11 Best Airport Lounge Access Debit Cards (Top 2024 Picks)

Best debit cards for airport lounge access

There is no doubt that credit cards have evolved with time and offer numerous benefits, but Debit cards are not behind in offering innumerable benefits and features. Debit cards provide upper hand benefits in many domains, one of them to talk about is Airport Lounge Access. Yes, heard it right! There are some debit cards that’ll make your airport travel experience a memorable one. Let’s get into the details of 11 Best Airport Lounge Access Debit Cards, and what they offer to make airport travel better.

Best debit cards for airport lounge access

What is an Airport Lounge Access Debit Card?

These debit cards are specialized debit cards that offer customers/travelers a step ahead in accessing airport lounges. These cards are purposely designed to provide a seamless comfortable travel experience. By accessing these cards in the airport lounges, you can enjoy a relaxing peaceful experience instead of waiting in the line.

Along with it these cards provide free meals, Wi-Fi, and other facilities to use. Even if you’re charged extra for some facilities, it’ll be a very low charge. 

Best airport lounge access debit cards

These cards comes with a range of benefits like – 

Exclusive Offers – These cards often come with additional travel offers, like priority passes, priority security check, boarding and first check-in counters. 

Insurance of Travel – Some of these cards do offer travel insurance. That includes travel accident insurance, trip cancellation, reward points. Etc.

Rewards and Points – Some of these cards provide reward points, programs, allowing users to earn points or rewards for every penny spent. These can be used further for travel-related benefits. 

Annual fee – Along with offering a pile of features to travelers, some of these cards come with annual and no annual fee. Making it affordable for every traveler.

Let’s get started with the discussion of Best airport lounge access debit cards!

Debit Card Charge of Annual Fee 
SBI Platinum International Debit CardRs.250
YES Prosperity Platinum Debit CardRs.599
ICICI Bank Coral Paywave Contactless Debit Card Rs.599
HDFC Bank Millenia Debit CardRs.500
HDFC EasyShop Platinum Debit CardNIL
IDFC First Wealth Debit CardNIL
Axis Bank Prestige Debit CardRs.500
Axis Priority Debit CardRs.750
Kotak Privy League Signature Debit CardRs.750
ICICI Bank Sapphiro Debit CardRs.1,499
IDFC First Bank Visa Signature Debit Card Charges are communicated at the time of issuing the card 
Best Airport Lounge Access Debit Cards

Note: The above table shows the best airport lounge access debit cards, however it doesn’t represent any ranking.

(A) SBI Platinum International Debit Card  

This airport lounge access debit card comes with an annual fee of Rs.250. This debit card provides access to complimentary domestic airport lounges. This card lets you earn reward points on every transaction you make through the card on complimentary lounges. The card is available in types like RuPay, Mastercard and VISA .

SBI airport lounge access debit card

  • To avail this card, one must have a savings account with SBI. When shop with SBI State Bank Rewardz Scheme, customers earn rewards points.
  • Enables better card usage internationally.
  • This debit card comes in association with VISA, RuPay, and MasterCard. 
  • This card also provides access to ATMs all over the country, and about Rs.1 lakh per day can be withdrawn.

Fees and Charges 

Parameter Fee 
Annual fee Rs.250 (+ GST)
Fee for card replacement Rs.300 (+ GST)
Domestic outlet cash limit Rs.1 lakh
Point of scale limit at domestic outletRs.2 lakhs
Point of scale limit at international placeMaximum of foreign currency that is equal to Rs.1 lakh
Charges of transaction at SBI ATMsNIL
Charges at other ATMsFor savings account holder, first five transactions are free. 

Note: Do you know there are credit cards available with no annual fee, interesting right! To know more about Credit cards with no annual fee in India. Do visit the article once!

(B) YES Prosperity Platinum Debit Card

This debit card lets you avail unlimited free transactions from any ATM within the country. Charges Rs.599 as annual fee. Provides ample benefits in sectors like shopping, dining, traveling, etc. 

