Cadbury Marketing Strategy: How Did It Win With Sweetness?

Cadbury Marketing Strategy

Cadbury, the brand that has very well captivated the attention of all and with that has won the hearts of millions. Cadbury marketing strategy, is one the of the crucial part of its success over the years, and with that has become a giant in the sweetness space!

Cadbury Marketing Strategy

Cadbury with its sweet items has delighted the market and the consumers for over a century.

Cadbury Marketing Strategy

Cadbury marketing strategy incorporates various aspects like the emotional appeal with childhood aspects which creates a nostalgic feeling among us all, a  line of products, new additions, engaging campaigns, and more. 

Cadbury, with time has become a titan in the confectionery realm, and its marketing strategies serve as the base of its excellence. 

Cadbury Company Overview 

Name of the Company Cadbury 
Founder John Cadbury 
Founded 1824 
Base of the Company Birmingham, United Kingdom 
CEO of Cadbury (worldwide)Dirk Van de Put
Parent Company In 2010 it was acquired by Krafts Foods
acquired Cadbury, and is currently managed
by Mondelez International. 
Type of Company A Subsidiary of Mondelez International 
Operates in Countries Operates in more than 50 countries 
Entered Indian Market1948 
Categories Served Chocolate Confectionery,
Candy, and
Market share in India Cadbury India has over a 70% market share,
one of the highest by Cadbury brand globally.
Cadbury Company Overview

Cadbury has been operating since 1824, and now serves more than 50 countries globally.

A small chocolate company started in the streets of Birmingham, United Kingdom, and later on over the years expanded its business overseas and became a titan in the confectionery industry! 

Cadbury India boasts a market share of over 70%, which is one of the highest markets acquired by Cadbury in any country. 

In India Cadbury has five manufacturing units, namely- 

  • Hyderabad
  • Bangalore 
  • Thane (Mumbai)
  • Induri (Pune)
  • Baddi (Himachal Pradesh)

For Cadbury top 3 markets to operate in are Australia, India, and the United States. 

Cadbury Major Events 

Year Event 
1824 John Cadbury opened a grocery store in Birmingham, England. 
1849 Cadbury – the first eating chocolate. 
1861 Brothers Richard and George took over their fathers business. 
1881 Received first overseas order from Australia. 
1906 Dairy Milk chocolate created.
1916 Old Gold chocolate launches.
1919 Merged with J.S. Fry to expand its business in Australia. 
1920 The logo turned Purple. 
1922 New Australian company created, with the name of Cadbury-Fry-Pascall Ltd. 
1939 Cadbury was the proud supplier of chocolates during the second world war to the Australian Armed Forces. 
1948 Entered India 
1967 Cadbury acquired Macroberton’s Chocolate 
1995 Cadbury Timeout chocolate bar was created. 
1998 Cadbury created Cadbury’s Favorite Box. 
2001 Cadbury launched Cadbury’s dream black candy.
2007 Cadbury launched its advertisement, featuring a gorilla playing drums. The campaign soon went viral. 
2012 Cadbury presents its Marvelous Creations. 
2019 Cadbury launched its first 3D printer in Melbourne. 
2020 2020 marked the 20th anniversary of Cadbury Werribee Easter Egg Hunt. 
2021 The Cadbury factory broke a manufacturing record by producing 58,000 tons of chocolates in a angle year, ahead of Cadbury Claremont 100th birthday. 
2022 Cadbury celebrated 100 years of its hardwork and determination. 
Cadbury’s Major Events

Cadbury Marketing Strategy

Cadbury has very well captivated the market with its amazing marketing strategies, which are unique yet simple which caters to diverse segments of the market. 

Cadbury marketing strategy incorporates several aspects like different appeals through advertising, campaigns, marketing mix, and more of that! 

(A) Cadbury Marketing Mix 

Cadbury makes use of 4Ps of marketing mix, which are Product, Place, Price, and of course Promotion. 

(A.1) Product 

Cadbury product collection is a treasure box. It has a diverse product collection ranging from chocolates to candy’s. It has offerings for all age groups and for each market segment. All proving a delightful experience for you all. 

Cadbury various products

(A.2) Place 

Cadbury makes good use of its network and resources and has a diverse placement of its products all across the globe, including both the urban places as well as the rural corners.

Cadbury also makes sure of local preferences. Also it ensures that its products are available at every grocery store or a supermarket. 

