Oppo vs Vivo: Which Is Better & Why? Full Comparison

Oppo vs Vivo: Which is better?

Undoubtedly, our smartphone market boomed exponentially in the last decade. And when it comes to the offline market, none of us are unaware of the two smartphone brands namely- Oppo & Vivo.

Oppo vs Vivo: Which is better?

There used to be a time when the offline market was dominated by senior players like Nokia and Samsung. Who could have thought that rookie brands would then become a kingpin in the Indian offline smartphone market? Now the question comes- Oppo vs Vivo: Which is better?

Here, we will compare both of them concerning various factors.

Let’s begin!

Oppo vs Vivo: A Quick Comparison (Business Wise)

Let’s have a business-wise brief comparison of smartphone giants-

FoundersTony Chen (CEO)Shen Wei (CEO)
Founded inOctober 2004May 2009
SoftwareColor OS (Based on Android)Funtouch OS (Based on Android)
Number of Units Sold in the Year 20227.1 million units7.3 million units
Profits UndisclosedRs.552 crore (FY21)
Indian Market Share (Q3 in 2022)16%16%
Oppo Vs Vivo: A Quick Comparison (Business Wise)

Both the companies have same headquarters i.e. Dongguan (Guangdong, China). Also, both of their parent companies are BBK Electronics. Hence, both of them are subsidiaries of BBK Electronics Company. But the brands are independent of each other. They manufacture products ranging from smartphones to computers.

Oppo vs Vivo: Which makes a better smartphone?

Well, this is a quite subjective topic. Because the decision will depend on your preferences and priorities. Both brands offer a wide range of devices with varying features and specifications. To determine which one is better, you need to consider certain factors.

Some of the essential factors that can help you to determine which makes a better smartphone are described below-

Smartphone FeaturesOppoVivo
DesignSleek & Innovative DesignSleek & Trendy Design
PerformancePowerful processors, suitable for gaming and multitasking.     Equipped with capable processors for smooth performance.
DisplayVivid AMOLED displays with high refresh ratesAMOLED displays with vibrant colors and high resolutions
CameraGood camera performance with AI enhancementsImpressive camera features and AI capabilities
Software ColorOS Funtouch OS 
Bloat wares & AdsModerateModerate
Battery LifeGoodGood
BudgetBudget-friendly to Mid-range optionsBudget-friendly to Mid-range options
Additional FeaturesSecurity Center, Advanced battery dashboard, Customizable AOD (Always-on-Display)Always On Mode, Game Mode, App Cline, App Lock, Smart Click, Split Screen
Software UpdatesRegularVary
Frequency of launching new phonesHighLow
Oppo vs Vivo: Who makes a better smartphone?

Journey of Oppo and Vivo in the Indian Smartphone Market

The smartphone brand- Vivo went through a long journey from China to India! BBK Electronics has launched numerous smartphone brands. And Oppo and Vivo are two of them. In the era of 2010 onwards, the craze for smartphones was increasing. However, the majority of smartphones belong to Apple and Samsung. Both of them were quite expensive and not fit for the major Indian population. 

The Chinese company BBK Electronics saw this loophole as a golden opportunity. Eventu

ally, it launched numerous affordable and exclusive smartphones back-to-back in India. Although, both companies were set up in the era of the 2000s in China (look at the table above). Seeing its success in its home country, the company decided to launch two of its subsidiaries in India.

From then onwards, Oppo and Vivo became an integral part of the Indian smartphone offline market!

(A) Vivo’s Journey in India

Journey of Vivo (Oppo vs Vivo: Which is better?)

Well, Vivo entered India in 2012 with the Vivo X1 smartphone. Do you know what the special feature in it was? A dedicated built-in Hi-Fi audio amplifier. However, Indians weren’t much aware of it! Reason? Digital marketing wasn’t that common in India 10-12 years ago.

Can you recall when you saw the Vivo smartphone for the first time? During IPL 2015! Isn’t it? At that time, vivo was the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament. And that too in a 2-year deal. Also, it sponsored the FIFA world cups and India’s Pro Kabaddi League. These aggressive marketing campaigns of Vivo were immensely successful to become one of the household smartphone brands of India.

Apart from marketing, Vivo invested and focused on innovations too! It was the first smartphone that offered in-display fingerprint sensor technology in India. This feature was later adopted by numerous smartphone brands. The exclusive features of the camera are the highlights of the Vivo smartphone.

(B) Oppo’s Journey in India

Journey of Oppo (Oppo vs Vivo: Which is better?)

Vivo’s success in India became an encouraging factor for BBK Electronics. Therefore, it launched its old smartphone brand i.e. Oppo in India. It entered the Indian smartphone market in 2014 with Oppo N1. This phone caught people’s eyes with its swivel camera module. It is a special type of camera module that could rotate fully 180 degrees. This smart strategy helped Oppo to use a single camera for both the front and rear.