YES bank airport lounge access debit card

  • Provides upgraded safety and secure transactions 
  • Provides access to one complimentary lounge access to domestic lounges every quarter.
  • Offers exclusive amount as the welcome offer of Rs.10,000. 
  • This card also provides the facility to avail special discounts on movie tickets, if booked through BookMyShow app. 
  • Helps to avail fuel surcharge waiver on transactions. 
  • Provides insurance for travel accidents, lost things, etc.
  • To avail more of its benefits, users need to have a SBI account. 
  • For international cash withdrawal it charges around Rs.120+taxes.
  • For Card replacement it charges Rs.149+taxes.  

(C) ICICI Bank Coral Paywave Contactless Debit Card

This airport access lounge debit card offers a pile of benefits and features to its users like reward points, free movie tickets, two complimentary lounge access per quarter, higher ATM withdrawal, etc.

ICICI Coral airport access lounge debit card

To avail all the above benefits one needs to have a savings account with the ICICI bank. It charges an annual fee of Rs.599, as it gives complimentary access to lounge, but from the third quarter, it is necessary to have at least Rs,3000 in the previous calendar of quarter to avail the offer. 

Parameter Charges 
To avail 2 reward points Spent Rs.200 domestically 
To avail 4 reward points Spent Rs.200 internationally 
Ticket booking via BookMyShow app (minimum of two at least)25% off 
Ticket booking applicable only on INOX25% off upto Rs.50 every month
Fees and charges of ICICI Coral Paywave Debit card

(D) HDFC Bank Millenia Debit Card 

This debit card comes with Rs.500 annual charges. Along with it provides facilities like higher ATM withdrawal, reward points, access to complimentary lounges, travel insurance, fuel surcharge waiver, etc.

HDFC Bank Millenia airport access lounge debit card

  • Get access to 4 complimentary domestic airport lounges every year.
  • While shopping through SmartBuy and PayZapp, get to earn 5% cashback points.
  • A cashback of 5% on all online spends.
  • Get to earn a maximum of one airport lounge access every quarter.
  • Provides the insurance over Rs.10 lakhs for accidental death.
  • Earn 1% cashback on all offline spends and wallet. 
  • Provides international air coverage of Rs.10 lakhs, while buying tickets through HDFC debit card.
  • A total sum of Rs.2 lakh insurance is provided for every product purchased through this debit card.

Fee & Charges

Parameter Charge 
ATM charges (apart from free transaction)Rs.21
Card replacement feeRs.200
Foreign exchange mark-uo charge 3.5%
ATM pin generation charge Rs.50

(E) HDFC EasyShop Platinum Debit Card

One of many debit cards of HDFC is its EasyShop Platinum debit card, which enables the facility to earn rewards points every time a transaction is done. Provides benefits like lounge access, travel insurance, higher withdrawal limit, fuel surcharge waiver, etc. This debit card provides access to 2 complimentary lounges as per the calendar quarter at airports across India.

HDFC EasyShop airport access lounge debit card

  • Provides ATM cash withdrawal upto Rs.1 lakh and a shopping limit of Rs.2.5 lakh daily. 
  • Fuel surcharge waiver facility.
  • Covers insurance like death, road, air up to Rs.10 lakhs.
  • You can avail insurance of over Rs.50 lakhs for international coverage, while booked tickets through this debit card. 
  • All the products and shopping done through this card are protected against any kind of damage with an insurance of Rs.50,000. But the items if damaged should be reported within the 6 months of the damage. 

Fee & Charge 

Parameter Charge 
ATM charges Rs.21
ATM pin generationRs.50
Card replacement fee Rs.200
Foreign exchange mark up fee 3.5%

(F) IDFC First Wealth Debit Card

This debit card comes with no annual as well as joining fee. On having this debit card, cardholders can enjoy a maximum of 3+3 complimentary access at every calendar quarter at domestic airports and 2 maximum complimentary access to international airports at every calendar quarter. 

IDFC airport lounge debit card

  • The card will charge a low amount of Rs.2 at every entry at the domestic airport lounge.
  • For entry at international airport lounges, they’ll charge $32, along with the facility that this amount will be returned back to your account within 10 days. 
  • At the airport lounge with this debit card, you can get unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, choice of snacks from the buffet. 
  • Insurance associated with the debit cards are personal accident insurance cover of Rs.1 crore, air accident insurance cover of around Rs.2 crores, purchase protection cover of Rs.1 lakh. Etc. 

