, what’s behind this incredible rise? You may wonder. Well, there are mind-blowing reasons behind this… Go through the article and you will get detailed info … Read more

The Mystery Behind Varanium Cloud IPO! What Went Wrong?

Varanium Cloud IPO

Do you know what the majority of startups dream of? To get listed on stock exchanges! Similar is the story of the Varanium Cloud IPO. Everything was going well and good till SEBI slapped Varanium Cloud for portraying a false picture of good financial performance.  What exactly went wrong here? You may ask.  Go through … Read more

What Is Paper Trading In Zerodha & How To Do It?

Paper Trading in Zerodha

Curious about dipping your toes into stock trading without risking your hard-earned cash? Enter paper trading, your virtual ticket to the exciting world of investing. In Zerodha, India’s leading online brokerage platform, paper trading allows you to practice buying and selling stocks using virtual money, a risk-free playground to hone your trading skills.  Whether you’re … Read more