Is Country Delight Profitable? Financials & Business Model

Is Country Delight profitable

Country Delight, an Indian company famous for its fresh and unadulterated milk has been making waves in the milk & grocery delivery market. Reason? For its financials and business model. People out there are wondering- Is Country Delight profitable?  Unfortunately, despite operating for over a decade, Country Delight hasn’t shown any profitable growth so far. … Read more

Zypp Electric Business Model: How Does It Make Money?

Zypp Electric Business Model

“Petrol ko maaro goli, Zypp electric se bharo savings ki jholi…” is the tagline that made this EV-as-a-service platform famous! To the uninitiated, let me tell you that Zypp Electric offers vehicle renting and delivery services through its e-scooters. So yeah, you can say that Zypp Electric works on the recurring business model. But that’s … Read more

Is Cleartax Profitable? How Does ClearTax Work & Make Money?

Is ClearTax profitable

ClearTax has become a top player in India’s financial technology scene. But it didn’t happen overnight! Over a decade ago, doing taxes was a real pain for regular folks and professionals alike. ClearTax made things easier by providing smooth services like tax prep, online filing, accounting, and investment advice for both people and businesses. Now, … Read more

How Does Times Prime Work? Usage Benefits & Business Model

How Does Times Prime Work?

Times Prime, a part of Times Network Limited is a versatile subscription service which is specially designed to simplify the lifestyle experience of its members. In this article, we’ll discuss how does times prime work and its benefits that come along with its membership.  Company Overview  It is an online membership-based platform that acts as … Read more

How Does Simpl Payment Work? Is It Safe To Use?

How Simpl Payment Work?

Simpl Payment has been one of the most used apps among the buy now pay later options. The simpl payment allows customers to make purchases and pay payments later in consolidated bills.  This has helped people to manage their finances efficiently as it offers a seamless hassle-free cashless payment experience.  Company Overview  This payment method … Read more

How Cricbuzz Made Millions In Revenue Through Its Crazy Traffic

Cricbuzz cover image

Our love for Cricket fills the pockets of numerous companies, websites, and entities! One such entity is Circbuzz… Seeing this cricket craze; Pankaj Chhaparwal, Pravin Hedge, and Piuush Agrawal founded Cricbuzz in 2004. This brand diversified its operations and offered the latest info about cricket since 2010. Guess what? This was a brilliant tactic that … Read more

NoBroker Business Model: How Does Nobroker Make Money?

NoBroker business model

NoBroker has emerged as a game changer in the real estate sector, which has disrupted the traditional brokerage model with its innovative approach for property transactions.  In this article, we’ll study about how the NoBroker business model works and makes money to run its business.  1. NoBroker Company Profile  NoBroker is an online platform which … Read more

7 Huge Businesses Winning The Pay As You Go Business Model

Pay as you go business model

Recently, the Pay as You Go Business Model gained immense popularity! Reason? You pay for only the stuff you use and for the period you use it.  No upfront payment, no overpaying for services, no complex pricing, high flexibility, and the list of benefits goes on… So, in this article, we will dive into seven … Read more

What Is The Aggregator Business Model & How Does It Work?

Aggregator Business Model

To meet the ever changing demands of the market, many businesses are now shifting their approach and working towards the Aggregator Business Model, which is one innovative business model which addresses the vast preferences and choices. This business model has helped many businesses to sustain in the market and cater to a wider base of … Read more