(G) Axis Bank Prestige Debit Card 

This debit card is termed as the cashback card. The card offers a cashback of around 3% on transactions and comes with an array of benefits. It offers the highest cashbacks on categories like travel and shop. Also provides facilities and cashback offers on other categories too like dining, movie tickets purchase, and provides reward points too. 

  • Provides one complimentary lounge access per quarter to domestic lounges across the country.
  • Charges an annual fee of Rs.500. 
  • Earn a 3% cashback on travel bookings.
  • Booking via INOX, enjoy complimentary movie tickets.
  • Earn a 2% cashback while shopping at selected places. 
  • While dining at partner restaurants, enjoy a 20% discount on the bill.
  • While spending Rs.200 from the card, earn 2 reward points at every transaction. 

(H) Axis Priority Debit Card

This debit card comes with contactless transaction benefits.

Provides customization feature, through which cardholders can design their card according to themselves. Charges Rs.750 as annual fee. Get complimentary airport access to lounges at selected airports across the country. 

  • Get a daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs.1 lakh.
  • Purchase limit upto Rs.4 lakh daily. 
  • No ATM charges.
  • Provides fuel surcharge waiver of around Rs.200.
  • While booking tickets through BookMyShow app, enjoy a 25% discount.
  • 2 reward points for international spending around Rs.200.
  • 1 reward point for domestically spending around Rs.200.  

Fee & Charge 

Parameter Charges 
Replacement feeRs.200 (+GST)
ATM withdrawal limit Rs.1 lakh (per day)
Point of scale limit per day Rs.5 lakh
Personal accident insurance cover Rs.10 lakh
Lost card feeNIL 

(I) Kotak Privy League Signature Debit Card

This debit card is specially designed for Insignia and Privy League Optima customers. This card offers benefits on domains like, travel, lifestyle, dining, etc. Comes at an annual for Rs.750.

This Privy League signature card is a chip based card, that means every transaction is being done in a secure way.

Kotak Privy league debit card

  • Get one free access to domestic lounges every quarter.
  • With the Priority Pass program, you can access over 1,000 VIP lounges all over the world.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver accounts for 2.5% on all petrol pumps in India.
  • Air accident insurance of around Rs.1 crore.  
  • Provides exclusive discounts and offers on various categories like health, travel, lifestyle, dining, to name a few.
  • Purchased protection of products purchased through this debit card. Debit card will cover an amount around Rs.1,50,000 for the purchase protection of products.

(J) ICICI Bank Sapphiro Debit Card 

Another one on the list that offers a wide range of benefits on movie tickets, travel, etc. to name a few. Card errands you reward points every time you swipe your card. Charges an annual fee of Rs.1,499.

This debit card provides access to 4 complimentary airport lounges per quarter across India.

ICICI Banks sapphiro debit card

  • After moving to the third quarter, the offer is available only after spending Rs.5000 in the previous calendar quarter. 
  • When Rs.200 spent domestically, earn 4 reward points.
  • At international spend of Rs.200, earn 8 reward points.
  • 25% discounts on INOX movie tickets.
  • Also booking via BookMyShow, avail 25% discount.

(K) IDFC First Bank Visa Signature Debit Card 

It comes with the benefits like cashback on transactions, complimentary lounge access, good cash withdrawal limits, and more of it.

The annual fee for this card is not fixed, and is communicated at the time of issuing the card. It provides access to one complimentary lounge at every quarter at selected airports in India. 

IDFC first visa debit card

  • It provides air accident insurance of around Rs.1 crore.
  • Gives a daily credit limit of around Rs.6 lakhs.
  • Avail an ATM withdrawal upto Rs.2 lakhs. 
  • Plus enjoy exclusive offers in sectors like food & beverages, lifestyle, dining, fitness, travel, etc.  

Summing Up

As we conclude this discussion of the 11 best airport lounge access debit cards, one thing has been glorified that travel has been drastically transformed over the years. No longer have to wait at the crowded airports, just get your debit card and enjoy the best airport lounge experience.

These cards, each offering unique features and benefits, promises to make travel experience into an extraordinary one. So, next time you want to buy a airport lounge access debit card, do consider looking at the above 11 best airport lounge access debit cards till date. 

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