Byju’s Case Study: How Byju’s Went From 0 to Billions to 0

Byju's Case Study

Legends quoted, “Time changes everything; no one can stop it!” Similar is the story of Byju’s, where an ordinary tuition class evolved into India’s biggest ed-tech platform only to plunge dramatically… How Byju’s went from 0 to billions to 0? You may wonder. Well, that’s a bit long and interesting story. Also, you can learn … Read more

How Cricbuzz Made Millions In Revenue Through Its Crazy Traffic

Cricbuzz cover image

Our love for Cricket fills the pockets of numerous companies, websites, and entities! One such entity is Circbuzz… Seeing this cricket craze; Pankaj Chhaparwal, Pravin Hedge, and Piuush Agrawal founded Cricbuzz in 2004. This brand diversified its operations and offered the latest info about cricket since 2010. Guess what? This was a brilliant tactic that … Read more

Kingfisher Airlines Case Study: The Downfall Of A Premium Giant

Kingfisher Airlines Case Study

Kingfisher Airlines- once a symbol of luxury turned into an epitome of failure… It soared a sky-high success before crashing dramatically, leaving behind a trail of debts and broken dreams. In this Kingfisher Airlines Case Study, we will examine all the factors that led to its downfall. Stay tuned! (A) Kingfisher Airlines: Synopsis Kingfisher Airlines … Read more

NoBroker Business Model: How Does Nobroker Make Money?

NoBroker business model

NoBroker has emerged as a game changer in the real estate sector, which has disrupted the traditional brokerage model with its innovative approach for property transactions.  In this article, we’ll study about how the NoBroker business model works and makes money to run its business.  1. NoBroker Company Profile  NoBroker is an online platform which … Read more

11 Most Well Executed Moment Marketing Examples By Brands

Moment Marketi Examples

Can you guess what’s the most important factor in marketing? Connecting with the audience! If you position your brand in front of your target audience at the right time, you can win their hearts and transform them from audience to customer… This approach is called Moment Marketing. It refers to the ad campaigns relevant to … Read more

7 Huge Businesses Winning The Pay As You Go Business Model

Pay as you go business model

Recently, the Pay as You Go Business Model gained immense popularity! Reason? You pay for only the stuff you use and for the period you use it.  No upfront payment, no overpaying for services, no complex pricing, high flexibility, and the list of benefits goes on… So, in this article, we will dive into seven … Read more