Also, it was among the first smartphones that launched selfie-centric smartphones with dual front cameras. That smartphone was the Oppo F3 Plus. In 2019, Oppo launched its Reno series which was widely successful.

A Brief Description of Oppo and Vivo

1. Oppo

Founder of Oppo

It is a renowned Chinese consumer electronics brand that has gained immense popularity in India’s smartphone market. Founded in 2004, it quickly gained international recognition for its cutting-edge technology, sleek designs, and user-friendly interfaces. 

Oppo’s focus on offering smartphones with impressive camera capabilities and user-friendly interfaces has resonated well with Indian consumers. Thus, Oppo became a preferred choice among the younger generation and photography enthusiasts. The company’s commitment to providing affordable and reliable products has contributed to its significant success in India’s ever-growing mobile industry.

2. Vivo

Founder of Vivo

This is also a well-known Chinese consumer electronics company that has made a significant impact on the Indian smartphone market. Established in 2009, Vivo has swiftly expanded its global presence, including a strong presence in India. The brand is renowned for its focus on camera innovation, introducing cutting-edge photography features and selfie enhancements in its smartphones. 

Vivo’s devices often boast sleek designs, vibrant displays, and efficient performance, appealing to a diverse range of consumers. With a commitment to affordability and providing value for money, Vivo has become a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers. Especially for those who seek feature-packed smartphones. Its continued efforts in research and development have solidified its position as a major player in the competitive smartphone industry.

Why did Oppo and Vivo become popular? 

Oppo and Vivo became popular smartphone brands due to several key factors. 

  1. They offer affordable devices that provide impressive specifications and features, attracting budget-conscious consumers. 
  2. Both brands focus on delivering a seamless user experience by incorporating powerful processors, ample RAM, and good camera systems. 
  3. They prioritize innovation, introducing new technologies and features to their devices.
  4. Aggressive marketing strategies, effective online presence, and extensive availability in various markets have contributed to their popularity. 
  5. Lastly, word-of-mouth and positive reviews have played a significant role in establishing them as popular smartphone brands.

Now after seeing the similarities, you must be bewildered about which brand makes a better smartphone. This is the point where the battle of Oppo vs Vivo becomes tougher. It is similar to the dilemma of Redmi vs Realme! Isn’t it? Go through the next section to find the solution.

Oppo vs Vivo: Comparing the Latest Smartphones

Oppo Reno 10 vs Vivo V29

In this section, we will thoroughly compare the latest smartphones launched by both brands. Go through the table given below-

FeaturesOppo Reno 10 5GVivo V29
Launch Date (Official)July 20, 2023 October 4, 2023
Operating System Android v13 with ColorOSAndroid v13 with Funtouch OS
ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 778GMediaTek Dimensity 7050 MT6877
CPUOcta-core (2.4 GHz, Kryo 670)Octa-core (2.6 GHz, Cortex A78 + 2 GHz, Cortex A55)
DisplayAMOLED, 6.78″ (1260×2800 px, FHD+), 120 HzAMOLED, 6.7″ (1080×2412 px, FHD+), 120 Hz
Rear Camera64 MP + 8 MP + 32 MP Triple Camera50 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP Triple Camera
Front Camera32 MP Single Camera50 MP Single Camera
Battery5000 mAh4600 mAh
Storage256 GB (Expandable up to 1 TB)128 GB (Non-expandable)
Expert Rating7.0/107.5/10 
Oppo Reno 10 vs Vivo V29

As you can see, both Oppo Reno10 5G and Vivo V29 offer competitive features, but your choice may depend on personal preferences and priorities. Let me summarize it for you! 

If you prioritize display quality and battery capacity, the Oppo Reno10 5G might be a better fit. On the other hand, if you value camera performance and expandable storage, the Vivo V29 could be a great choice. 

So, remember to consider your specific needs when making a decision! 

Final Words for Oppo vs Vivo: Which one is better?

If you look at “the number of units sold” in the first table, you will see that both of them have almost equal values. Oppo sold 7.1 million units. While Vivo’s sales were slightly higher i.e. 7.3 million units. Thus, you can say that both are giving tough competition to each other!

From the comparison tables described above, you must have come across numerous similar features. The features will be similar if you compare the brand from a broad perspective. To get the key differences, you need to compare specific models of smartphones of Oppo and Vivo. So, to determine which one is better you have to research and compare specific smartphone models.

Thus, you can make an informed decision based on your personal preferences and requirements!  

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Sachin Yadav
Sachin Yadav
9 months ago

Good comparative analysis. I have personally used Vivo and I feel it has a better interface, design, and camera quality. Recently, I purchased Vivo V27 and its performance is fantastic. I don’t have any grudge against Oppo but I feel Vivo is better.