The Big 4 Consulting Firms & Which Ones Are Leading?

The big 4 consulting firms

The world of consulting firms, where innovation meets strategy challenges transforms into opportunities. In the realm of consulting firms there are few of them  that are dominating the consulting industry. Here are the Big 4 Consulting firms renowned for providing their best services in various fields. These firms can be referred to as the unsung … Read more

Visa vs Rupay vs Mastercard: What Are The Differences?

Visa vs RuPay vs MasterCard

Visa vs Rupay vs Mastercard is a never-ending battle in the segment of payment networks. Reason? Because they are the most common payment networks in India for handling different transactions. As you use your debit card, you’ve probably noticed these logos—RuPay Card, Visa Card, and Mastercard.  Have you wondered how they’re different from each other? … Read more

Explained: Bank Of Baroda Merger & Its Impact

Bank of Baroda + Vijaya + Dena

In the world of economic progress, your banking experience holds significance. See, banks seeking expansion often resort to mergers and acquisitions. Governments step in when issues like non-performing assets (NPAs), inefficiency, limited global presence, and financial challenges plague banks. A similar situation occurred in 2019 when the government orchestrated the union of three public sector … Read more

Onecard vs Slice – Which One Is Leading The Lending Space?

Onecard vs Slice

In this fintech arena, two credit card contenders OneCard Vs Slice, have emerged as formidable players in the lending sector. These two players have taken the center stage, with their showdown of financial offerings. It’s a clash of innovative approaches, each vying for dominance in the lending space.  The question that comes up is which … Read more

Potential Impact Of The Epic Tata Steel Merger On India

Tata Steel Merger

Hey there! Remember Tata Steel’s catchy tagline from back in the ’90s – “We also make steel“? Well, guess what? They had been up to something big, i.e., the Tata Steel merger. Yes! Tata had merged seven metal businesses to create a seriously robust and diverse entity called “One-Tata Steel.” It wasn’t just a business … Read more

7 Most Profitable Unicorns In India

7 most profitable unicorns in India - 2023

India’s business sphere has been continuously witnessing and unlocking the ways of innovation and entrepreneurship, and giving rise to unicorns that stand as the illuminating light of success. These unicorns are not only making new innovations but are the epitome of thriving businesses. There are many unicorns listed in India in 2023, but which of … Read more