Arzooo Funding, Valuation & Shareholders Breakdown – 2024

Arzooo funding, valuation & shareholders breakdown 2023

Arzooo, one of the known players in the tech market, has been making new waves with its innovative approach to bridge the gap between online and offline retail, since its inception.

Arzooo funding, valuation & shareholders breakdown 2023

Arzoo Company Overview

The ecommerce retail platform that is being designed to facilitate the process of online offerings consumer electronics products. The company helps small retail stores to compete against big retail giants like Filpkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. 

The product catalog offered by Arzooo includes a television, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, kitchen appliances, and more. The mobile application is available for Android and iOS users.

Arzooo founders
Arzooo founders Rishi Raj Rathore & Khushnud Khan

It makes use of the latest and innovative technology that will benefit stores to operate on e-commerce platforms and offer a varied electronic product catalog. 

Where sellers bid for the prices at which they are willing to sell their goods and services to retailers, enabling them to offer a range of consumer electronic products without investing in inventory, and offer payment solutions to improve sales conversion in-store. 

Company Name Arzooo
Founders Rishi Raj Rathore & Khushnud Khan 
Founded 2017 
CEO Khushnud Khan
Headquarter Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Parent Company Sterne India Pvt. Ltd. 
Industry E-Commerce Retail Tech
Operating Space B2B 
Type of Company Private 
Funding (2022)$93.1 million
Valuation (2022)$400 million 
Revenue (2022)$1117 million 
Arzooo Company Profile is a B2B retail tech platform whose goal is to revolutionize offline retail for a $60bn+ electronics retail market in India.

Arzooo, since its establishment has been growing fast with its vision to transform traditional offline stores into modern stores by empowering above 500,000 medium and small retailers with its tech based platform Arzooo Go Store.

Arzooo enables a partner store with its technology platform equipping them to offer the largest selection to customers without having to invest in inventory, creating the most competitive price, and offering attractive payment solutions to improve sales conversion in-store. 

Arzoo Funding Insights

Arzooo company

Arzooo is becoming one of the prominent players among other already present ones and big e-commerce giants in the digital tech space and is growing with each passing time. 

Not only this, Arzooo funding rounds does have an impressive track record that has fueled the company’s growth. 

Year Transactions & Investors Money Raised 
June 14,
Series B – invested by SBI
Investment & Trifecta Capital 
$70 million
August 15,
Series A – investors
February 24,
Debt financing – invested
by Trifecta Capital Advisors 
$6 million 
October 1,
Series A – investors
September 27,
Series A – invested by
Celesta Capitals 
$7.5 million
December 15,
Series A –  (undisclosed)Undisclosed 
June 13,
Seed Round – invested by
Jabbar Internet Group 
$1 million 
May 24,
Seed Round  invested by
Omphalos Ventures India
Arzooo funding tiers

Till date Arzooo funding rounds has reported a total of $93.1 million, with that it has marked its latest funding round on June 14, 2022, in which 5 investors participated headed by SBI Mutual Fund. 

The most recent investors’ names that have been incorporated by Arzooo are 3Lines and Tony Xu. Arzooo reportedly has 16 institutional investors, some of them are Trifecta Capital, 3Lines and Omphalos Ventures.        

These funding rounds have laid the foundation for the company to achieve new growth and heights in their business. Also makes use of new technologies that can help them in making their platform more engaging and achieve more success.

Arzooo Valuation Brief

Till date Arzooo funding rounds have a good number, that are making ways towards more growth and success. Apart from this, as of latest 2022, this tech enabled e-commerce retail tech has a valuation of $400 million, post its latest funding rounds. 

  • The company powers more than 50,000 stores.
  • Provides above 20,000 range of products. 
  • Till now has been credited above Rs.20 lakhs.
  • Arzooo company is designed to provide cutting-edge solutions to offline retailers in comparison with the big giant retailers.

Arzooo valuation

  • Arzooo reported its revenue has surged 4X in FY22, with a number of $1117 crores as compared to its revenue in FY21 of $258 million. 
  • Its net loss also widened with this, the company recorded a net loss 3.5X to $627 million, this emerged due to the increased cash burn rate. 
  • The company’s total expenditure also witnessed some numbers. Its total expenditure jumped to a new number i.e. $11,809 million, which was a great increase of about 326.4% from its previous number, which was $276 million. 
  • The company offers a user friendly and easy to navigate website, that’s beneficial for both the sellers and buyers.

Arzooo Shareholders Group

Its shareholding pattern includes its founders, new investors, employees shares, etc. 

Shareholders Name Percentage Of Shares Owned 
Fund 50.68%
Founders 33.97%
Angel 9.36%
ESOP 4.53%
Enterprise 1.45%
Shareholding Pattern Of Arzooo

  • With a net worth of Rs.1,180 crores, the fund holds the majority of shares in the company of around 50.68%.
  • Second, is the shares of the founders of the company. With a net worth of Rs.788 crores, they hold 33.97% of shares in the company.
  • Following it, the Angel holds 9.36% of the shares with a net worth of Rs.218 crores.
  • Similarly, ESOP holds 4.53% with a worth of Rs.105 crores, and Enterprise with a net worth of Rs.33.6 crores, holds the least amount of shares, i.e. 1.45% in comparison to other shareholders.

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