Zomato Marketing Strategy: Uncovering The Recipe Of Success

Zomato Marketing Strategies

Don’t you wonder why Zomato stands out whenever we talk about food delivery giants? Zomato, a company that started its operations as a food directory website named “Foodie Bay” became a food delivery behemoth. Not only was it publicly listed but also gained a humongous customer base! What is the secret behind it? How did it acquire such a large as well as loyal customer base? You may ask.  The answer is “Zomato Marketing Strategy.

Zomato Marketing Strategies

Isn’t it a part of the Zomato Business Model? Yes, it is! Marketing tactics are a crucial part of a company’s success. 

So, in this write up we will look into Zomato’s marketing strategy in detail.

Let’s begin!

Target Customer Segment

The first step for marketing your products or services is to determine your target customer segment. So who could be the target audience for Zomato? The youths and middle-aged folks! Yes, the ones with smartphones. 


Let me explain! See, Zomato is an online application. Right? So in order to use it, you need a smartphone. And who can use smartphones and pay for food seamlessly? The ones belonging to the age group 18 to 35.

Zomato's target audience

But it is a broad term. Almost everybody in India has a smartphone but all of them don’t need online delivery of food. 

You need to point out the ones who would turn into loyal customers and hence contribute to the revenue of Zomato. So who are they? Look below-

  • Folks who love to eat restaurant food in the comfort zone of their home.
  • Working Adults: They lack time to cook, and therefore prefer food delivery at their doorstep.
  • Students: They too lack time as well as a space to cook for themselves.
  • Dine foodie: People who love to eat out in diners but hate waiting for seat reservations.
  • Restaurant owners: They want to reach out to a broader customer base without putting extra effort into making their own user interface.

These are the potent customers who are a part of Zomato’s loyal customer base. Not only that but they also contribute to Zomato’s revenues.

So, after knowing the customer segment, the next step is to grab their attention. How did Zomato gain the attention of its target customer efficiently? You will find out in the next section.

Zomato Marketing Strategy

Here comes the most anticipated part of this write-up. In this section, we will uncover Zomato’s secret recipe for the successful gain of a loyal customer base. Some of the major and super-effective marketing methods will be discussed here. We will divide this section into two parts- Digital Marketing approach and the Traditional Marketing approach.

 (A) Zomato’s Digital Marketing Approach

Being an internet user, you must be aware of the benefits of Digital Marketing methods. Not only is it cost-effective but it also gives good results in customer acquisition. It is the best way to convert the audience into a loyal customer. Let’s look at the types of digital marketing used by Zomato-

(A.1) Social Media Strategy: Meme Marketing

Take a moment and think about the reason for scrolling social media. To connect with people? Not really. To enjoy and view humorous content like memes? Definitely Yes! Zomato brilliantly used this psychological fact of humans for advertisements. Look at the following two images-

Image 1-

Advertisement of Zomato

Image 2-

Zomato's social media ad

Now, a question for you. Out of the two, which image caught your attention more? Probably the second one. Reason? Simply because the second image was an ad meme with a sense of humor. While the first one was like any other ordinary ad. A similar scenario occurs when crores of people scroll through social media. Have a look at the number of followers that Zomato has on its various social media handles-

  • Instagram: 832K
  • Facebook: 1.9M
  • Twitter: 1.5M

That’s why Zomato always utilizes its social media handles to grab your attention by posting engaging posts. It has efficiently mastered the art of meme marketing that eventually generated vast organic traffic.

(A.2) Paid Marketing

Apart from social media marketing, Zomato gains organic traffic from Google as well. Do you know what the benefit of using paid marketing is? In social media, people are not looking for any specific product or ads. But with Google Ads paid marketing, you reach people who are looking for something specific like the best restaurant to dine out at or the best momos in a specific area. 

With Google ads, Zomato’s advertisements appear along with the search results. To achieve this, they have worked on a diverse set of keywords. (You will get to know in detail in the next section.) Thus, it successfully targets potent customers.

(A.3) Search Ads

Here the ads are placed on the official website of the company.  Let me explain it with images. When you search for Zomato, the following page appears.

Zomato Search ad page

When you click on the first site shown in the Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). You are directed to the official site of Zomato. From here you can directly order food!

Zomato's official website

Thus, it is an important player in Zomato Marketing Strategy.

(A.4) Display Ads

Zomato displays its ads in the form of images, videos, and gifs on different websites and apps. These ads are similar to banner ads.

Zomato Marketing Strategy (Display Ads)

(A.5) SEO Strategies

Zomato utilizes several SEO strategies to improve its online visibility. These include optimizing its website structure, Meta tags, and content for relevant keywords, particularly focusing on local SEO to target specific locations. 

(i) User Generated Content

It encourages user-generated content, such as reviews and ratings, which helps in ranking higher on search engine results pages. Mobile optimization and fast-loading pages are prioritized for better user experience and search engine rankings. 

(ii) Backlink Strategy

Zomato also implements a backlink strategy to acquire high-quality links from reputable sources and integrates social media platforms to engage with its audience and increase brand visibility.

 (A.6) Email Marketing
Email marketing done by Zomato

Zomato utilizes email marketing to engage with its customers and promote its services. Through targeted email campaigns, Zomato sends personalized offers, discounts, and recommendations to subscribers, keeping them informed about new restaurants, trending dishes, and exclusive deals. These emails aim to drive user engagement, encourage repeat orders, and foster brand loyalty. 

By leveraging email marketing, Zomato effectively communicates with its customer base, enhancing the overall user experience and maximizing the potential for conversions and customer retention.

Traditional Marketing Methods

Traditional marketing method of Zomato

This type of marketing strategy helps to influence those who are not so tech-savvy. It mainly banners and video ads on television. The banners are put on billboards, newspapers, and magazines. It is an essential part of Zomato Marketing Strategy.

Here is a viral ad of Zomato-

Viral ad of Zomato

Also have a look on Zomato video ad-

Video Advertisement of Zomato

Final Words

Now here comes the wrap-up part. What can you learn from Zomato marketing strategies? First of all, it provides valuable insights into successful digital marketing techniques. It focuses on creating a strong brand identity, utilizing catchy slogans, and consistent visual branding across its platforms. 

Secondly, they leverage social media extensively, engaging with customers through interactive campaigns, user-generated content, and influencer collaborations. Zomato also employs targeted advertising, utilizing data-driven approaches to reach specific customer segments and personalize recommendations. Moreover, they prioritize customer reviews and ratings, leveraging social proof to build trust and credibility. 

Also, Zomato actively promotes partnerships and collaborations with restaurants, driving mutual benefits and expanding its network. It also offers alluring referrals to expand its customer base. 

Thus, Zomato marketing strategies emphasize brand building, customer engagement, and leveraging technology to create a compelling customer experience.

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Shivangi Kant
Shivangi Kant
10 months ago

Zomato’s marketing strategy is top-notch, and it has only been getting better over the years. It is no wonder that Zomato has risen to be one of the leading online food delivery platforms, and its consistent focus on its target audience helps create its brand presence. You might notice that Zomato is everywhere, from search engines, ads, and television, to billboards and social media, and any other channel you can name. 
Instead of being pushy or trying to get the customer to buy something, Zomato uses its marketing to build a connection with its audience and create a strong recall value. A simple nudge using notifications or emails adds a smile to the customer’s face, which is important to create a brand identity.