(A.3) Price 

Cadbury focuses on providing its various products to their customers at a very affordable price. They focus on providing affordable yet luxurious products to their customers.

The pricing strategy of Cadbury helps them to serve every segment of consumer and make their products available at a wide range. 

Cadbury various price range

(A.4) Promotion 

Cadbury creates engaging and emotional ad campaigns based on the situation like festivals. Also it heavily uses digital platforms. 

(B) Target Audience 

Cadbury target audience spans across all age groups and market segments. Whether it be its normal chocolates, crunch bars, or even a dark chocolate, it is consumed and enjoyed by almost every demographic and age category. 

The brand with its amazing product line, market presence, ad campaigns, appeals to every segment out there and results in catering to every segment. 

Cadbury’s unique and fun packaging is very much liked and appreciated by the children segment of the market, while it targets the other age segments with its innovative and new offerings. All tuning into a delicious experience. 

Cadbury has very well spread across the globe and has become a strong brand name as well as a household name everywhere. 

(C) Key Elements of Cadbury Marketing Strategy 

There are several key elements that contribute well to the success of Cadbury marketing strategy. 

Key Elements Reason 
New Product Addition Cadbury R&D team keep on trying out new flavors and packaging techniques, and adds new innovative products into its existing product line 
Strong Brand Identity Cadbury over the years has maintained a strong brand identity in the market. The white and purple logo represents the taste and quality, which Cadbury promises its consumers. 
Partnerships Cadbury involves itself into other businesses which helps them to target large markets. It often makes collaborations that make their business grow more. For example, Cadbury India also partnered with Reliance Jio to launch an initiative called “The Wrapper That Gives”.
Emotional Marketing The appeal which creates a  nostalgic feeling. Cadbury creates an emotional connection with its consumers through engaging, emotional and storytelling appeals. All of which results in a loyal fan base for the brand. 
The CSR activities Apart from all the marketing mix and advertising appeals, Cadbury is very well aware of its CSR activities. It maintains its contribution to the society and is aware about its responsibilities. This all helps them to stronger bond with their customers. 
Key Elements of Cadbury Marketing Strategies

(D) Cadbury Marketing Campaigns 

(D.1) The “Gorilla” Campaign 

One of the most famous campaigns by Cadbury is the Gorilla Campaign, which was launched in 2007.

In this campaign, Cadbury featured a Gorilla playing drums along to the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight”. 

Cadbury "Gorilla" Campaign
Cadbury “Gorilla” Campaign

The campaign became a huge success and famous among all. The campaign also won numerous awards for its creativity and catered a wide reach.

Through this campaign, Cadbury represented the joy and happiness that comes when anyone has a Cadbury chocolate. 

(D.2) The “Egg ‘n’ Spoon” Campaign

The campaign was launched in 2014 to represent the launch of its new product into the market which was  Egg ‘n’ Spoon chocolate product. 

Cadbury "Egg n Spoon" Campaign
Cadbury “Egg n Spoon” Campaign

The campaign represented a tale of animated videos that showcased all the features of the new product, which includes an egg and a chocolate with cream mousse filling.

This campaign also resulted in a huge success for the brand, and the chocolate resulted in becoming a favorite of all. 

(D.3) The “Kuch Achha Ho Jaaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye” Campaign 

Another popular campaign by cadbury. The campaign was launched in 2017.

Through this campaign Cadbury showcased the message that Cadbury is the go to solution for treating your sweet cravings and moments. 

Cadbury "Kuch Achha Ho Jaaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye" Campaign

Cadbury developed an emotional connection with the audience through this campaign and as a result it is one of the successful campaigns by Cadbury. 

(D.4) The “How Far Will Go For Love” Campaign 

The campaign was launched in 2010. This represented Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate and aimed at appealing to human emotions. 

Cadbury "Kuch Achha Ho Jaaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye" Campaign

It challenges consumers to think about the lengths and ways they would go to show their love for others, and with that showcases that Cadbury’s chocolate is good at expressing emotions and represented it through moving advertising, events, and promotions.

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Cadbury Marketing Strategy: Summing Up 

Cadbury through its smart campaigns, advertisements, strategies has very well attended the consumer preferences, leaving them with a delightful and memorable sweet experience. 

Cadbury strategies

Cadbury products are loved by all and bring a smile on everyone’s face. Through its smart campaigns and strategies, Cadbury serves well to its consumers as well to the brand. 

Cadbury marketing strategy is one the core elements of its success and growth over the years, and caters to every consumer preferences!

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