Licious Valuation, Shareholders & Funding Breakdown – 2024

Licious Valuation & Shareholders Breakdown

The majority of Indians think that we live in a vegetarian country. Well, it is partially true, if you reside in North-Western India. But let me tell you an interesting fact. More than 70% of the Indian population is non-vegetarian. Really? Yes! However, buying fresh meat isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, especially in a hectic life. This is the point when Licious entered the market in 2015. It is an e-commerce service that delivers fresh seafood and meat. With a successful business model, Licious valuation has reached Rs.12,300 crore ($1.5 billion).

Licious Valuation & Shareholders Breakdown

So, in this write-up, you will get detailed info on Licious valuation, shareholders, and its funding rounds.

Shareholders Breakdown

As per the latest information available, Licious is valued at $1.5 billion (Rs.12,300 crore). Also, it raised $ 489.9 million through 10 funding rounds. The latest funding of Licious was held on March 15, 2022, from a series F round. Although complete information on shareholders’ breakdown hasn’t been released by the company yet. But as per recent reports from the Licious, some of the significant shareholders are-

Shareholder’s NamePercentage of Shares Owned
Co-founders (Abhai Hanjura & Vivek Gupta)21.2%
Multiples Private Equity Fund 10.55%
Brunei Investment Agency2.51%
3one4 Capital8.97%
Others (Undisclosed)37.36%
Licious: Shareholders Breakdown

Fundings so far & Valuation

So far, Licious has raised a whopping amount of $489.9 million through 10 funding rounds. 33 investors are involved in the funding rounds of Licious. And out of them 10 are the lead investors. Licious held its latest funding round on 15th March 2022. It raised a huge sum of money through Series F round. The following table will provide you with information about the other potential investors of Licious.

Let’s look at the latest funding rounds of Licious

Venture CapitalistFunding AmountDate
Amansa Capital$11.5 billion (Rs. 94,300crores)March 15, 2022
Gruhas Proptech$91.4 million (Rs.749 crores)Feb 25, 2022
360 ONE Asset$52 million (Rs.426 crores)Oct 6, 2021
Multiples, Temasek Holdings$192 million (Rs.1,574 crores)June 11, 2021
Vertex Growth Fund$30 million (Rs.246 crores)Dec 16, 2019
Nichirin$25 million (Rs.205 crores)Dec 10, 2018
Bertelsmann, Vertex Ventures$25 million (Rs.205 crores)Sep 26, 2018
3one4 Capital, Mayfield Fund$10 million (Rs.82 crores)March 29, 2017
Mayfield Fund$3.5 million (Rs.28 Crores)April 21, 2016
3one4 Capital$1 million (Rs.8.2 Crores)Sep 24, 2015
Funding rounds of Licious

Thus, Licious valuation as per the latest report is $1 .5 billion (Rs.12,300 crore).

Is Licious Profitable

Now, the obvious question that you may ask is about the company’s profitability. “Is Licious profitable in spite of raising enormous funds and with a valuation of $1.5 billion?”  You will get the answer after looking at the following data

Licious FinancialsAmount (in crores)
Market ValuationRs.12,300 crore ($1.5 billion)
Revenue EarnedRs.682.6 crore
ExpensesRs.1,191 crore
Profit/LossLoss of Rs.855 crore
Licious Financials

Licious was not profitable in FY22 because it dipped in a loss of Rs.855 crore. Even though it earned an appreciable amount of revenue. . But the cash outflow in various expenses was high as well. This means the amount spent on expenditures exceeded the amount of revenue earned. Eventually, it continues to face a significant amount of loss.  

Revenue Earned

Licious earned revenue from the following sources-

Revenue SourcesFY22
Sale of meat, seafood, eggs, and othersRs.665.7 crore
Revenue from delivery chargesRs.16.9 crore
Revenue earned by Licious in FY22


Now look at the following expenses that led to deep losses for the company “Licious.”

Employee Benefit ExpenseRs.138.3 crore
Advertising & Marketing expensesRs.64.4 crore
Delivery ChargesRs.134 crore
IT & Communication CostsRs.52 crore
Outsourced Support CostRs.49.7 crore
Legal & Professional FeesRs.14.8 crore
Other Operating and Admin ExpensesRs.78.8 crore
Expenses of Licious

Final Thoughts

It looks like Licious toiled hard in the fiscal year 2022. Well, that’s not the case only with this company. It is planning to expand its business in 20 more cities in India. The co-founders of Licious i.e. Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta realized the growth potential of the meat ecosystem in India. Therefore, despite losses, Licious is firm on its geographical expansion plans. It is also looking forward to developing an online channel and becoming a remarkable D2C meat and seafood brand. This plan is quite enticing for the investors. That’s why it could reach an enormous valuation despite facing losses.

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