INDMoney Business Model: How Does INDMoney Make Money?

INDMoney business model

Don’t you think in this fast paced digital space, a need for a financial buddy becomes a top priority? Well, that’s the truth! To choose the right financial app for trading, saving money, investing, is crucial in the current market scenarios. To help with that INDMoney comes with the best services to cater your financial … Read more

Astrotalk Business Model: How Astrotalk Works & Makes Money?

Astrotalk business model

Do you know why Astrotalk business model has become the talk of the town? Our Indian startup market is one of the toughest ones for startups to survive.A place where numerous startups fail within their first five years, Astrotalk boomed with 4X profit growth and remarkable fortunes. Reason? Its none other than the unique business … Read more

Jar Business Model: How Does Jar App Make Money?

Jar business model

Online investing has become a go-to thing in the present scenario. Isn’t it? We all are investing in many things online, be it in the stock market, finances, real estate, banking, etc. One of them is investing in gold online. The one platform that has been in talks regarding investment in gold digitally through our … Read more

Angel One Business Model Explained – How Does It Work?

Angel one business model

Welcome to the world of stocks, where finance and investment is power. There are many stock platforms and firms available that have made the complexity of navigating stocks and the financial market an easy one. One such among all of them is Angel One brokerage firm. Understanding its business model is the bridge to decode … Read more

Bizongo Business Model Explained – How Does Bizongo Work?

Bizongo business model - how does it work

Imagine you run a business, and you need packaging materials for it like custom boxes, containers, packets, or the labels to showcase your products and to protect them during conveyance. Traditionally, this whole process would take a lot of time and would require a lot of coordination. Here, enters Bizongo into the frame, that has … Read more

How Does Bluestone Make Money? Business Model Explained

BlueStone business model- How does it make money

Imagine a scenario where you can browse through tons of exquisite jewelry items, all from your comfort of home. Sounds exciting, right? BlueStone has made this scenario possible in real time! However, the thing to notice is that how does this online jewelry store Bluestone make money, also will get into the details of its … Read more

What Is GoKwik & How Does It Work? Business Model Explained

What is GoKwik? Business Model Explained

The growing need for seamless, secure, and efficient e-commerce payment platforms has become a necessity in today’s scenario. True! Right? Here is the point when GoKwik enters the picture. By the way, what is GoKwik? How does it work? You must be wondering! To make GoKwik’s concept understandable for you, we are presenting GoKwik business … Read more

How Does Zingbus Make Money? Business Model Explained

How does Zingbus Make Money? Business Model Explained

Zingbus, a rising star in the Indian transportation industry, has disrupted the way people travel by bus. This innovative company has not only redefined the bus travel experience but also devised a robust business model that enables it to thrive in a competitive market. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the … Read more