What Is The ABCD App? Uncovering Aditya Birla’s Latest Venture


Have you heard about the new ABCD App? Launched by the renowned Conglomerate’s division- Aditya Birla Capital, it is a sensation in the fintech industry.  So, let’s take a closer look at this latest venture to analyze how this innovative platform is reshaping the future of financial management. (A) What is the ABCD App? The … Read more

Byju’s Case Study: How Byju’s Went From 0 to Billions to 0

Byju's Case Study

Legends quoted, “Time changes everything; no one can stop it!” Similar is the story of Byju’s, where an ordinary tuition class evolved into India’s biggest ed-tech platform only to plunge dramatically… How Byju’s went from 0 to billions to 0? You may wonder. Well, that’s a bit long and interesting story. Also, you can learn … Read more

How Cricbuzz Made Millions In Revenue Through Its Crazy Traffic

Cricbuzz cover image

Our love for Cricket fills the pockets of numerous companies, websites, and entities! One such entity is Circbuzz… Seeing this cricket craze; Pankaj Chhaparwal, Pravin Hedge, and Piuush Agrawal founded Cricbuzz in 2004. This brand diversified its operations and offered the latest info about cricket since 2010. Guess what? This was a brilliant tactic that … Read more

Amazon Launches Bazaar To Take On Meesho’s Target Audience

Amazon Bazaar

When it comes to non-branded fashion products at affordable prices, Meesho pops up in the mind. But the scenario is going to change as Amazon launches Bazaar! With Bazaar, Amazon is all set to challenge well-established and affordable e-commerce brands like Meesho and Flipkart’s Shopsy.  So, without any delay, let’s understand the current landscape where … Read more

Raymond Owner Story: How Vijaypat Singhania Built The Empire

Raymond owner story

Do you know Raymond is the market leader in the Indian worsted suiting industry? Here, worsted refers to a “high-quality wool.” Raymon’s journey to become one of the world’s largest vertically and horizontally integrated suiting fabrics was quite legendary. This wouldn’t have been possible without Vijaypat Singhania’s leadership. Not only he focussed on innovation, but … Read more

How BookMyShow Survived Covid & Turned Profitable In 2023

How BookMyShow survived covid and became profitable?

With a whopping revenue of Rs.1,000 crore, FY23 was no less than a purple patch for BookMyShow. It made an exponential profit of Rs.87.82 crore rising from the loss of Rs.92.2 crore in FY22! This made folks wonder- how did this ticket-booking platform survive COVID and turn profitable in 2023? So, without any delay let’s … Read more

How Saregama Carvaan Launch Helped Skyrocket Its Stock

Saregama Carvaan Launch

Legends say- “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change & adapt with time.” Do you know why? Because if you don’t upgrade yourself, then you will be easily replaced by the new gens. Let me give you some real-life examples- Saregama India could have been on this list too… Thanks to the Saregama … Read more

How Mangaluru Became The Ice Cream Capital Of India – Story

Indian ice cream market

Mangaluru, a city in India by the sea, is known for something sweet- ice cream! But how did it become the ice cream capital of India? Well, it’s a story of the flourishing dairy industry, entrepreneurship, and marketing! In this write-up, we’ll explore the factors responsible for making Mangaluru the ice cream capital of India. … Read more

Can Bangalore’s Water Crisis Be Fixed? Complete Coverage

Bangalore's Water Crisis

Bangalore’s water crisis has become the talk of the town. Reason? Today, Bangalore is going through a water crisis, and tomorrow another city/town/village will suffer. That’s why the entire India is looking into how to fix Bangalore’s water crisis… What’s the prime reason for Bangalore’s water crisis? You may ask. Due to depleting levels of … Read more